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    Forgetful Frank got a reaction from mitchhamilton in '...and not a single thing of worth was said.' - 500 posts ^ ^   
    Me glad me make you laff. I aprisheate you menshioning me <3
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Yuuko in Sakura no Uta Discussion   
    You are 1.5 years late

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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Asonn in Sakura no Uta Discussion   
    It was yet another pretentious game with a lot of crap. I cannot phantom people actually like this stuff. 
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Kazami Yuiji in Greeting   
    Thanks !
    Yes, I'm such a great protag hihihi
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    Forgetful Frank got a reaction from Nier in Alpha's Adventures [Kickstarter LIVE!] [GXG] [18+]   
    This looks beautiful! I wish you all the best.
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    Forgetful Frank got a reaction from Vorathiel in Full Hearts (Katawa Shoujo 2) demo finally released   
    Yeah...from seeing Asonn's screenshots... eeeeeessshhh
    Do not want.
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to The Last Melody in Fortune Arterial Translation project   
    Yeah. Translating Fortune Arterial from scratch where the previous project left off.
    Website: http://honyakusho.rip (amateur stuff) Can't be arsed to maintain
    About the game:
    Hasekura Kouhei transfers into Shuchikan Academy, a prestigious public school in the style of an English six-year school encompassing junior-high and high school students. The school is on an island named Tamatsu Island off-shore from mainland Japan, and the only way to get there is by boat. Soon after transferring, he discovers that Sendou Erika, one of the students in the class next to his, is in fact a type of vampire.
    I am pretty much out of this at this point. Fraiziar is now the guy you go to.
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Asonn in Full Hearts (Katawa Shoujo 2) demo finally released   
    Didn't even knew this existed. but I will download it and let you know how I feel about it
    Okay, I have started it up and boi oh boi. the art is really bad, the sprite placement is really bad. it hurts my eyes so bad:

    FFS even the crowd thing looks even worse than in the original. 
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    Forgetful Frank got a reaction from Flutterz in 5000 posts post   
    YOU LIAR OMG I CAN'T BELI-- I hope you had a good Christmas also, Flutterz! <3

