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  1. Thanks so much guys. I'm grateful for the recommendations. I'll read what I can. Thanks again.
  2. So, I read someone's thread and even responded to them about what to read since they were down. Now it got me thinking about how I may need some things to read. I'm planning soon to read Higurashi and/or Umeniko, but would like some more visual novels of what I should read. Basically I suffer from depression and certain visual novels are good for escape. I haven't read many, nor have finished many, and really only know certain ones, but I'm opening to anything with a good story, characters, and art. I'm fine if it's yaoi, yuri, otome, or BxG. I'm fine if they are light hearted visual novels or drama. Any genre is fine. Not really wanting 18 titles though, but if they are good I will give it a read. I'm a slow reader, so this list will take time. So yeah, I'm looking for a list of visual novels to read over the next two months or so. They don't have to be super happy and can even be sci fi and mystery. I just need something to help with my anxiety and depression for right now. Been a bad month or so for me.
  3. VN to cheer up and relax, with some romance included

    Hey, sorry you've been going through so much. Trust me, I know the feeling. Been a bad two months for me as well. But I do have some ideas of what you might like Wagamama High Spec (High school comedy with romance though it has fan service (not sure if you want that or not) Beautiful art to) Fureba (Another high school comedy and romance about getting a girlfriend. Not much drama.) Clannad (High school drama story, may make you cry but it's really good and long. Lots of romance and themes about family.) Little Busters(Like Clannad in a way, but a little more upbeat to a degree. Like Clannad it's a super long visual novel about romance and friendship, and has some fun mini games.) Nurse Love Addiction/Nurse Love Syndrome(These are Yuri titles but both are good. I finished the prequel Nurse Love Syndrome and had fun. Romance is okay and you learn about nursing. A little slow though, both these games are.) Princess Evangeline (School life, romance, and comedy. About a guy going to an all girl school. Art is pretty and the characters are okay. Not much drama.) Higurashi- (A horror visual novel with elements of high school. Not much romance.) Umeniko (Made by the same group who did Higruashi. Is a horror and mystery story as well. Just wanted to add something a bit more different just in case you wanted it). Eb-hime Visual Novels(She's a creator and has done a lot of visual novels, some with romance, some short, some tragedy. Maybe give her a try if you want something short.) I know this is a basic list and people will have other options, but I feel like some of these are good and will make you feel better.
  4. Should I Read Higurashi Arcs 1-6 and/ or Umeniko

    Thanks everyone. I'll read one of them first. We'll see. But thanks so much Kosakyun for the info about the patch. I found it and it works. I don't know why they don't give us the option though of being able to have it on computer. Oh well. Thanks to those who took the time to do it
  5. Should I Read Higurashi Arcs 1-6 and/ or Umeniko

    Thanks so much for the info. I go in it with an open mind =). I do admit, the anime is bad. I watched it a long time ago and had no idea what was going on lol. But thanks again. Actually, do you also have some other recommendations for visual novels? I've finished a Yuri one about nursing and am looking for something calming. It can have mystery and fantasy to it though.
  6. Should I Read Higurashi Arcs 1-6 and/ or Umeniko

    Thanks for the info. I know the anime of Umeniko people didn't like too much, but I've heard the vn is much better. For Higurashi, I'll likely like the characters more though. Still, I wanna give it a try down the line, both of them. Should i skip the first episode?
  7. So yeah, a while back I brought both Higurahsi and Umeniko (home I'm spelling this right) visual novels games, but haven't had time to read them. Truth is, I saw the anime of both, the latter being horrible for me and Higurashi being okay. However I heard from people saying the visual novels are much better, though the problem with watching Higurashi is I know what's going to happen in the vn so I fear it may be boring. Also, I'm not a fan of the NVL writing style or the backgrounds very much in either of these visual novels. However, I am wondering, should I just suck it up and read them? Are they good? And if so, which series should I read first?
  8. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    I suppose you have a point. I did play a JVN with a incest route but skipped it. Still, I find the protagonist being perverted a real turn off. Often they are written badly and aren't funny at all. It's quite an annoying trope actually.
  9. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    To be honest, I doubt I'll buy this unless i really need something to lighten my mood. Doesn't have the best rating on VNDB, and seems a little genric. The mc I'll likely dislike because I'm not much of a fan of perverts to be honest. Also, incest is usually a no no for me. The art looks nice though and I guess if you want something simple and fun to play, it looks like a person would like this. Lately though, I've wanted some move story driven visual novels or slice of life games with good stories, and/or fantasy and horror stories. But I may play it to pass the time. But first I need to finish some bigger games.
  10. How To Date a Magical Girl (Dating Sim Review)

