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  1. Hardcore yaoi VN

    Sadly, I'm not sure this is a good site for you. Many here play BxG and GxG even, but not many play Yaoi games. Though it's fine if you update here cause there are those who will like the info. As with forums, can't think of many too active honestly. Fuwanovel and Lemmesoft are the ones I know, though the latter is not as active. I suggest maybe joining a Boy's Love Reddit or make one of your own. Also, follow also Yaoi creators on twitter maybe? But yes, do have a twitter and try to promote it through other Yaoi focuses places. Forums now are harder to sponsor games on.

    I get what you mean with the adult content. It is a reward in away and with me when I read BxB I do sometimes want adult scenes. I don't mind all age versions though or adult. Actually, Yuri titles may be able to do sex better? I've heard some people say that. As for the nurse series, I think you'll like it despite not having adult content. Though, for me, I did love Nurse Syndrome but sadly the mc may get on your nerves a bit. And it's good to see you say that about the building relationship parts. I like that too. Doesn't have to be a dramatic story but I like when characters actually grow closer during time. Problem with SOL is making the events interesting enough X'D. But thanks so much for the encouragement. I know a few Yuri developers like me are around, so that's good. I hope though, we can make bigger games with Yuri. I feel like Yuri can be quite romantic

    I can agree with you. Yuri games, though good with the ones I've played, don't have many routes. But have you tried Nurse Love Syndrome? There's six routes in that game and it's one of the longest Yuri titles I've played. Also, Nurse Love Addiction has four routes, though I think the former is a bit better. If you haven't played them, maybe give them a try? Also, what kind of Yuri games are you looking for? With what you listed, it seems you like titles with a good story even if you may want fan service. Also, if you don't want a high school one, maybe go to Star Light Bega. Though I admit, it only has 3 routes, but it is a good story. I myself am doing a Yuri visual novel with more than seven love interests and even had a decent KS. I also have another game in the works with six love interests. Problem is, I've been sick for a while, so they have been hard to finish. But yeah, I made these games because I wanted more routes, though i know it's a lot. Anyway, I really think Nurse Love Syndrome is a good fit for you, if you haven't read it yet and even Starlight Vega.
  4. Do you think this is good enough for a VN?

    I agree with solidbatman and GXOALMD. Do what you want to do, even if the art may not be what you want yet. Gradually you'll get better with things. In terms of your story, I like it too. Eyes are expressive as well. Again though, I think you should write what you want to. You'll enjoy it.
  5. No One But You (Western VN Review)

    No, it's okay. I'm not saying you're wrong. In fact I agree with you for games like NOBY and that yes, people like me sadly start off big as their first game which I admit was not the best idea. When I did my game, I just really loved the idea of lots of romance and friendship and added a lot of characters. But a year latter, I'm realizing how maybe going small would've been better and maybe added onto it. And you're right about the Clannad part with NOBY. That's what he was trying to do I guess and some others even. Or other games want to me moe and do I bad job. I've seen plenty, though some vairety has been happening. But I understand your anger. I was just saying, I've seen devs who aren't like this and just want to make good stories. But yes, people are know for wanting to be popular and having their second of fame and they often let it go to their heads.
  6. No One But You (Western VN Review)

    I am not trying to write a revolutionary game or be the next Clannad. I just want to write something I enjoy that hopefully others will enjoy as well. And yes, I do agree that starting out smaller is a good thing to do to start out, but not everyone has to. I'm not with a big publisher or any of a matter of fact. Just because my own game is on the big side, doesn't mean I'm looking to get rich either. Yuri doesn't even sell as well as some BxG games. I do what I enjoy. And I do this part time and as a hobby for myself. And I'm taking my time. I only did a KS so I could afford better art and music. Just because this dev and some others may do this, doesn't mean everyone does. Please don't say everyone is the same because of certain games. I've seen developers who are not like this.
  7. No One But You (Western VN Review)

    Yeah, there is. And I know he may be going through something. But i was surprised when he decided to make a new game and wasn't honest about what happened to NOBY. Still, I thought maybe this would mean he would bring himself back up. But sadly, it seems I'm wrong, as no updates have come, least I think they haven't. However, as creating a KS myself, I know how stressful it can be. I've been going through some hard time both in my life and dealing with the horrible things happening in America right now. But I won't get into that. Anyway, I always worry about my own game and whether people will play and will it be good/fun for them. I'm not the best writer in the world and lack much confidence. Never sure if what I'm writing is good. I just hope I can finish and make a good Yuri game for players. Still, I did want NOBY to work. Yeah, it was a bit generic, but I don't mind that. I think it could've been a good game, but maybe presented itself too much of being the next Clannad and others, rather then focusing on making a good product.
  8. No One But You (Western VN Review)

