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What are you listening to right now?


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I know that. laugh.gif/>

by the way im listening to this :

while thinking of what to write in my thesis. dry.gif/>

So my hunch about you is correct. harhar

+1 for the snow~

Alan Wake has a brilliant soundtrack ;~;

Other than that, this is my current major addiction:

Ima go make a thread about that game D:

Go make a thread~

And my song now is this one~

Edit: Removed your videos as there is a media limit xD

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So my hunch about you is correct. harhar

+1 for the snow~

Hmmm. . .

Maybe, Maybe not. :lol:/>

As for Hesitation Snow,

I'm playing it as a beatmap in OSU! that's why i know it.

but i just arrived in that song because of the list of related videos on the right side of youtube.

At first im listening in the songs of Oretachi ni tsubasa wa nai OP and ED, then Little Busters songs -> Rewrite Songs -> then saw Hesitation Snow in the related videos. :P/>

Btw, nice song.

Symphonic Rain. :lol:

first time hearing it and its so good.

perfect now since i want something mellow.

Off topic:

My head hurts, i just had a short nap.

Thesis is such a pain.

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Usually I listen to various types of metal, but also some anime/VN OSTs.

I think the latter would suit more the tastes of people here :P

So, this is a track from what is already one of the best anime OST ever, Evangelion 3.0 OST by Shiro Sagisu:

I can only invite you to download the whole OST and listen to it, it's pure epicness. I'm shivering just at the thought of seeing the movie with those tracks in it B) (Still 5 months to go...)

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I've been checking out a lot of Shibayan Records' stuff recently, as well as Syrup Comfiture's. They both have some really amazing stuff (and I never thought I'd be listening to electronic music).

I'll put up some more of their stuff later... oh, and check everyone else's stuff too, of course.

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Listening to this album now.


Really glad I bought this, never been as impressed with a Vocaloid album before. Though like more than half of this are all instrumental tracks. (Which might actually be a good thing, because I like most Vocaloid composers for their compositions, not the vocaloid's voice lol) Regardless, these are really well tuned compared to some that sound just horrible. ^^'

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