    I agree with what you say. I started to play it. Was nothing bad either at first, but I got tired of the main character. I picked a girl, and it didn't feel like at all like I was playing one. They were really lazy with that part and should've just kept it a BxG game. Personally the dating sim part was a little annoying but not horrible. Took long though for me to get my stats up. As for the art, it's okay for me, though the sprites aren't my cup of tea but not too bad. I actually like the BG's, but maybe that's because I love 2D backgrounds. As for the girls, I agree that they weren't very interesting (though neither was the mc). Best part for me was with the best guy friend being gay (since I like BL). The girls weren't horrible, just not good. The worst was the Tsun character though. I'm really beginning to gate that trouble. I will say, I don't mind cliches but they have to be done well and this game just doesn't really do it. Yeah, there was some shock value, but too much blood and death. This is why it's hard for me to watch game of thrones actually lol. But anyway, the ending is what ruined it for me. Basically you're wasting your time. What would've been a better end if one would change this a bit, would to be to have the girl you wooed be the one to be by your side when you woke up and you had been lovers. At least that gives me a reason to do all the routes. But sadly, I doubt I will. So in the end, the game was meh for me. I'm not going to say horrible, but not good. Also, it's a no Yuri game as you said since they do a terrible job with that part. If only they took just more time with the writing/story, it could've been better for me.
  11. Visual Novel Steam Sales Declining?

    Thanks guys. But I do wonder why games like Nurse Love Syndrome seems to not be doing well like Nurse Love Addiction. I mean, is it too early to tell, is that why? I'm wondering about games like these whether they be JVN or EVN's
  12. So, I've been checking some visual novels the last month, and I've notice people don't seem to be buying them much. Like, for example, games like Hello Goodbye,Trinoline and Nurse Love Syndrome barely have reviews. I'm wondering if people are stopping playing visual novels since many don't seem to be buying them. I was really surprised by Nurse Love Syndrome since it barely has reviews and another Yuri title that came out. Also, when I was reading a review for Trinoline, a person talked about Minori went out of business due to not being able to create what they wanted to. Basically, only creating adult games with little to not story and not meaningful ones. Basically saying fans of visual novels care more about adult content then actual story. So I guess I have two questions, are visual novels sales going down, and sales for story driven visual novels going down as well? They don't seem to be doing to well, not even Sekai Project.
  13. Trinoline Release

    This one. Has more love interests and is longer. I've read a bit and like it, though for some it may be like Clannad and sometimes put in scenes that aren't needed. But so far, I like this new Yuri game https://store.steampowered.com/app/1023690/Nurse_Love_Syndrome/
  14. Trinoline Release

    After reading your comment and your input on some of the game, I'm really wondering if I should buy it. I was actually going to, along with Hello Goodbye since the all ages version has finally come out on Steam (I know, super shocking). However, just as I was about to go buy it, a new Yuri came just popped up by the people who did Nurse Love Addiction. I've brought that and Hello Goodbye instead. I don't mind the timid and kind protagonist, though I can see why people may dislike that. I did read one of Minori's bigger games a while backed and enjoyed it. I believe this is the same artist. I'm put off though by the big, unrealistic boobs and by how some people are saying that the routes aren't very good. I guess when you get a chance to play more, it would be cool to hear your thoughts.
  15. Thanks Plk_Lesiak. That gives me some hope since I'm making some yuri vn's lol (Thank fully one not based in high school lol). But anyway, I understand what you mean. I know plot-centered visual novels aren't super popular, but I hope they grow a bit more. I'm not against adult content either, but it can be annoying when people tell a creator to put it in when they don't want to. That's when I get kind of put off. And yeah, they didn't start it. But for a while, Sakura games were popular for the fan service and cheap prices. Many players didn't want to spend big bucks on the better titles, so instead they went to titles like the Sakura game and the formula became even more popular. But Neko Para is a big player in why we see so many of these games. Granted, I don't think all visual novels need to be plot heavy and can be like Neko Para. My problem is when they do come out, seems people don't take notice or complain about it not having enough fan service. Well, I can't really blame you. I may feel the same way. I've read some of the more popular JVN visual novels and I can tell you many of them have annoyed me at times by the horrible tropes used. Like best guy friend. That trope irritates me even in EVN's. As for copying trope, it's not necessarily a bad thing as long as it's handled well. However the porn part is a big problem. I don't think I've read a vn yet with decent sex scenes. It's more just eye candy. And yeah, the ideas the JVN market put out seem to always be the same. I agree games that are more diverse or original should also gain some spotlight. Sadly it's hard for them. Even now on KS, there's a really unique game about man eating monsters and humans having to coexsist together. Sadly, I don't think it'll make. Granted though, they may not be advertising it well.