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  1. Chacha a.k.a. Big Dig the Samurai Nig a.k.a. Chachang a.k.a. The Most Fascist a.k.a. 4Fingaz a.k.a. The Womb Whisperer a.k.a. The Big Shit Woman Height: 1980cm Hair: Black, long, sumputious, cared for, Jew Eyes: Variable depending on coloured contacts Nose: Jew Body: モテモテ Clothes: Columbian drug dealer attire, lennon shades Items: Rescue Remedy, pen lost in hair Personality: sicktwistednasty, not depressed Role: Registered Sex Offender, Deagle Nation Historian, Spirit Scientists, Player 1 Engages in: Tritone Substitutions, Flamboyant Belts, Actual non-meme hiring of prostitutes she was kind of brown it said she was japanese but she was kind of brown i don't know man Engages in (Sexual): DDLG, Choking, Homicide、穴暗殺 Misc: Check out my bandcamp, if you can find it
  2. try turning it off and on again looolll
  3. Bro is your keyboard okay??? EDIT: Wait I just realized you wouldn't be able to tell me if you're keyboard's fucked. Just like this post if you're okay.
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