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  1. Trinoline Release

    After reading your comment and your input on some of the game, I'm really wondering if I should buy it. I was actually going to, along with Hello Goodbye since the all ages version has finally come out on Steam (I know, super shocking). However, just as I was about to go buy it, a new Yuri came just popped up by the people who did Nurse Love Addiction. I've brought that and Hello Goodbye instead. I don't mind the timid and kind protagonist, though I can see why people may dislike that. I did read one of Minori's bigger games a while backed and enjoyed it. I believe this is the same artist. I'm put off though by the big, unrealistic boobs and by how some people are saying that the routes aren't very good. I guess when you get a chance to play more, it would be cool to hear your thoughts.
  2. Thanks Plk_Lesiak. That gives me some hope since I'm making some yuri vn's lol (Thank fully one not based in high school lol). But anyway, I understand what you mean. I know plot-centered visual novels aren't super popular, but I hope they grow a bit more. I'm not against adult content either, but it can be annoying when people tell a creator to put it in when they don't want to. That's when I get kind of put off. And yeah, they didn't start it. But for a while, Sakura games were popular for the fan service and cheap prices. Many players didn't want to spend big bucks on the better titles, so instead they went to titles like the Sakura game and the formula became even more popular. But Neko Para is a big player in why we see so many of these games. Granted, I don't think all visual novels need to be plot heavy and can be like Neko Para. My problem is when they do come out, seems people don't take notice or complain about it not having enough fan service. Well, I can't really blame you. I may feel the same way. I've read some of the more popular JVN visual novels and I can tell you many of them have annoyed me at times by the horrible tropes used. Like best guy friend. That trope irritates me even in EVN's. As for copying trope, it's not necessarily a bad thing as long as it's handled well. However the porn part is a big problem. I don't think I've read a vn yet with decent sex scenes. It's more just eye candy. And yeah, the ideas the JVN market put out seem to always be the same. I agree games that are more diverse or original should also gain some spotlight. Sadly it's hard for them. Even now on KS, there's a really unique game about man eating monsters and humans having to coexsist together. Sadly, I don't think it'll make. Granted though, they may not be advertising it well.
  3. Well, I get you for for being negative about it. Honestly, I'm seeing this on the side of EVN's and not the bigger picture so I could be wrong, and I do apologize. I guess I just feel like vn's are like books (though novels are not niche), but that people will always want to read them. Yeah, I highly doubt will be up there will things like the Witcher franchise, but I hope more better visual novels, both EVN and JVN can come out. Things like the Sakura series really hurt the way people see visual novels as. Maybe the problem is games like that are what hurt it. I'm not talking about Hunie Pop or Crush Crush/Hush Hush. It's fine to have adults game. At least those have substance. So I'm hoping more titles come out both translated and Evn's. Wish there was a way to make vn's a little more popular or at least a little more respected.
  4. Thanks for clarifying. And though I respect your opinion and this is only my own, I don't believe that is entirely true about vn's. I've see new groups getting a decent following and some of the good vn's on steam seem to do decently well. Not as well as compared to bigger titles or fan service ones, but a part of me thinks visual novels are growing. I highly doubt they'll be super well known but I prefer to positive.
  5. I see. That's a good question. For some KS, they offer backers who pledged a certain amount the game for free. I'm not sure what localizing companies do though. I don't really know why this happens
  6. Well this makes sense. I guess it's why games like Crush Crush and that adult dating sim are doing well because they have an audience. I just hope more story based visual novels (even if they have adult content and/or fan service) will be able to do better. I'm wary of selling on steam to be honest given how many just want adult content. Maybe I didn't go the right direction with my game ;-;. I haven't seen this user's posts often, so I'm not sure why I should be wary of what he says. Also, I'm a bit confused, are you saying it didn't do well? Or did it? I think to sell to people who haven't backed kickstarter or something. Maybe hoping more people will play it.
  7. I read it here https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/20818-its-official-almost-1-year-after-its-release-subarashiki-hibi-one-of-the-best-vn-ever-made-didnt-sell/ It's mainly about Subarashiki, but if you read through the comments people say Little Busters hasn't been selling well either.
  8. Both actually. For English creators and for JVN'S. I've brought quite a few. I actually thought Little Busters did well but it seems I may be wrong =(. If OELVN'S are doing well, why do people play them but also JVN's
  9. Just asking a simple and common question. But I am asking because I read a thread about Subarashiki Hibi and how it and games like Little Busters have sold really badly. Find this sad because the former I brought and thought it seems weird, have a good story. And Little Busters is really good overall since I like romance and drama with a mix of comedy. ButI thought visual novels were growing as a market. Is this untrue?
  10. Avengers: Endgame Hype Thread

