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  1. I like it. I know some were worried about the design a while back (due to leaks), but I think it's nice. I think it's the weakest of playstation line, but not bad. I also like the controller. The price is what has me worried. Either time to save or when it comes out to get a used one (and still save lol). I will say, I've been a PS for a long time. I'd say the PS1 or 4 is the best design (likely PS1), then PS4, and then PS2 and then 3. I hate none of them though. Am excited for the game as well.
  2. I do understand. This is the problem sometimes with sequels. They can go either way. And yeah, Inuyasha was like the for me too. I watched it dubbed first, then subbed. I do like the synopsis, but do worry if I'll like the show. It may not be on par wit Inuyasha, but it can still be good. I do love her work. I still need to read Mao and Rin-ee actually
  3. It's sad no one has replied to this yet, so I will. I am very surprised to see Inuyasha getting a sequel. Honestly, I don't know how to feel. Part of me is happy cause it was my second Anime and first manga, and helped me through a rough time. However, I'm worried about how it'll go. I don't think Rumiko Takahashi is one of the writers, just a consultant, but that's better than her not being there. Then again, much of the old crew is back so it can go either way. I will be optimistic about it and would rather be excited. I do really miss the series, so let's hope for a good sequel.
  4. Np. I also do recommend Saiyuu Danshi. It's a good game actually. But yeah, Camp Buddy would be a good fit for you as well. Also, the other recommendations on here you may like.
  5. Unfortunately, from what I know, there aren't many boy's love visual novels translated, especially high school boy's love. There is heaven.neo-romance translation group. But it may not be easy to find the games anymore (and note these aren't official translations.). These are likely exactly what you want, but like I said it may be hard to get them. As for boy's love visual novels, I have some that you may like that are mainly romance. Sadly, they aren't high school. Seiyuu Danshi https://meyaoi.itch.io/seiyuudanshi Doesn't have high school guys and is more of a dating si
  6. Not bad. I do like it overall though agree with fun2novel about the touch pad and buttons. Hoping the system will look nice as well. Am excited
  7. Reading news at first (when this all began), through February. Even now, I stay with the news to a degree, but don't check it often anymore. At this point, I've become very tired...Sleeping is something I do the most sadly. This may be because I have severe depression, and since this began, it's been worse. Suicidal thoughts have remain prevalent recently as well. It's been hard to focus on anime, video games, reading, and writing, along with keeping active. At the moment, I am playing some video games though I hope to read some visual novels, along with watching anime during the nights. Still
  8. Well, you just pinpointed why I don't play most otome games lol. That's exactly the reason. The reason I went to the other pairings was because I couldn't take them. Now, I will play them should the MC be okay. Same goes with anime with GxB. Sadly, my love for otome games isn't really here anymore. But it got me more into BxG, so I can read those games better now. Like you, I like fantasy and scifi the most, but like slice of life still. But fantasy and even horror are things I like even outside of visual novels. Sadly, there aren't to many fantasy stories =(
  9. I can understand what you're saying. I'm like that with BxG, but can play anything. Similar to you, I also don't need romance in the story to enjoy it. See I ask this because a poll showed that both men and women preferred Yuri over everything else. I was surprised 0-0. And what you say also is really interesting to. Would more people play BxB, for example, if it was just shounen ai? I wonder.
  10. I'm interested in learning what others really like in terms of pairing. Basically, do you prefer BxG romance or Yuri romance etc. I'm interested because I just saw a poll and saw that both guys and girl really wanted a certain pairing. I was surprised by this honestly. I'm curious to know what type people really like and why.
  11. On one hand, I'm glad they finished the game. On another, it doesn't seem to be a very good one. I mean, for me, it likely wouldn't be the worst, but it's sad that it's not what it wanted to be. I backed this game when it came out and was excited to play (I was the girl for the protag). Cute story but with darker elements can be a great game. Sadly, it appears the devs weren't able to get the story down right. I don't regret backing, but wish I got a better game. Also, sad that the girls are so unlikable. I mean, when I played the demo, they were nothing amazing but okay for me. I loved the ar
  12. Ah, I'm really sorry. I'm not sure how to do that, but next time I'll make sure not to spoil. It was just hard to explain, though it seems that's not the answer the person was looking for. Really sorry =(
  13. Not sure if I understand your question entirely, but I read Mashiro's route. Oddly, in her route, the game kind of focuses on her more and will switch back to Masaya's point of view. I will say, in the beginning of her route she begins to realize her feelings for him, though struggles on what those feeling are. Eventually Mashiro comes up with a way to tell him, but it doesn't go as planned. After a certain loss though, she goes and cries alone (beliving her love won't come), but Masaya finds her and professes his love for her. This is the first part of her route. Second part focuses on them d
  14. Np =). And yeah, it does suck that many games don't come to mac. Maybe either play on your old computer if you can or maybe buy a really cheap windows? Vn aren't too difficult to play actually. I have one to play games since sadly mac doesn't do so. But yeah, the game I mentioned are really good and long. But one thing with 07 expansion. Umeniko has two sets of games, one being the answer ark and the question ark. Question ark is the first four stories and the answer arc is the last set. Make sure to play the question arc first. Also, for Higurashi, there are seven episodes out, but one is sti
  15. Sorry to say this, but sadly mac doesn't have many Japanese visual novels for it. In fact, the system itself isn't too good for gaming, especially now with the new update. (However I myself with always stick with mac and love it). One JVN that's pretty good that's on mac is DC Capo 3. You can buy it at Mangagamer's site and steam. Another is the 07 expansion games. These are good stories, but unlike DC Capo, don't have much romance. Also, Fatal Twelve, which is a yuri game is good. I'm sure there are some others, but sadly not many are for mac in terms of JVN's. I believe there may be some mor
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