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First round of forum and front site maintenance is done. More coming as soon as I can talk to Nay. If you need or want to chat while I'm working,, I'll be on the Fuwa discord.

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  1. Nursery Rhyme Translation Project

    Wish you the best with the project. I really like to play this game, well to be honest, i fell in love with the art. We know its hard but with our thoughts in your back, i can always give you a little push whenever you are having a hard time. Do your best. Cheering is the only thing i can do for now.
  2. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Well, atleast it is considered. But. . . Benkei route will still be a dream. Anyways, Good Job Guys.
  3. Currently studying Japanese language! xD

  4. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    It's been a while since i visited fuwanovel forums. Glad to see it becomes more lively! anyways. Good job for the Completion of the project. Will you be doing Majikoi S and their Fandisc aka Majikoi A1~A4?
  5. [Post Game]Little Busters!

    Currently DLing LB Ex. my Lappy just died, dunno why. and the sad part is almost all my VN's is saved there. can't finish LB now. anyone know how far the TL for LB ex?
  6. Da Capo III the anime

    Yup, no more disappointment in the art in my part. and since, they are the one's who are doing it. maybe the story will not be far from original, i hope. :3 btw, Sara's episode is good. just that my image of her change, she seems like somewhat of a pervy. coz if ever DCIII finished translating, i want to try her first. Sara->Charles->Aoi->Himeno->Rikka/Ricca. :3 save the best for last. but i want DCIII PC too. *ehemmm* Student Council Pres *ehemmm*
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Hmmm. . . Maybe, Maybe not. :lol:/> As for Hesitation Snow, I'm playing it as a beatmap in OSU! that's why i know it. but i just arrived in that song because of the list of related videos on the right side of youtube. At first im listening in the songs of Oretachi ni tsubasa wa nai OP and ED, then Little Busters songs -> Rewrite Songs -> then saw Hesitation Snow in the related videos. :P/> Btw, nice song. Symphonic Rain. first time hearing it and its so good. perfect now since i want something mellow. Off topic: My head hurts, i just had a short nap. Thesis is such a pain.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    I know that. :lol:/> by the way im listening to this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNH4IMRMmLI while thinking of what to write in my thesis. <_</>
  9. Greetings from Mrs. Ryoji

    well, you're absolutely right about that. that's why i suggest to try the VN. because most of the arcs of other characters is not that fully touched. and some of them haven't even touched. OVA's is not enough because some of it is so fast. Unlike in the VN where,
  10. Da Capo III the anime

    So far so good. Im ejoying it. The anime's art is good to. Nothing to rant about this season's DCIII. dunno bout the story that we will basically see upon entering maybe episode 10 or so? dunno.
  11. Your first VN experience

    To be honest, since at that time i don't have access to Internet, CD's are my only souce of VN (my friend offered me some games and since im bored at the house with a PC but no net, i tried it) Brave Soul is my first, followed by Snow Sakura and Shuffle after that i just got hooked in playing. but after being introduced in Key's VN. What im looking for a VN also changed, I want to play VN's with a really good stories now. I smiled when i read this. We're in the same boat my friend.
  12. [Post Game]Little Busters!

    So that's why when i finished Kurugaya's route, i felt uhmmm . . . I like the route but the end seems lacking. There is a true end.
  13. Greetings from Mrs. Ryoji

    Welcome to the Community. You're husband is very nice. hope you enjoy your time here. give it a try, the good thing is you will learn all the story of other characters too. since you've watched the anime, there's no more thing to be afraid of.
  14. greetings

    Welcome . Enjoy you're stay here.
  15. Da Capo III the anime

    to be honest, i don't want her be related to the family of Asakura. She's better off a new character not a new generation character. *wishing here* I just did the legendary Save-Load-Save load system there. If i think its for Mako or Moe, ill pick it. I really disliked it.