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First round of forum and front site maintenance is done. More coming as soon as I can talk to Nay. If you need or want to chat while I'm working,, I'll be on the Fuwa discord.

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  1. Poll regarding popotan TL

    Thanks for voting. The character rating is going very random. Mea events are pretty funny. My own rating would be: 1-Mii (this type of loli is kinda rare) 2-Mai 3-Mea 4-Air 5-Shizuku
  2. 【オーケストラの楽譜】狂い散る枯れない桜「D.C. ~ダ・カーポ~」 http://t.co/ViveJwI8VT

  3. Advice for Building a Gaming Computer

    so many redundant posts that is giving me headache lol
  4. Advice for Building a Gaming Computer

    Lol posted at same time. I didn't know about this link( ´,_ゝ`) kinda life saver since won't need to read the motherboard manuals as i always do.. SSD is much better hybrid im happy with my 3TB hybrid
  5. Advice for Building a Gaming Computer

    i5 With haswell-DT architheture is the best choice for a low priced processor. I would recommend Gigabyte mob, is made of good material and has more lifespan than others. Before buying an especial edition of any DDR3 you need to see which memories are compatible with the mob you're going to buy, if not, will read as 1333 instead 1600 for example. Never buy AMD processor, due awful support, and lack of techonology... Their chipsets are bad as hell also. A techonology that you should invest your money is SSD, you can buy a 64GB one, and make a hybrid with your system HDD, using your SSD as cache. (improves at least 4x the reading/writting time. to put simple faster boot, loading etc..) Video Cards deppends in which game you wanna play... best thing is seeing Tom's hardware benchmark as hairybumslapper linked earlier. Ah,Try buying a Motherboard that has a dedicated audio driver. The sound quality improvement is a LOT, and not expensive. (MOB's with dedicated audio drivers has 7.1 channel input, SPDIF etc...) is just look at audio jack and see if has jacks with Black, orange and gray. sometimes the colors are different tho lol If you are an audiophile i recommend buying an offboard audio card, but is quite expensive. But an onboard dedicated audio driver is quite good with theirs 110db- quality and 35 ohms support (bluray reproduction, improvement with sound quality, and high improvement with great headphones)
  6. Actually has a 52% version that is free, but you cant burn images. Alcohol is the best in market anyways.
  7. ああ;すまんOrz 相変わらずなまけ者だ・・・俺は 楽譜を続けますー

  8. Back... meh seems is blocked by location the market. Wasn't able to get it from google play, seems will need to wait update for market helper and seems 萌えAPP isnt region blocked then. you can ask to meru download for you (if she participates) and you download a title that she wants. (trade system is quite nice bwa-ha-ha)
  9. will test it. Is quite annoying this compatibility thing... If not work will try finding another way edit: I've been reading some things seems the compatibility thing is because the device model... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2146216
  10. yep. sometimes not (because compatibility for android) [to write in japanese(non-japanese android) install google japanese input] and i advice buying on computer, since it's easier to find https://play.google.com/store you also can look in http://vndb.org/v/all?q=&fil=plat-and is just select on the Android release of the title you want and will have a link for its applet in play store, or whatever the store edit: Ungh Ever17 isn't compatible with my android in google store
  11. yep. The version that i sent is old but most stable. If not work you can download the newest version Cracked Google Play 4.5.10-PP
  12. Market Enabler doesn't work at all (tried one time).. Use Cracked Google Play Cracked Google Play if your Android isnt rooted, try Framaroot 1.7.0 Didn't know until today (after reading your post /fail) Actually needs root to backup signed applications. if you don't mind installing some extra things on your android you can use framaroot (link above) and install Script Manager (Google Play link) (it takes 40 seconds to do it... not hard) Install framaroot only if your android isnt rooted (no problem if yours is rooted tho but not needed...) Framaroot is just press in any exploit that appears bellow (like in the pic) and way to go you're rooted. Since i have free-time, made a tutorial with pics. Step 1: Installing Framaroot (Only if your android isn't rooted Part 2: Using Script Manager Now open Script Manager... Go to "system>mnt>asec" and look for the application that you installed A tip: after "net." there is always the company name after like "net.moeapp..." Sending the APK file to e-mail or any cloud (easy way) Our Target is "pkg.apk" file. Mantain pressed for 3 seconds on the file, and will open a menu. You can use share (easier). You can use Google drive, mail etc... (just send it to yourself) Copying on SD Card (more annoying lol) If you choose copying... press the Green button to go back. Very important! (if not will cancel the copy command) go back to the Root folder and look for SD Card folder Now you're inside the sdcard, just choose the folder you want to save (for example i choose DCIM) and press "Select this directory" Done. After you install framaroot and Script Manager, just take 30 seconds or so to make it If you dont wanna do it... whoknows... a donation section kekeke
  13. Wanko to Kurasou Error.. (SOLVED)

    as the text says wanko.exe is broken, it can't read the adresses probably bad download If anyone have Wanko to Kurasou probably is possible to fix using a HEX workshop withtout download again (fixing the adresses showing in the error window by any working .exe) Or just uploading the .exe
  14. Actually not too much work (Deppending the android) Have some ways ways: Play Store Cracked (root requiried, but like 1 minute to install it) Amazon Market doesn't have Region Block. 萌えAPP is named as Jack in the Box in Amazon (In amazon has less titles though) 萌えAPP Market needs to send an e-mail to them... takes like 1 month (not worth, but have free extras) Visual Art's Market (but prices varies from 2000円 to 4000円) M-Trix Store didn't test yet but probably same If you wanna buy in Play Store and have no root i wouldn't mind helping anyone. Takes like 30 seconds deppending the model A tip, never believe in Play Store Lol 恋姫†夢想 in play store says that isn't compatible with my android But actually it is compatible [bbq meter: beyond tasty] Test for example https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.moeapp.avg.koihime (probably is incompatible with yours too) if isn't compatible you cant test it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0br309jt5q5nz5j/net.moeapp.avg.koihime.apk ________ If anyone is willing to buy, first is better test to see if works the app as warez (i'll send a vn that i bought already)