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  1. Avengers: Endgame Hype Thread

    Yeah, you make a good point. I can see what you mean. I am wondering what kind of plan they'll do for the movie. I was thinking time travel could be an option, but maybe that's too generic. And yeah, this movie won't be as epic, but I'm still excited to see it. It's fun seeing super heroes working together =D. Don't know why I like them so much XD.
  2. Avengers: Endgame Hype Thread

    Yes, yes, I agree on both things you said. I know I cried. Something about Tom Holland makes for a good spider man. He just seems so innocent yet courageous. And yeah, I guess we all knew they'd come back but the ending was still shocking for everyone. Heck, even Loki dying was shocking. I do feel like Thor may have suffered the most since this even took place right after Ragnorock. But I did love the last movie. And want to see this one. Also yes, may Captain America see Peggy again. She's a good match for him. It's always sad watching her series because she doesn't know that he's still alive ;-;. One thing I will say I may dislike about the new movie is just the title. For me, and I'm not sure why, but Endgame just doesn't sound as epic as the last movie's name XD. Maybe cause I've scene it before. But still, can't wait for it to come out =).
  3. Avengers: Endgame Hype Thread

    I'm really excited for the Avengers movie to be honest. The only problem I had with the ending of the last movie was, even though many of the characters died, I knew they'd come back because Marvel has to make sequels for Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Black Panther XD. But yeah, this trailer did seem morbid in a way and still sad because for right now so many people have died. Like you, I've got a bad feeling Captain America is going to go. I remember reading about it somewhere where they hinted at it =(. It's sad cause I love the actor and he's really good as Captain America. Still, I do hope Captain Marvel shows up in this. I know the movie is coming out next year. Also, I need my Spider Man back ;-;. Him dying was so sad I cried. But anyway, I'm really excited for the movie =). I really love them.
  4. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    Thanks so much. I'm really glad you say that, because this one and Reska I'm hoping to be a more on the Nakige side. As for the routes, yes both games are multi yuri routes. I like having multiple options to be honest. This might be why I have too many girls for Reska XD. I hope people will be happy with the choices though. Also, glad you like the art. Using the same artist for Reska and she's really nice to work with =). Yeah, I should go that way with writing. I like what both of you have said. As for ecchi, there won't be much. It's not that type of story. Reska will have adult scenes, but I may need to get some help with them. Between Ai and Skye though (the other game) you are right in a scene like that may work. It would be interesting to see. As for LGBT themes, it honestly depends on the story I'm going for. Often the people just love someone based off who they are and not gender. So it's kind of a world where LGBT isn't much a problem but can me. Don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly X'D. But the focus won't always be on whether liking the same gender is a problem or not. And I love drama so that's not a problem XD. But thanks for the advice. It helps me. I'm gonna write today and see what happens =)
  5. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    Thanks. You make a very good point. At the end of the day I just have to keep writing and see what happens. And yeah, I know the characters. I got the routes planned out to a good degree. It's just conversation or scenes can be hard at times. Sometimes I start out writing feeling decently confident but as I go more into it I begin to worry. But yeah, I guess i should just have fun with the stories and see what happens. .I like that way of thinking =D.
  6. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    You made a good point lol
  7. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    I'm not that old XD. But yeah it has been a while since high school, so I know things have likely changed. And yes, I get that high school settings are done a lot. I guess I just feel comfortable with my first games being done in high school. I want make sure I do things right before I step into bigger things like a mystery (which I really want to do) and a fantasy. Maybe even doing an more mature game focusing on people my age. When I did Reska, the planning was during a time when I was new to vn's so i went with something simple. I have some good ideas for other things, but I don't have much confidence yet in my skills. And yes, I need to read Bloom Into You. It would be something good to read
  8. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    I like the high school setting, so I'm writing what I like. Even if it's overused, a part of me has fun with it. I like the setting because I can add real things like how it's like being bullied in a high school and things like that since I had to go through it. . I like fantasy as well. But I wanted to go with these ideas first. I am glad you read the story I posted. It's not set in high school. After Reska and the other game, I likely won't do more high school games and will branch out to fantasy. But thanks for the opinion on the short thing I posted. I do need to do a better job with making some characters less boring. And don't worry, I'm not making an eroge. I may have spelled the wrong word. I meant a game like Clannad. I don't plan for it to be on that level, but basically it focuses more on characters and their lives and relationships. Also glad drama is okay. I like writing it. I admit it can be hard coming up with something new, but I try.
  9. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Yes, that makes sense. Thank you. I think I'm getting what you're saying. I guess we have to learn to see art style in it's own light and not always compare, maybe.
  10. So, I'm a developer and have been working on Yuri novels for nearly a year now. But I have a hard time writing them, mainly because I don't feel like my writing is good enough or the story just isn't good. Now the studio I created delves into Yaoi and Otome games as well, but Yuri is my main focus for right now because I want to make more stories between women just as much as I want to create stories between two guys. Anyway, I admit I have a few visual novels I'm doing. But right now I'm focusing on Reska and two secret ones. The thing is, I have a bad habit of adding too much to the visual novels I'm making. For example, Reska has 8 love interests (though three of them are sub characters and their routes won't be up for a while), and the two others five. I guess I just like being able to have a lot of stories to tell, so I want to make many routes. But anyway, size isn't the problem I'm talking about here. The problem is writing a good slice of life yuri story (though I hope to go to fantasy down the line), and if my writing is good enough. It's super hard for me to write scenes between girls, Not because they are girls, but because I don't really know what to write that would be interesting. Like it's hard for me to write engaging conversation topics. I feel like when I write the girls talking with each other it's stale or the girls don't have their own voice. I'm worried cause I like writing and want to write my own visual novels, but I need some advice on a few things. First, how do you go writing a good yuri? Can it have erotica and/or ecchi and still be good? Do people want to see drama in yuri? Can they start out as friends and then let the relationship grow? I've read a few yuri titles like Flowers and Nurse Love Addiction. I think they're good examples of a nice yuri story along with reading some manga. I ask this because I'm writing Yuri now and need some help. For example, this is my latest synopsis of a story I'm working on. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xQ1wYrLtbWZUqsmto3Vi0Tn3mDAiq-kwqSCNfhb7AgU/edit?usp=sharing This is an example of the art for the game as well https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dt51H12p7OBBkSiWOwQRqVtH5jBAKLiJarxWc32etgU/edit?usp=sharing The art I think is perfect for the style of game I'm wanting to do. I want to make a Nakige in a way and I think the art style fits. As for the idea, I think it's good too. Yeah, I know it's high school, but I promise I'll branch out. I guess what I want is some advice and thoughts on one of the ideas. Also, here's an example of the writing. I'm not very good with description but hope it's good enough for vn writing. (Please note, this was written in code so it may look a tad strange) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bgjo63DMNPT0e7GCNHFH9Ujb_MP4rZuUVGFYOkLCbj4/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Okay, that makes sense. That's for letting me know. And I also agree what you're saying about people not into visual novels. My mom let us watch anime very young and she never saw anime art as something with underage girls, though I admit we watch series like Chrono Crusade and FMA. But I've had people who say I'm weird for liking such an art style, which is sad. Anime style is just another form of art. It's not meant to make girls look underage, that just the style of how they look sometimes.
  12. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Can someone tell me how certain other games haven't been taken down? I mean The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With me and Sabbat of the Witch seem to have loli characters or young looking girls, but haven't been taken down. Also maybe it's because I've watched anime for a long time that I don't really see them as underage. I mean some girls I do see they look too young, but Fureba they looks 18 to me. Is it because I've watched anime for a long time and have just become use to the style? I do agree that steam is being stupid. They can't seem to make up their minds. Honestly maybe they shouldn't exist if they can't even hold up to their own rules. All this censorship has been sad lately, from Tumblr and now this. I'm not into these things, but I find freedom of expression important.
  13. What Should I Read Next (Poll)(Pure Love Stories)

