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    Translating Miniature Garden in French.
    Would like to translate key works in french in the future.
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  1. Hello everyone ! I'm announcing this here because there is no French community. I have completely finished translating the game. I will be releasing a patch very soon. Just the time to take care of some little things. I've done this translation with Atelier Traduction ( Twitter : @AtelierTrad ). Here, there are some screenshots of the work done on the patch : Screenshot 1 : Screenshot 2 : Screenshot 3 : I hope that many French people will be able to discover this game with this patch. P
  2. I'll try to contact the Académie Française in this case. More seriously, thanks a lot for your help. I'll try this.
  3. Hi everyone. First time I'm posting here and I hope I can get some help. I'm translating Miniature Garden (https://vndb.org/v16658) in french and I'm near the end of my translation. I'm not the best with these things but I manage to create a patch that works. I use inedit to do the translation and GARbro to create the patch. I don't know if it can be useful but the patch extension is .xp3 and the engine is KiriKiri. I translate from the English version of the game. So here are my 2 problems : 1) Special characters like à, ù, ô, â, ë, œ, etc... are a
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