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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Kazami Yuiji in Greeting   
    Hello, mina-san
    I think that people will call me by my username, so yeah, I'm Kazami Yuiji (I know, is Yuuji). I often go to this forum for walkthroughs and occasionally for talks.
    I enjoy reading visual novel, mangas, light novel and watching animes. I suppose that I'm somehow otaku, but I do not draw manga or write storys... (but I'd like to write a light novel)
    Anyway, just for fun, I really like Kazami Yuuji from Grisaia no Kajitsu. A great and proactive protagonist, a little good looking (I'm a guy) and... summary, he's really cool.
    Oh, I almost forgot... I'm French. So yeah, I kinda make (maybe) a lot of mistake so please forgive me
    But my english is not that bad and I want to practice a lot so I also have an account in Myanimelist (forum) and now... here !
    See you around !
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to AaronIsCrunchy in '...and not a single thing of worth was said.' - 500 posts ^ ^   
    Given I'm pretty sure I've contributed next to nowt of worth in my 18 months here, I'm frankly amazed I've gotten to 500 posts in the first place. Since joining the forums, I've read the grand total of 13 VNs (which is way more than I thought, sadly), learnt the basics of the Japanese language and apparently, not much else. Here's to the next worthless 500!  /
    Just wanna ping a few people who have enriched my life since joining this place:
    @mitchhamilton - for being a beautiful human being  And for pictures. Aw yee.
    @DarkZedge - for your tireless work in enriching lives with neko goodness. 
    @Forgetful Frank - for making me think you were a new source of intelligent conversation to the world, and then comprehensively obliterating that misconception  Also because you make me laugh on a daily basis.
    @Kaguya - for making the 'list of 50 translated VNs' list that I found on Google that drew me here initially, and for being a well-informed grounder of chats when things get a bit too bizarre. Also, a sincere thanks for snapping me out of my self-pitying hole around a year ago.
    @VirginSmasher - for discussions about technical death metal and deathcore, which is always a +1 in my book.
    @Kawasumi - for being one of the first people I recall having a chat with on here, and for having an incredible taste in music.
    @Arcadeotic - For your deadpan Finnish wit, immeasurable patience and appreciation that Tsumiki is indeed best girl, I stoop to you.
    @Fred the Barber - You either post something interesting or you post something that's funny, and that's good enough for me. Sorry for my constant avatar changing.
    @Dergonu - I had you pegged as a beautiful, pure yuri lover, and then look what happened  You're glorious all the same though, and if you ever continue with your story, gimme a shout and I'll be happy to read through it!
    @KosakiFag - I suspect you may have actually been the very first person I properly conversed with on here, though to be honest my memory is shit. You've been a constant though, and a wonderful one at that. Also thank you for bringing Subway pr0n into my life, which will never cease to be hilarious.
    @HMN - for just being generally lovely.
    @Asonn - for just being generally salty. And lovely.
    @Flutterz - for being salty. And lovely. And for bringing moe into our lives.
    @Kiriririri - for being the moe in our lives.
    @madvanced - your linguistic prowess will likely never cease to amaze me. Also thank you for Nyoron, which is simply incredible.
    Shit, this was longer than I anticipated. If I've forgotten anybody that feels like they've been forgotten, shout at me and I'll write a nice sentence about you
    (Also, if anyone has any questions I'll answer them. Probably.)
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Flutterz in 5000 posts post   
    Now that you've all been baited, Merry Christmas to all of you nerds (and non-nerds, I don't discriminate)
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Kawasumi in Please suggest me untranslated VNs   
    horror, occult
    surrealism, madness
    horror, denpa
    horror, mystery
    occultism, mystery
    madness, denpa
    drama, mystery
    gore, horror, fucked up in general
    horror, denpa
    surreal, mystery
    the mother of all denpa vns
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    Forgetful Frank got a reaction from ralphdro in Hello to everyone!!   
    Welcome to Fuwa~!
    This is indeed the right place for you in finding new VN's and meeting people sharing the same interest. I myself joined earlier this year, and have made quite a few new friends!
    Your English was very well~
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Crysis99 in Guilty Crown Lost Christmas English Patch   
    Hello Fuwa,
    On behalf of the unnamed translation team that worked on the short game, Guilty Crown Lost Christmas, we are finally able to present to you an English patch for the game. The actual translation and editing has been completed a while ago, however technical issues that led to a very long delay. We can finally release for your viewing pleasure. Let me credit the wonderful people who made this possible:
    Hacker: lolgc
    Translator: Aiden K., Crysis99
    Editing: Crysis99, Andrew Siu
    The patch can be found here, just extract the files into the installation folder and replace any existing files. If you still encounter any bugs, technical issues, or horrible grammar then contact lolgc over at his website. Enjoy.
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to LunarCharm in Greetings!   
    Greetings, everyone.
    After many years of being a strict JRPG gamer, I finally discovered the world of visual novels.  Haven't played many, but I'm hoping to change that soon.   Some other stuff about me...been an anime fan since the mid '90s, but I'm more of a manga reader these days.  Favorite video games include Hyperdevotion Noire, Journey, and Shadow the Colossus.
    Nice to be here!
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to ralphdro in Hello to everyone!!   
    Hi guys, I'm kinda new into the VN world, and thought that this forum might be a good start point to meet new people, and to get more used to the whole VN world.
    I guess that's it.
    Hope to get along well with evryone
    (I'm not native of a english-speaking country, so my grammar might have some flaws)
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to woodsy_studio in Greetings everyone!   
    Hello everyone! I'm a visual novel fan and developer who hopes to see visual novels become more mainstream!
    I love dark and dramatic stories that are compelling and intelligent, with some romance and action mixed in. I'd have to say my favorite visual novel is probably Danganronpa 2.
    I'm looking forward to meeting more people here and getting introduced to new visual novels!
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to zugi in Hey bois   
    I am another basement dwelling weeb that just now was introduced to the world of vns(pls don't bully me)
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to Toran in Nice to meet you, everyone!   
    Hello, hello! I'm Toran, great to see you all!
    I'm a casual Visual Novel player that got hooked on them through Steam (Particularly Narcissu, that one hit right in the feels). I guess the emotional attachments to the characters and how you long for more after finishing one are aspects that really made me appreciate the nature of Visual Novels.
    I'm looking forward to getting along with everyone! Don't worry, I don't bite!
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    Forgetful Frank got a reaction from Tay in Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete Translation Project   
    I just stumbled upon this project and happily found a new VN to add to my list to keep an eye on for its completion.
    Keep up the good work everyone on the project! As always, I appreciate what people like you do.
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    Forgetful Frank got a reaction from Okarin in So, about Let's Plays of Visual Novels...   
    I guess I should've been more specific, as reading back on it, you probably thought of watching a live-stream or something. I was picturing Hikari reading a non-translated VN to me live through Skype or whatever. It'd be more personal and intimate rather than watching a pre-recorded video, which is why I'm sure it would be hilarious.
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to HMN in So, about Let's Plays of Visual Novels...   
    We'll be reading this https://vndb.org/v933
    So brace yourself. 
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    Forgetful Frank reacted to denwatls in 11eyes - A Denwatls Translation   
    Denwatls proudly presents: 11eyes.
    Gray. A gray world, a gray life, a gray happiness. Indeed, to Kakeru, it was as if the world had turned a dull, impenetrable gray, ever since that day. He had friends Tadashi and Kaori, he had his childhood friend, Yuka, he had everything that 'ought' be there. And yet, he could never escape it, never overcome, never get away from...
    But the workings of fate are not so simple. The stain of darkness never so easily cleansed. And indeed, it is those same, immutable cogs that will draw Kakeru away from the simple, ‘peaceful’ life he knew...
    Link to the page.
    To run, simply place the patch2.xp3 into the game folder, and start the game!  As always, remember to have your locale in Japaneses and use only English and Japanese characters in the path to the exe.
    Be sure to install the 1.01 patch from Lass before running.
    Also, if on windows 10, be sure to have Japanese fonts installed (windows 10 doesn't install them by default).
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    Forgetful Frank got a reaction from mitchhamilton in Hentai As An Art Form   
    Reading about how you presented that to your class gave my anxiety a huge spike.

    I honestly couldn't care less about who considers what art is true 'art'. It all just sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me. Like, a lot of the stuff I see that people call 'art' looks like junk to me. Then I'll see some amazing piece of art that I think looks incredible, and it gets no where near as much recognition as some piece of garbage looked.
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