    Yeah, you make a good point. I can see what you mean. I am wondering what kind of plan they'll do for the movie. I was thinking time travel could be an option, but maybe that's too generic. And yeah, this movie won't be as epic, but I'm still excited to see it. It's fun seeing super heroes working together =D. Don't know why I like them so much XD.
  11. Avengers: Endgame Hype Thread

    Yes, yes, I agree on both things you said. I know I cried. Something about Tom Holland makes for a good spider man. He just seems so innocent yet courageous. And yeah, I guess we all knew they'd come back but the ending was still shocking for everyone. Heck, even Loki dying was shocking. I do feel like Thor may have suffered the most since this even took place right after Ragnorock. But I did love the last movie. And want to see this one. Also yes, may Captain America see Peggy again. She's a good match for him. It's always sad watching her series because she doesn't know that he's still alive ;-;. One thing I will say I may dislike about the new movie is just the title. For me, and I'm not sure why, but Endgame just doesn't sound as epic as the last movie's name XD. Maybe cause I've scene it before. But still, can't wait for it to come out =).
  12. Avengers: Endgame Hype Thread

    I'm really excited for the Avengers movie to be honest. The only problem I had with the ending of the last movie was, even though many of the characters died, I knew they'd come back because Marvel has to make sequels for Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Black Panther XD. But yeah, this trailer did seem morbid in a way and still sad because for right now so many people have died. Like you, I've got a bad feeling Captain America is going to go. I remember reading about it somewhere where they hinted at it =(. It's sad cause I love the actor and he's really good as Captain America. Still, I do hope Captain Marvel shows up in this. I know the movie is coming out next year. Also, I need my Spider Man back ;-;. Him dying was so sad I cried. But anyway, I'm really excited for the movie =). I really love them.
  13. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    Thanks so much. I'm really glad you say that, because this one and Reska I'm hoping to be a more on the Nakige side. As for the routes, yes both games are multi yuri routes. I like having multiple options to be honest. This might be why I have too many girls for Reska XD. I hope people will be happy with the choices though. Also, glad you like the art. Using the same artist for Reska and she's really nice to work with =). Yeah, I should go that way with writing. I like what both of you have said. As for ecchi, there won't be much. It's not that type of story. Reska will have adult scenes, but I may need to get some help with them. Between Ai and Skye though (the other game) you are right in a scene like that may work. It would be interesting to see. As for LGBT themes, it honestly depends on the story I'm going for. Often the people just love someone based off who they are and not gender. So it's kind of a world where LGBT isn't much a problem but can me. Don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly X'D. But the focus won't always be on whether liking the same gender is a problem or not. And I love drama so that's not a problem XD. But thanks for the advice. It helps me. I'm gonna write today and see what happens =)
  14. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    Thanks. You make a very good point. At the end of the day I just have to keep writing and see what happens. And yeah, I know the characters. I got the routes planned out to a good degree. It's just conversation or scenes can be hard at times. Sometimes I start out writing feeling decently confident but as I go more into it I begin to worry. But yeah, I guess i should just have fun with the stories and see what happens. .I like that way of thinking =D.
  15. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    You made a good point lol