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  1. Thank you much! Indeed just now hitting my prime! ...dang hip *snap*
  2. I get a sneaking suspicion these are not merely archival photos
  3. "Hmmm... catgirls or dwarf ...catgirls or dwarf..." I mumble, scratching my chin thoughtfully. "well, duh... WOO-HOO! CATGIRLS!"
  4. "Again?... SERIOUSLY!? Stupid dwarf..." I dig around my pack and find the purse containing what remains of my coin after the cheat dwarf sold me the "relic" sword dissolved by the universe-gateway-eyeball-thingy. I toss it at the dwarf's feet knowing that the prospect of free coin will cure any ailment plaguing that greedy little rock troll. I then turn to the eyeball, annoyed, "Whatta YOU lookin at?"
  5. "Tch! ...now maybe you'll finally be useful in a fight. Where's my twenty copper?"
  6. "I look at the Dwarf who sold the usless item, 'Gimme my twenty copper back, you cheat! You told me that thing was a relic'. I then throw the Dwarf at the eye"
  7. Make like a tree and get outta here!
  8. Howdy, all! As the title suggests, I'm somewhat far from center of the target audience for most visual novels. I'm an oldtimer D&D pen and paper RPGer turned MMO junkie, FPS practitioner, Sims3 storytelling blogger and, now, avid visual novel consumer. I'm also now rediscovering anime for the first time since Ronald Reagan was president. I'm an imperfect but striving husband, dad, programmer, teacher, and outdoorsman who seems to always find and hike the rocky trails. Those are the most fun! But it's murder on the knees...
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