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  1. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    I did with all the remaining untranslated A routes lol. You can still understand it , but its still so much better with proper translation .
  2. Konosoba Eroge

    HAh well too bad i dont even know how to do it XD
  3. Konosoba Eroge

    Lol my bad its KonoSuba lol
  4. Konosoba Eroge

    Maybe they'll make another one . The game is really short. Plus it was aqua who did most of the stuft .
  5. Konosoba Eroge

    https://vndb.org/v22521 We finally get one too bad its not translated .
  6. A thing in Dal Segno

    If only i have a lot of fucking money and hire mangagamer to release a patch!
  7. Rance series.

    Awesome , Maria is rank 1 in my favourite rance girls.
  8. A thing in Dal Segno

    OMG i checked it out she's adorable too bad the vn she's in is never gonna get translated.
  9. Rance series.

    Yay! MangaGamer is definitely geting all the later games! wohoo!!!! Cant wait to see Kenshin-chan In rance Quest! and then Kanami too! whoho! no Maria in Rance Quest right?
  10. A thing in Dal Segno

    Where is she from?
  11. The whole Bunny black series , 1 and 2 are already translated so the later games would be nice . Plus some games of the same developer of Kamidori.
  12. majikoi problem

    I dont think you need a patch for the IGG one , cause its already in the download.
  13. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    i dont remember Mangagamer having to delay their released, although there's this one game where they uploaded the all ages one. Mangagamer is awesome, they love their customers so much. Even Dies Irae patch is delayed now its Saku Saku, Ive been watching the game since its fan translation now i have to wait, again. The looks interesting so , is it anygood? for those of you who played it?
  14. The MC is weak as fuck plus annoying . I hate him so much. Thats my only problem with the game . SO far i enjoyed the romance part its really nice . I only played 2 routes so far Aoi and her best friend.
  15. What happened to it? I thought its suppose to be released today. When i visited its Vndb page it says it will release in 31.Another game delay damn. Just like the patch for Dies Irae none of the devs are even answering in their kickstarter page.