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VN List: Non-ero


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This is just a general list (split into translated and untranslated) of Japanese VNs either recommended by the community at large (the translated) or by me personally (untranslated).  I will take requests/additions, because non-ero is not my specialty (sounds worse than it is).  The reason why?  Because so far, no one has bothered to compile such a list, and as a result we've had about a half dozen request threads to this effect over the past year.  If someone can provide me with a comprehensive list of Western-written non-ero VNs that don't suck, please do so so I can add them in (split into shorts and normal-length stories, preferably)



Tsukihime (can remove H-scenes)

Cross Channel (can remove H-scenes)

Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua

Symphonic Rain

Eien no Aselia


Little Busters (most versions)


Phantom of Inferno


Kira Kira (personally don't like this one, but meh)








Princess Nightmare


Comyu (Credit Flutterz: built-in option to turn off ero-scenes)

Katawa Shoujo (Credit Zakamutt: Built-in option to turn off h-scenes)

Steins;Gate (Credit Eclipsed)

Narcissu (Credit Down)

Cho Dengeki Stryker All Ages Version (Credit GetterEmperor)

G-Senjou no Maou (Credit Zakamutt: Nudity removal patch exists)

True Remembrance (Credit Zakamutt)

Aoishiro (Credit Decay)

Ef (Credit Snowtsuku can remove h-scenes)

World End Economica (Credit SilverLi)

If My Heart Had Wings (Credit SilverLi:  I hated this game, incidentally)

Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni (CCM)

Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro (CCM)

Mirai no Uta to, Tsunagaru Hitomi (CCM)

HIganbana (Cloudy12)

Corpse Party (PSP-only: from TimeWarp)

Danganronpa (PSP-only: from TimeWarp)

Fault Milestone one (CCM)

Nekopara (CCM)

Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV Zennin Shibou Desu (also known as Virtue's Last Reward from Maefdomn)

Kyokugen Dasshutsu 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no Tobira (also known as 999 from Maefdomn)

Phoenix Wright series (Kyrt)

Go go Nippon (Sirius)

DanganRonpa2 (Satoshi Mochida)

Kamaitachi no Yoru also known as Banshee's Last Cry (Satoshi Mochida)

Scar of the Doll (Satoshi Mochida)

Rose Guns Days (Cloudy12)




Tokyo Babel

Dies Irae Amantes Amentes

Kajiri Kamui Kagura Akebono no Hikari

Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin Ten no Toki

Muv-Luv Alternative All-ages Edition (Credit Down)

Sengoku Koihime

Danzai no Maria (dark Otomege)

Asaki  Yumemishi (Otomege)

Bloody Call (Otomege)

Guilty Crown Lost Christmas (not by me, by my cousin in Sweden, lol)

Mahoutsukai no Yoru

WAS - Lepidoptera (Sirius)


OELVNs (courtesy of Rooke)


Shira Oka


The Royal Trap

Magic Diary



Loren the Amazon Princess

Analogue a hate story

Digital a love story

Don't take it personally babe it just ain't your story

Dysfunctional Systems

Long-live the Queen (SilverLi)

Juniper's Knot (Satoshi Mochida)




In this case, I'm actively requesting that people add their suggestions to this list, translated or untranslated.  I will then add them to the first post using the edit function.  In the case of the translated, I'm not going to judge one way or the other.  However, the simple requirement has to be that you thought it was good.  Please don't repeat suggestions from above posts.


Note:  Untranslated console VNs won't be accepted because the unnecessarily high hurdle of not being able to use text hookers on them, which makes them too much for most of our readers.

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Well for the untranslated part, lots of good VNs have console ports that are then all-ages, right? If you put Realta Nua or Amantes Amentes I guess you can put the all-ages versions of Grisaia, Iroseka/Irohika, Muv-Luv Alt (this one also has a PC all-ages version), etc...


In the translated, Narcissu is worth noting.

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Can't use console versions (difficulties of using emulators with text-hookers makes it impractical).  Until Grisaia's official version comes over as an all-ages, I can't add it here.  Amantes Amentes has a PC version, lol. 


Edit: Translated console versions are acceptable... but - and this is serious - no Ar Tonelico.  I know some people seem to have mistaken Ar Tonelico for a VN series, and it does have VN elements... but it is about on the same level as P3's VN elements, in that it is a limited, albeit vital, element of the game.

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I'm pretty sure you'd still consider it an OELVN. I mean, it was originally released in English; I'm not even sure if there is a full Japanese translation out yet.


EDIT: since I'm posting anyway: True Remembrance. I also think there's a non-ero patch for g-sen, though I can't remember exactly how that works out.

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Sakura Spirit, Nekopara vol 1, Oblivious garden ~Carmina Burana, fault milestone one on Steam.


Well, it really a pain in the butt task if I am going to list them all here so, below is a link for visual novel on Steam. Obviously, all VN on steam is non-ero so yeah.



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