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  1. Have fun. edit: Just saw the translated comment, I don't think any of these are translated. My bad.
  2. I saw that there won't be a 18+ patch for the steam version. Just a heads up.
  3. Reasons why I guess they are a new company or something. I just saw the link in r/visualnovels
  4. Sakura Sakura is getting a Kickstarter. Sakura Sakura VNDB
  5. https://theoxfordcommaissuperiorsubs.com/2017/07/02/a-good-day-to-dracu-riot-status-update-5/
  6. What happen to SukiSuki and mangergamer?
  7. I would recommend you invest in Agility (AGI). That determines your iframes during rolling. <96 is the slow roll in dark souls 1, 96-105 is medium roll and >106 is fast roll.
  8. i will join, I prefer using discord.
  9. iRAWR

    Persona 5

    I played it, earned almost every trophies possibly on my first play through. How far are you in it? Its one of my favorite games this year for sure but there are issues I did have with it.
  10. Nice! Are you going to play ds2 next? I am a massive souls fan :3
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