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    The reason for the title is obviously because they release this on Valentine days. Anyway I figure that I should open the discussion thread for Senren Banka here, even though it's still six hours early. Feel free to discuss what's your thought on this, and I'll add the VA info along with the poll later. For the reviews, I guess we can say that Senren Banka here is pretty much like Yuzusoft previous VNs, so you better expect this as charage there. If anything, at least the MC (Arichi) here is not like Makoto from School Days. So let's go with the heroines and their VA directly, and for the routes here we'll going to have four main routes along with two side routes. 1. Tomotake Yoshino The shrine maiden that Arichi saw when he came to the shrine, and she's the daughter of the priest of the shrine. She also have hold some secret, namely that whenever there's evil spirit appear she'll have (Cute) cat ears. She also appear to be quite strict in her appearence, so much that she like to slap herself when she woke up even though it's very painful to her. Because of circumstances, currently Yoshino was engaged with Arichi and understandably Yoshino was confused with that. Her VA is Eri Sendai in which her roles are Inaba Meguru from Sanoba Witch (And we'll see Yoshino say 'Challo' at a certain point), Kusunoha Misaki from Hatsukoi Sankaime, Suzuki Kana from Daitoshokan, Kisaki Reina from Kirikoi, Otonashi Saku from Hello Lady, Kouzuki Io from Dal Segno, Kuroki Michi from Noraneko, and Nijouin Hazuki from Riddle Joker. 2. Hitachi Mako The female ninja who act as Yoshino's guard, and also act as her friend (Sort of like Akari and Sena from Noble Works). Although she's quite serious when it come to her job, she also like to tease someone who is quite close to her, and that included Yoshino as well. Her VA is Takamori Natsumi in which her roles are Kariya Wakana from Sanoba Witch, Patricia from Noraneko, Sorakado Ao from Summer Pockets, Higashi Mashiro from Apeiria, Inui Azusa from Tsujidou, Inui Saki from Aokana, Tachibana Ochiba from AstralAir, and Souma Ria from Kirikoi. 3. Murasame The spirit of a sacred sword that was sealed at the shrine, and the sword itself was supposed to be not breakable. At least until Arichi somehow manage to broke it and that circumstance lead him to have an engagement with Yoshino, and that Murasame acknowledge Arichi as the new master of the sword. As the spirit, she's only visible to a small amount of people (Including Mako and Yoshino). She also have some ironic trait there, namely that she's quite afraid of ghost even though she herself is a ghost. Her VA is Yamamoto Nozomi in which her roles are Misono Senri from Daitoshokan, Arisaka Mashiro from Aokana, Tsukuyomi from Baldr Heart, Satou Koutaro from Wagahigh, Shitaka Iori from Love Cube, Yuri from Uchi trilogy, Kabutoyama Midori from Hello Lady, and Nosuri from Utawarerumono sequel duology. 4. Lena Liechtenauer A foreigner who happen to like Japan and that she have some misconception, such as eating wasabi in a sizeable amount instead of bit by bit. She did transfer to Japan in order to helping at the inn which also doubled as Arichi's grandfather house, and she passed the test. She somehow also be able to see Murasame, and that she help with the evil spirit hunt occasionally. Her VA is Tanezaki Atsumi/Kirihana and her roles are Ayachi Nene from Sanoba Witch, Mitsukasa Ayase from Riddle Joker, Kodachi Nagi from Daitoshokan, Ousaka Sora from Hoshiori, Yuunagi Ichika from Astral Air, Asuhara Yuuki from Noraneko, Takakura Anzu from Clover Day's, and Ikoma Murasaki from Phantom Trigger. I guess that's all for the heroines, and even though I didn't talk abput side heroines I'll still add those two heroines in the poll.
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    I don't know what these dots above my name mean, but I have 8, which is objectively the best number of dots to have, and all of you should be jealous.
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    Add the heroines info and the poll. As for my opinion on this, well Senren Banka here is more or less a charage with traditional Japanese setting. Also from what I read apparently some of the background was taken from Kyoto, so it's nice of them to do some researching there. Feel free to discuss about Senren Banka here, and congratulation to Nekonyan in regard of their newest release.
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    Fate/Grand Order

    3 tickets xD
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    This is a translation of a general description of the setting from the Japanese wikipedia. "This series is one where, due to human depravity, the nonaggression pacts between demonkind and humankind have collapsed. This results in a near-future Japan where joint human/demon corporations and criminal organizations bring chaos to the nation. Taimanin are supposed to be individuals who can stand up to the demonic.' TBH, from what I've been told, the setting is altered to the convenience of each new game, book, or other media that comes out, so you shouldn't expect any kind of continuous setting beyond the basic one above.
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    Hi i just found about this patch and i really want to play this game too. First, do i need to install every patch to run the latest one? And second, why don't you make a twitter/blog account to catalogue the patches, links and bugfixes and put a small FAQ and organize updates better then on a forum. if i sound like an asshole mb, if you dont want the job you are doing is already great, im just asking for a place where you can show it better.
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    Well, I'll spare you from too much detail, since the full story would be a book (and, like Noble☆Works, it might be a book with a higher word count than Ulysses). But allow me to validate your point about the scenarists: I had some early inklings that the producers lazily divided routes among different writers, but this fact became all too clear once I embarked upon Shizuru's route. I quickly noticed an obscene overuse of em dashes, and had to force myself to diverge from the Japanese text's style and use alternative forms of syntax—but this soon became the least of our team's problems, as every aspect of the Shizuru route writer's prose was simply aberrant. I'm sure you've noticed that the route's story itself is strange compared to the others, but more importantly from my perspective, the text's grammatical structure, word choice, flow, etc. were all a mess. This might be all well and good for somebody willing to take great liberties in translation; unfortunately, having been influenced by the chorus of translation puritans that characterized that era, I was not willing to take those much-needed liberties. As such, the translation surely ended up unnecessarily stilted and lacked the flow that a dialogue-heavy work so badly wants, and for that I apologize. Now, my comment above was actually half-sarcastic. The thing is, I can barely finish a single medium-length visual novel before undergoing an acute sense of repetition. You might imagine, then, that I—somebody who's almost certainly "played" (as in, had open while paying some attention to) Noble☆Works longer than any other human—would become a bit sick of the game. Indeed, I myself cannot say to what degree my opinion of the game should be untethered from the trauma it wreaks upon my mind. But regardless, I'm pretty sure it kind of sucks.
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    Right. I translated that game and I hate it.
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    Hi, I'd be willing to help assuming you're still looking. My Japanese is alright, and I've worked on making subtitles for some variety shows in the past. Let me know.