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    DOWNLOAD: https://djnostyle.itch.io/nothing-is-beautiful VNDB: https://vndb.org/v26715 This is the story of a girl who loves whales and a boy who eats too much candy. "What will happen to us in the summer?" A simple question from a simple girl -- but one that Yuu is unable to answer. Cursed with a severe case of psychosis at birth, Yuu sees and hears things that no one else can. These delusions, which come in waves brought on by the weight of God and past traumas, turn his daily life into an endless struggle toward normalcy. The game takes place over a two-week period at the end of high school. Please live a beautiful life. God is watching. Amen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, everyone! Please check out Nothing is Beautiful. It's a psychological drama I'm writing and producing entirely on my own. Every asset in this game is royalty-free and, as such, the full game will be free as well upon release. Right now, the demo covers the first day of a two-week period. Please be advised, this game does have several dark themes and deals heavily with the impact of religion on the human psyche. If you have an issue with that, I completely understand and hold nothing against you. I do, however, hope that those of you who aren't put off by this enjoy the world I have created. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEROINES: (All designed by Liah) Saki Your childhood friend and source of free food and laundry. She is very kind and loves whales. Please be nice to her. She is very sad. Reina Your classmate. You used to be close, but you stopped hanging out with her for some reason. You don't know why. Her three sizes are 89/61/88 and she loves horror movies. Miu Your kouhai. She will act brave. She is lying. Do not love her until she learns to love herself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no planned release date for the full project as of yet, but I'll continue working hard to deliver a very memorable experience. Thanks for reading!
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    Master Magistrate is the murder mystery detective visual novel set in the late years of Japan's Edo Period. Developed by the indie studio Irodori and released in the year of 2017, it quickly attained popularity and became a hit amongst Japanese fans. They praised the great direction sense, well-crafted scenario, immersive atmosphere, and fascinating soundtrack, amongst other aspects. Hobibox have attained publishing rights for the Chinese and English versions of the game, wishing to bring this experience overseas. They have committed themselves to provide a high-quality product, hoping to turn a new leaf and redeem themselves for not so fruitful past endeavors. Read more at https://j-addicts.de/master-magistrate-early-access-review/ - we now have a comment box! (I was initially planning on cross-posting here but the screenshots looked strange, so yeah).
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    When Aokana physical was being funded or even when a release date was announced I wasnt really that excited about it, not sure why but maybe I thought the FC stuff would just be stupid (and maybe the anime played a part in it). Was far more excited about the following release Hello Lady as it was from the creators of Comyu. Man I was wrong, this was a solid 9/10 read. Buying this was the best decision I've made, its been a long time since I've binged a VN all weekend long plus the public holiday even. I'd give that score for the common route+Misaki's route alone but they went even further by putting in effort in the 'side' routes Rika and Mashiro as well. Asuka's one wasnt half-bad as well, even though I dont really like her personality too much it was a fun read. spirte's art is fantastic, Koichoco's one was already pretty good and unique and this improved on it even further. The music and sound effects during the FC parts went a long way into making me enjoy those parts. I hardly skipped a line (and in Misaki's case even read her h-scenes lel) which means the writing was top-notch. I get that sprite probably put too much time into developing this leading to losses and their eventual 'downfall' but atleast they were able to produce such a masterpiece. It was so good I probably wouldnt mind re-reading it once the "perfect" patch comes out but I do hope they make it easy to get to the 'new' content. Misaki def needed a bit more SoL stuff as I've mentioned previous Also, lastly thanks Nekonyan for actually localizing this. I thought this would never get picked up after all the google drive fiasco from years ago . I hope they pick up ImaImo as well, thats the only one left from sprite that needs a translation (and maybe localize Koichoco too ;D)
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    Good afternoon fellow avid readers

    Clephas rises from the earth, the screams of the damned emerging from the giant mouth beneath his feet "Greetings," Clephas says with a cheerful expression that is at odds with the melodramatically sepulchral voice emanating from his mouth. He casually kicks a tentacled demon in the head as it tries to clamber out of the giant mouth, pulverizing it with a loud splat. "Don't worry, that was just an editor," He says as the giant mouth closes, skeletal hands retrieving the demonic corpse before it snaps shut with loud crash.
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    error code

    At least it's already fixed as of now. Which is good because it would be verry annoying to click the button that said 'I understand the risk' or something like that, and the need to refresh the site three times to get full image.
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    Hello, Well, things seem to be heating up a bit, so I'll just put my thought here. The 'it' I was referring to when I said ' I doubt it'll be a masterpiece' is exactly as Inferno assumed, I was talking about my translation. I feel like it's not exactly my place to say if a VN/game is a masterpiece or not, since a VN/game may be a masterpiece for someone but not for the other. And I'm not really a reviewer or anything like that. But well, if I have to talk about my opinion of the game, which I think I've said before, then I personally think there are things that could have been better, in both the story and the gameplay. So, I'd say it is not a masterpiece. However, it's not like we can only enjoy masterpieces, right? After all, I did enjoy both of my playthroughs of the game. And well, to be honest, I doubt I'd have been able to keep up this long if I didn't enjoy it XD. That's why if possible, please don't be deterred by whether it's a masterpiece or not, and just enjoy the game ^^.
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    Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    The entire story is all inserted, just remaining a few lines to be translated. I need someone willing to do the QC, since I don't have tim.e If you are interested, please PM me!
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