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  1. Chapter 1 is now available to play publicly. : D Play Chapter 1:GameJolt: Click hereItch.io: Click here We're working on Chapter 2 now. Version 0.0.2 is coming soon to patrons~
  2. Hello dearies~ I just updated the post with the new public release information for Paizuri University! The Public Version 0.3.0 has smashed like a Watermelon onto GameJolt and Itch.io! : D Here are the links, GameJolt: Click here, or Itch.io: Click here. The public version of Chapter 1 will be fully released at the start of next month. If you can’t wait, you can always become a Patron and get access to the 100% complete Chapter 1 right now! I hope you enjoy this release~ And remember people, stay in class! Oh ho ho.. ; D
  3. Thanks @SenpaiFingers : D That's okay, it's great that you're supporting so many people already! And thanks everyone else for taking a look ; ) I hope you all enjoy playing~
  4. Hello, I am Bukacain, and I am one half of Zuripai Games. : ) We are creating a NSFW visual novel, Paizuri University. “Paizuri University is a comedic hentai story about the life of Bill, a photography student at Oat Pi University. And Kareen, a pink haired cutey with a not so secret wild side. Follow them as they get caught up in lewd situations involving hot teachers, students, melons and inanimate objects!!!” Current Progress Paizuri University is being developed chapter by chapter. We have completed the Prologue and Chapter 1, with Chapter 2 now in development. The prologue and Chapter 1 are now available to the public. Chapter 2 is currently Patron only, with version 0.0.4 and version 0.1.0 available. New in 0.0.4 is our First Person Roaming feature! You can see the change log for 0.0.4 here, and also a link to an article where we show off some screenshots here. And the change log for version 0.1.0 is here. The ultimate goal with the Paizuri University series is to create a Hybrid Visual Novel for adults that contains unique gameplay elements. And from that, we will have a base to create even more adult games! ~LINKS~ Patreon page: Zuripai Games VNDB: vndb.org/v20959 MASTER LIST OF ALL DOWNLOADS: here Play the Prologue (complete): GameJolt: Click here Newgrounds: Click here Itch.io: Click here Play Chapter 1 (complete): GameJolt: Click here Itch.io: Click here Team Members Zuripai Sama Director, Writer, Programmer & Graphic Designer (Twitter) twitter.com/zuripaisama Bukacain Editor & Artist (Twitter) twitter.com/bukacain Thank you, and enjoy playing~
  5. I usually draw. : 3 But I kinda always draw so... I wonder if that actually counts as free time? *suddenly wonders if I have any free time at all* I need to play more games~ ^^;
  6. Do you listen to VN's Background Music or Mute it?

    I tend to always leave background music on, but I turn it down real low. I put voice and any sound effects several notches higher usually as well.
  7. Helloo~

    Thank you for the welcome everyone~! Sorry I did not respond sooner, but I'm still figuring out the website and only just noticed them, ohoho : D
  8. Helloo~

    Hello, I am Bukacain and I'm an artist! I mostly draw NSFW art. : D I'm also working with a friend on making a visual novel currently. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all~ (...and also looking forward to finding new VNs to play~!)