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Random VN: Raillore no Ryakudatsusha



Raillore is 3rdeye's  most recent chuunige, made back in 2019.  At the time, I tried to play it and dropped it after the prologue, for a number of reasons.  The primary reason was the lack of narration in combat scenes... For some reason, 3rdEye has almost no narration in this game, comparative even to charage.  Instead, battle scenes are done using CGs, brief animations, and sound-effects.  Unfortunately, this means you generally have no idea of what is going on, due to the limitations of such things.  The second issue was the second protagonist, who is your classic sorta former-criminal dameningen, Grey.  Grey is... very familiar.  He is the type of guy who has frustrated anime, manga, and LN fans for decades with being the lazy and feckless bastard who is only good at tricking people.  This type of protagonist makes for a very predictable story that is not in the least bit interesting, at least in my experience.  The last was the pacing... which is generally awful.  Though, it is hard not to be awful when no real effort is put into explaining the world outside of the ever-increasing number of encyclopedia terms hidden behind the game's clunky menu.

Supposedly, Raillore is at least a few generations later than us, after some kind of apocalypse that destroys civilizations and leaves pockets of people with weak superpowers excavating the ruins of their ancestors living in primitive cities like Raillore.  At some point before the story began, some people began losing their original superpower and gaining the power to transform relics of the old civilization into working artifacts.  Unfortunately, due to several incidents, these poor individuals experience extreme persecution and, at first, are hunted to death then later are inserted into a machine that erases their power and memories.

The first of the protagonists is Reno, one of the two boys in the prologue, who has been through enough hell that his personality seems to have been cut down until he became a machine-like warrior existing only to follow orders.  He is a Snatcher, (so is Grey), his power allowing him to take others' superpowers temporarily and convert them into power to fuel is much more powerful superpower, which increases all of his physical abilities in exchange for transforming his personality into a berserker of sorts.  Since Reno is already at Cloud (from FF7) levels of physical ability even before the transformation, this means stone buildings blowing apart at a blow and tiles cracking just from him running around, lol.  

Snatchers seem to suffer under a similar - if less intense- level of prejudice from the population of the city.  Snatchers are generally feared and used as weapons by the authorities, partnering them with powerful supers who are tasked with judging when is best to give them permission to 'Plunder' others' powers.  

All of this means that if I hadn't had to dig for every, single, frigging detail by going through the encyclopedia there was an immense amount of potential for this setting.  There is a lot that could be played with to make the story interesting, but the fact that you have to actually search for even vague details means that there is no real enjoyment from the world-building aspect.

Similarly, this game's story should have been interesting, the battles should have been epic, and the characters should have been memorable...

Unfortunately, 3rdEye's approach to the game meant that none of these promises were fulfilled.  In a VN, especially an action VN and/or a plotge, narration is the foundation of the story.  You can fool around with visuals all you want to color in the gaps and give people something to build on, but it is the narration that makes the story.  The near-complete lack of narration in this game, particularly in battle scenes and important story scenes, is fatal to this game's quality.  



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