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  1. Decided to do a single draw and got a SR Maki *v* This'll make up for the stupid 10+1 draw I did a few days ago...
  2. I'd like to join as well~ Even though I don't have much time to read vns, I'd still like to make new friends :'D
  3. Finally got event Rin! (yeah, not pro yet orz) Also, I am an idiot for pulling 10+1 right now instead of waiting for another day or two =__= @Yoki Welcome~ I added you!
  4. Thank you very much everyone for the adds TUT Everyone here are really nice~ Also, thank you cloudy~ Thank you! My friend who visited Japan a month ago told me there's a lot of female players there. She said that Love Live! good were on fujoshi shops as well XD But yes, most people I know who play SIF are male
  5. S-Sorry! I didn't know about this thread until recently. Thank you for the add! hmm, questions.. I have a few. 1. Is it suggested to level up your R/SR/UR before your Normals? I have lots of normal cards and I'd like to get rid of them for extra space ;_; 2. I want to clear the Expert's level for the love gems. Since I still stink, should I have a team consisting mostly of healers or Perfect locks?
  6. I've been playing this for a month and I can say with confidence that I'm addicted lol C-can someone add me~? On to the current event.. It seems like I won't be able to get Rin's card until the last day of the event at this pace. Not bothered at all though since this'll be the 1st event I'll be able to get the main prize XD Also, can't wait until the guaranteed SR draw. I wanna idolize some of my rares already @[email protected]
  7. Our main releases (including physical copies) will be localized PC ports of the Vita games - including new scenes and CGs from both Akio Watanabe and Fumio. So no, there will be physical all-ages. Also @ the tweet, that how I'm interpreting it too...
  8. I wish you lots of luck! Also, thank you very much for TLing one of Tetrascope's works. I've heard many good things about the company so I'll be looking forward to it
  9. I'd like to participate once I'm done with my finals :'D Can't wait to see what the chosen vn is.
  10. Nitori! She's one of my favorite characters from Touhou XD I will promise that I'll draw her in the coming months.. no promises on when it'll be done since I have so many stuff to do orz Thank you. I promise that Arietta will be done soon ><
  11. It's been around 2 and 1/2 months since I last posted here XD;; I apologize for another image heavy post.
  12. I'm planning on using penicillin for the antibiotic and e. coli for the bacteria. That's really the point of the research I have to do this semester XD Create and perform research over something we've been curious about! Thanks for the info, I'll keep that in mind.
  13. Not 100% experiments here but I'm trying out a freshman research program at my uni to see if I want to go into research. Basically in my first (this) semester, I will conduct a research and write a paper about it at the end of the semester. At the moment, I'm thinking of topics since the proposal isn't due until around 2 weeks. Me and my partner are thinking of researching how effective antibiotics are in various temperatures and pH. I'm hoping to make a conclusion that they're more effective in higher temperatures since our body temperatures increase when we're sick. The 2nd and the 3rd semesters consists of joining a research stream. There's lots of options from compsci to biology to chemistry XD
  14. I dislike them as well. Most of the hate came from reading Starry Sky ~In Spring~ - the heroine could be renamed and the voices were done so that the guys call her 'omae' and such when there's obviously the heroine's name in the text. It didn't help that she was like those male protagonists without eyes lol.
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