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  1. Do you seed?

    I guess you could say that I seed pretty much every torrent that I download but 95%+ of the time I will be just a standby seed. I torrent a lot so I can't be bothered removing the file every time. I also use this private torrent website where it is required to maintain a minimum download/upload ratio and the best way to do that is to seed everything which means that all torrents are active and almost never dead.
  2. Why do people like traps

    Because kawaii is kawaii. I find them to be hilarious and comical most of the time.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

  4. Ohiowar's AMA vLoli Idol

    You must find a way

    "What song is this?" Darude - Sandstorm Dudududududu
  6. I have a friend that is against piracy and getting stuff for free when you are supposed to pay for it because he feels that it is wrong. He buys games used rarely for this reason.
  7. Your question (the one that I quoted) was rather vague and did not say anything about buying used while new media is still available normally. I am sorry if that is not what you were looking for. My last statements will stand for my answer then
  8. snip About buying VNs used or any media in general, the main reasons I can think of for this is because its cheaper, the person is short on money, or they don't really care or never thought about supporting the creators and just want to interact with what they bought.
  9. The Rant Thread

    That sucks and I am glad I don't live in such a neighborhood :c Good to see another person interested in sound
  10. The Rant Thread

    I know a certain person and I don't quite understand him. Over 80% of the anime/manga/VNs that he pursues he ends up dropping. He drops a bunch of anime only after the first episode...He doesn't even give them a chance...He is more of a critic who looks at all the flaws instead of an average person that enjoys the series. Why even pursue the hobby if you end up disliking over 80% of the stuff ._. To each his own I guess.
  11. What are you listening to right now?

  12. The Rant Thread

    My club leader on MAL doesn't seem to appreciate music at all (he listens to rap with foul language and little artistic value). Was having a conversation with my club about how I bought some physical albums and he said he would never pay $10 for one. I told him, "You can't even pay that much to support the artists for the music they produce?" He replied, "I don't care. Plus, you can get music for free, why would you pay for it?" I asked him how he gets his music and he told me he downloads it for free from some downloader app on his phone. It downloads mp3 128kbps which is medium to low quality. To put salt on the wound, he listens to it using the older version Beats Studio headphones and in-ears which are known to be terribly overpriced for mediocre sound. He then tells us that all of our music is shit and that rap is the best. Everybody in the conversation was pretty mad (I was probably the most angered). This has made me think..so this is the worst type of pirate who thinks he can just get stuff online for free. Saddening.
  13. What do you do when you are bored

    Can never get bored if you always have something to do. I got backlogs of anime to watch and music to listen to. Chat to friends while you're doing it and thats life for me.