    Kk, if I can, I'll give it a try. I admit it would be nice to see visual novels show more of adults relationships. That would help a lot, but sadly most I've got are either high school or not focused on romance That sounds interesting. If I can, I'll give it a shot. I also read EVN's, so I'm sure I'll find something if I don't do these or finish one of them. I prefer fantasy too or stories outside of high school. I have still yet to read the Mu Luv Trilogy and Stein's Gate, so I need to get to those. I wanna read Higurashi and it's partner series, but I'm not a fan of the nvl mode. As for Hoshimemo, I started it and thought it was okay. At first, I even thought the little sister was kind of funny. But sadly, the more I read of her, the more annoying she became. I do find it interesting about people's opinions on it though. Just read a review from someone who found the characters believable and story good. I try though to read many reviews to get an idea. I do know Clannad will likely have a lot of filler and that's okay. I'm not someone who will do every route, just the girls I like. I doubt I'll get to the Nagisa. She's not horrible, just a bit boring. The visual novels I have read are Princess Evangeline and Wagamama High Spec. I found reading both to be okay. Kind of relaxing. I'm not into Fanservice, but something about the slice of life elements in these stories I liked. As someone who is depressed, they did a decent job of getting me out of it a bit. I really didn't think I'd like Wagamama High Spec, but it's better than I thought.
  14. What Should I Read Next (Poll)(Pure Love Stories)

    She kind of reminds of Excel from Excel Saga actually. Both can be a bit too over the top. But a positive I can give is what you said, she can make one laugh from time to time
  15. What Should I Read Next (Poll)(Pure Love Stories)

    Thanks for letting me know. I've actually tried both, just a little bit. I admit, reading through Hoshizora no Memoria was okay, but the main character's little sister was a bit much for me. Still, it seems to be the kind of vn that may be a good/decent read not only to learn the structure of visual novels better, but also to help cheer one up.