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  1. Happy birthday Daeyamati!

  2. As much as I dislike this, the Steam Reviews for this and Sakura Spirit are hilarious.
  3. I'm so hyped for Gakthun and Ozmafia! I hope they'll bring over the rest of the Steampunk games.
  4. I voted for shorter because my attention span is practically on par with a goldfish, but it really depends. Ideally I like VNs with a shorter common route. If the common route is too long then usually my interest in the actual routes drops and I may drop the game.
  5. There's the vocaloid visual novels if you wanna give them ago. They're mostly light-hearted (very little drama) fairly short as well. There's also Boku no Shokora if you're willing to play an otome game, but it's really short.
  6. I mainly skip endings unless the song is really good. I usually watch openings unless I don't like the song.
  7. I'm a couple hours into Bravely Default and I'm loving it. All I needed to convince me was Ringabel being a dork and Edea's fabulous thighs.
  8. Looks like RightStuf is your best bet right now. They sell cheap anime merch (and the like) compared to other stores, like Animate.
  9. Yay, they actually have a set release date instead of keeping us up in the air! I may grab myself a second limited edition copy and a regular edition to support them.
  10. It depends on the person's taste, but I'd probably show them a shounen since that seems to be genre that most people get into anime with.
  11. I haven't played BlazBlue but I might pick this up since it looks like a straight-up VN. And on the PSV at that! I'm surprised by all these good PSV games coming out lately.
  12. I'm currently playing Pokemon X because I'm a bum and real life keeps getting in the way of me beating the game. Did you try the demo? I didn't and blind-bought the Collectors' Edition lol. The art and OST are amazing so I hope it's worth the hype.
  13. I finally got around to Pokemon X and all I have to say is wow, the graphics and game play system completely blew me away. I haven't gotten that far into the game but it seems like they're trying really hard to appeal to newbies this generation. My friend code is 0104-0456-8201 if anyone wants it.
  14. Sword Art Online second season has been green-lit and is set to air sometime in 2014. PV here: While the first season was mediocre (especially the ALO arc), I'm gonna watch this because Sawashiro Miyuki and the gorgeously animated action scenes compel me to.
  15. Girls comparing boob sizes in the bath is also another one worth noting.
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