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  1. I still need to find time to play Lilium x Triangle. Good luck with the project!
  2. Wow, I'm surprised I was mentioned O____O but thank you regardless! P.S. Don't worry about the PM's but I'm still interested in the G-Senjou no Maou fanbook if it's still available/possible .___.
  3. Woot, I'm glad it arrived safely. The size adds to her cuteness~
  4. I basically have Facebook open all the time unless I'm sleeping or not at home/school. Though I probably can't help out because I don't know how to find news regarding anything /O/ Good luck to the others~!
  5. >Plays event song before going to class, gets a high score - about 270k >Checks ranking, reaction: O________________O" I'm so happy...I've never been so high in rankings before since I never go for T1 or T2. Note: I'm NOT trying to brag about my score or anything, I'm just speechless and surprised how high I am in the rankings. >_______<
  6. I'm really bad at writing so I just bs-ed whatever came out of my head. It could have been fleshed out more but ehhh One day Gangamamer fell from the sky and landed in a place called Visnovella. It did not recall what they were doing prior to the fall but once it got there, it was surrounded by land, lots of land. Gangamamer was actually a dragon but for some reason, became a human when it fell to Visnovella. Once it got up, it noticed a person beside them, a small girl with lilac hair. After awhile, the girl woke up and was startled to see Gangamamer staring at her so intently. The girl s
  7. Wow, good job Marie! When I woke up and did my normal scouting to get the new N, I pulled my first R pure Nico. After more than half a year of playing, I finally got my first pure Nico. I would like to thank RNG-sama for being on my side for once and not such a troll . I'm excited for a R, so sad #nonotreallyokmaybe
  8. S-Tier - Eri (Fripsideeeeeeeeeeeee~<3) A-Tier - Umi, Rin, Honoka B-Tier - everyone else I find it's hard to accurately "rate" their voices, especially when they sound different at times (i.e. Hanayo - Love Marignal and Kodoku na Heaven) or when they sound "good" in certain songs and "bad" in others.
  9. welp gave in and made a skype account. Added you Ezeefreak, the Kouko pic one?
  10. Sorry to hear about your injury, hope you get well soon P.S I would be so screwed if my left hand was ever broken (any lefties here?) =D
  11. Sent FR to you Marie~ Also, Kuroba, I sent you a FR awhile back but you said you had a full friend list. Hope you have room, opened a free spot on my FL for you >____<b My friend list is basically everyone on Fuwa except a few strangers and four IRL friends, though two of them are inactive... Edit: I'm actually missing quite a bit of people from fuwa like Nosebleed and clublion, stupid limits >=. Though if anyone has room, feel free to add me and I'll delete them strangers off my list
  12. That part was the best, Ema is so adorable. <3 Goth loli is my favourite character :3
  13. My teams are currently in the 39k range. Cool might hit 40k after the Kotori event at the end of the month. I don't want to bring up feels again but the tl;dr version, is I found this thread while searching up info on a visual novel and the rest is history. One of the reasons I can continue to play and love SIF is because of Fuwanovel. Question, does anyone know what the code unlocks for SIF (eng) from the Weiss Schwarz boxes? I just got a message from my friend and he's offering to give me one ._____.
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