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  1. Took a few tries but worked perfectly. Thank you!
  2. Hey, i extracted the script from https://vndb.org/v5233, and i can not read it (nor can i open the cgs or the ost). I guess it's encrypted, but i have no idea how to open them, even after trying what's in the op. I don't know even if the files extracted are or not corrupted. I put the scripts and .xp3 file in here, in case someone can help me. https://mega.nz/folder/5oZhAAbY#EZYphfxwWIaO0szMlp9cBw
  3. Hey, i'm trying to extract the script from a .xp3 game (v5233), and while i can extract the files just fine i can not open them (not the .ks scripts, nor the music, nor the images), so i guess they are encrypted. How can i decrypt them? I'm a complete noob, so i apreciate any help.
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