    Honestly, all they had to do was this. Have it be a year prior to the main story. Have the teacher be a new teacher. During Megumi's sister first month or so he is creeping her out, but she tries to focus on the student council and gets in, along with Megumi. During the next two months it gets worse and eventually he kills her and then goes to jail. Megumi's parents ignore her and the rest of the year is lonely and depressing. Then the next year is when the game takes place. But yes, this is a bad route and even with my idea would still make no sense honestly. Maybe it would've been better if he got away with it first and was jailed during the story in the game. But yeah, it's still kind of bad. Anyway, I've played this game. Common route is okay and I like the art, but the routes are too short, which would be fine if it had better writing. However, as others as said, since this is drama heavy, it needs a few hours pure route. Doesn't need to be like Clannad, but have some more substance. I do love Hiro and of course Chinastu is okay, but nothing amazing. Also, I'm iffy on the developer...He's been shady and you can't buy the game on Steam. It's sad. This game could've been good, even if it was short.
  9. So I dislike certain 18 content. I find it often bad in BxG games (never read an 18 otome game), and to my eyes never advances the story one bit, being only for being to jerk off to. For a while, I didn't care if the game was censored or not. But then with all that's been happening over the years with things like Tumblr and Deviantart, with artists being censored, I'm realizing how censorship can be a problem. But in terms with 18 visual novels, like I've said I've never really cared if they don't have hentai scenes. In fact, I come to think certain people who want them are annoying because they always complain instead of being happy to have a visual novel, and get upset. I always think they should just go to Manga or anime if they want sex. But but at the same time, I get the argument and understand why it can be bad of companies to get get rid of 18 content. I'm someone who likes boys love game and though I play it for story, I'd be upset to if it was censored. So yeah, I do agree if a game has 18 content, just leave it if they can. However, I don't agree with the steam argument. I don't get why, if the 18 version is on another site, why people always have to get upset that steam doesn't have the adult verson, when they can just go buy it somewhere else. Like honestly, this always annoys me. Also, I think some should realize this is why visual novels have a bad reputation for people and why others may be shy of letting others know they read visual novels. Some think vn's are just porn games and won't try them. I feel like more story centered or plot centered visual novels need to be made both from the Japanese and non Japanese. It's sad these don't sell well compared to straight up porn games though....I feel like if we had better story and character driven visual novels, people would give them more respect. Another thing that's always concerned me, is why people don't give some positives to English made made visual novels. I mean, I've played some real good ones. People here I get prefer JVN's, and it's sad seeing either negativity about OELVN or people never talking about them. Yeah, there are a good amount of bad ones, but there are also some good ones I think even JVN players should read. I feel like this site would've been perfect to creators looking for critics of their works, but no one really ever looks at those topics. It's sad honesty.
  10. Thanks so much guys. I'm grateful for the recommendations. I'll read what I can. Thanks again.
  11. So, I read someone's thread and even responded to them about what to read since they were down. Now it got me thinking about how I may need some things to read. I'm planning soon to read Higurashi and/or Umeniko, but would like some more visual novels of what I should read. Basically I suffer from depression and certain visual novels are good for escape. I haven't read many, nor have finished many, and really only know certain ones, but I'm opening to anything with a good story, characters, and art. I'm fine if it's yaoi, yuri, otome, or BxG. I'm fine if they are light hearted visual novels or drama. Any genre is fine. Not really wanting 18 titles though, but if they are good I will give it a read. I'm a slow reader, so this list will take time. So yeah, I'm looking for a list of visual novels to read over the next two months or so. They don't have to be super happy and can even be sci fi and mystery. I just need something to help with my anxiety and depression for right now. Been a bad month or so for me.
  12. VN to cheer up and relax, with some romance included

    Hey, sorry you've been going through so much. Trust me, I know the feeling. Been a bad two months for me as well. But I do have some ideas of what you might like Wagamama High Spec (High school comedy with romance though it has fan service (not sure if you want that or not) Beautiful art to) Fureba (Another high school comedy and romance about getting a girlfriend. Not much drama.) Clannad (High school drama story, may make you cry but it's really good and long. Lots of romance and themes about family.) Little Busters(Like Clannad in a way, but a little more upbeat to a degree. Like Clannad it's a super long visual novel about romance and friendship, and has some fun mini games.) Nurse Love Addiction/Nurse Love Syndrome(These are Yuri titles but both are good. I finished the prequel Nurse Love Syndrome and had fun. Romance is okay and you learn about nursing. A little slow though, both these games are.) Princess Evangeline (School life, romance, and comedy. About a guy going to an all girl school. Art is pretty and the characters are okay. Not much drama.) Higurashi- (A horror visual novel with elements of high school. Not much romance.) Umeniko (Made by the same group who did Higruashi. Is a horror and mystery story as well. Just wanted to add something a bit more different just in case you wanted it). Eb-hime Visual Novels(She's a creator and has done a lot of visual novels, some with romance, some short, some tragedy. Maybe give her a try if you want something short.) I know this is a basic list and people will have other options, but I feel like some of these are good and will make you feel better.
  13. Should I Read Higurashi Arcs 1-6 and/ or Umeniko

    Thanks everyone. I'll read one of them first. We'll see. But thanks so much Kosakyun for the info about the patch. I found it and it works. I don't know why they don't give us the option though of being able to have it on computer. Oh well. Thanks to those who took the time to do it
  14. Should I Read Higurashi Arcs 1-6 and/ or Umeniko

    Thanks so much for the info. I go in it with an open mind =). I do admit, the anime is bad. I watched it a long time ago and had no idea what was going on lol. But thanks again. Actually, do you also have some other recommendations for visual novels? I've finished a Yuri one about nursing and am looking for something calming. It can have mystery and fantasy to it though.
  15. Should I Read Higurashi Arcs 1-6 and/ or Umeniko

    Thanks for the info. I know the anime of Umeniko people didn't like too much, but I've heard the vn is much better. For Higurashi, I'll likely like the characters more though. Still, I wanna give it a try down the line, both of them. Should i skip the first episode?