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  1. How to convert these script file to txt and then convert it back after edit? I have tried IGScript in IGTool but all i get is a bunch of blank txt Please help me! Tks! ---------------------------------- Game vndb: https://vndb.org/v14267
  2. I am extracting the file Data.xp3 of Maitetsu. And then i saw there are 2 startup.tjs files (with the same name!?) How can i extract and repack this without making an "startup.tjs not found" error?
  3. As far as i know, Aokana was really a pain. But i want to try to translate that game When i try to change the font, the extension of this game font is font_raw How can i deal with that type of font?
  4. When i try to convert the .ks file from Shift JIS to UTF-16 LE (VSC don't show with BOM or not). It's appear a bunch of code. Is it normal, or have i broke the file?
  5. How to get UTF-16 LE with BOM. Both VSC and Atom doesn't have that
  6. I have opened the file that encoded with Notepad++ (USC-2 LE) in VSC. But VSC show that it's already in UTF-16 LE. Do i need to convert all of the files (ks and tjs) to that encoding? Even when i haven't translated anything of them
  7. Any suggest about a tool that can convert all of it to UFC-16 LE? Notepad++ cannot do that @@
  8. I am translating Kami-sama no You na Kimi e. It's using Kirikiri 2 with .ks is the script. After changing the encoder of .ks file from SJIS to UCS-2 LE, i translate some of the line to vietnamese and then save to test I use XP3Pack to make a patch, when i start the game, it showed error: "Cannot convert given narrow string to wide string" Is it the font issue, or something?
  9. Hello everyone, i am translating a game name "Kami-sama no You na Kimi e" (VNDB) But the script was encoded with Shift-JIS so all Unicode letter i put in (á, ơ, ứ, ồ,...) become "??" How can I put the unicode characters into the Script? And does it have anything to do with the font? Thank you all! *Sorry for my bad English*
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