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  1. Going the code detour way was definitely a good idea, now it allows me to exactly see when it tries to open a file I now located the functions loading the ps3 and cpz files, i'll analyze them to reverse them
  2. Not really, I just started looking at the purple software engine because i was asked to, i didn't have any knowledge about it beforehand so yeah i don't really know about the older ones
  3. CMV ? the game i have in front of me from purple soft uses MGV for its video
  4. usuallly i find the logic of encrypting the assets kind of stupid because it just requires to find the function loading them, and once done we can inject code from the game calling the function loading them and extracting the assets this way directly from the code inside so we completely bypass the encryption since the game willingly gives us everything decrypted lol
  5. i'd say the main annoying thing is that i can't find hardcoded references to the cpz files so it's a bit hard to track exactly where they are being parsed and the cpz files seem either compressed without header to help, either encrypted so i can't just look at them I'm right now working on detouring calls from the game to the CreateFileA function of windows in order to be able to intercept the file loadings from the game and know what calls it
  6. I'm doing some progress I was able to localize some functions related to the decompression of data from the PurpleSoft engine, I also found various strings that look like text commands that are used by the scripts of the game
  7. I did set my whole windows locale to japanese so i don't think so I've been able to redownload from an other of their links and it works now
  8. I see, well that's pretty weird since I litterally just extracted the game
  9. I tried to launch the reallive demo but nothing happens when i double click on the executables, and when i click on the config executables this appears but i don't know japanese .
  10. I took a look at AirEngine, it seems to be using adobe air, in this case I think it should be pretty easy to reverse as it's not native code I found a tool allowing me to reverse engineer it, so yes, i'm going to check where it stores the encryption keys
  11. is there any free game or demo of a game using this engine ? By the way the best right now would be vns that people want to translate and that cannot be translated right now due to the fact their engines haven't been reversed yet, since those would be more useful to reverse
  12. I imagine it would be doable to obtain the decryption key through debugging of the function loading assets (after all the key must be obtained from somewhere for the game to load assets)
  13. I'd say most of the time for translations what i would do would be to reverse engineer the code part of games to identify the function that displays text since it would make it easier to this way make code that would detect the string and replace it. that's at least the fastest method for translation purposes only but when it comes to reversing formats directly this is also doable but takes more time
  14. I'll take a look at it, since the engine itself is available as well that's kind of nice as it would make it a bit easier to reverse
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