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  1. I'm guessing the drama CD didn't get approved on Steam, hence the reason why I am unable to search for the page to purchase it?
  2. The anime's that I am very excited to watch is Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san and Yama no Susume s3.
  3. Usually last. Sometimes I just pick randomly that could end up picking best route first.
  4. There are no comedy animes that made me laugh to the point that I was crying. Emotional animes that I can only think of that made me cry was Plastic Memories.
  5. What was the issue with this website again? I remember not being able to access this site for a while.
  6. It's finally being released. I was losing hope that it would never get released.
  7. I'm already watching some of the summer 2017 anime's but the one that peeks my interest is Tenshi no 3P.
  8. My girlfriend is the President - one of the main heroine, Irina, is close to silver; more so white.
  9. Well I'm going to decide to read Princess Evangile first; by the time this post is up, the results are 17:16 with Princess Evangile as the higher one.
  10. I was going to decide now which VN will I read first but as of this post, the polls seems to be even; I guess I can wait for another couple of hours before I re look at the poll.
  11. Well I didn't not mention anything for other VN suggestions so go ahead; as long as they're in English (sadly can't read Japanese.)
  12. I've been busy during the school year and I haven't bothered in reading some VN's though since summer started for me two months ago, I've been lazying around not reading VN's. So I have decided to read both VN's but I can't decide which I should go with. I created a poll just to make it easier but you are able to give me a good reason why I should go with one over another.
  13. Funny how nobody has recommended the *cough*Sakura series*cough*.
  14. Mostly comedic with a bit of seriousness.
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