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  1. Yeah, Probably there's some fan service on it.
  2. OOF, I thought Vol. 7 was the last one, I think i'll wait and see if another volume comes out...
  3. Hello, Hope this is the right session (First time creating a topic) anyway I recently finished the Grisaia Trilogy and oh boi i loved it, I didn't knew Phantom Trigger existed till a couple of days ago and since steam winter sale is up, I was wondering if should i or should i not try it, Since i really enjoyed the slice of life the main games had, and since this one is from the same company that made the main series i thought that maybe i would like this one as well, what are you people thoughts? Should i get it or avoid it?
  4. Nanairo Reincarnation - https://vndb.org/v15473 Making * Lovers - https://vndb.org/v21552 Riddle Joker - https://vndb.org/v22230 (Going to be out on Steam soon)
  5. I had the same problem when i tried to play it when i bought it on steam, Locale Emulator fixed the issue for me.
  6. Try Maitetsu https://vndb.org/v18131
  7. I can't try it even if i wanted to, I don't plan on buying visual novels outside steam, It would be expensive as heck since i probably would be paying in USD, But thanks for the heads up anyway
  8. Thanks for the answer, I'm going to grab a copy since it's on sale, Too bad there's no voice acting (Accordingly to steam) Looking forward for it
  9. Never heard of, I'm quite interested now that i looked at the pics at the steam page, Is it worth buying? i heard that the first game is alright but a lot of people are saying that the second one is really good.
  10. I'm buying this one for sure, I Was waiting for it for a while already, Glad they're releasing it this year, Still waiting for Kinkoi | Dracu-Riot tho.
  11. I'm currently playing Majikoi A-1 | Nekopara, When i finish the Majikoi series i'm going to start reading Umineko (Took me a while to realise that the game was on steam )
  12. Damn, It's fucking sad when the stuff you wanna read gets censored, What's the point of censoring an Eroge anyway? just going to refund and wait till the patch is done, Good luck with the patch people, Stay safe.
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