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  1. Awesome! Congrats on the achievment, and also good luck reaching that 800!
  2. I've heard some really excellent things about this game, and it's pretty much the 3DS' killer app for me. I'll admit that I'm interested in all the shipping possibilities, heh, but I've also liked FE for quite a while now, and seeing a new game that improves on areas that I always felt were bad in the previous installments (rather sucky art, no time for grinding, etc.) really got me excited.
  3. Ah, it's great to see more people join. Good luck!
  4. And that's the problem, really. I have absolutely no problems with people having different opinions, as the world would otherwise be extremely boring, but disagreeing with an opinion does not automatically mean that you have to disrespect it (see my comments in that post - I'm .). Civility is the base of a good debate, and without it you're never going to convince anyone of anything.
  5. Don't worry man, I'm sure you'll be able to reach that goal! That's less than 10 per day and if I can do that you can for sure lol Anyway, keep it up!
  6. UPDATE: RTK1 (4th ed.) - 1054/2042 (+44) Meh still missing some days sometimes. Still doing pretty good I guess (also forgot to update yesterday).
  7. I also live in Brazil, and it's pretty much what Sieg said. The anime/manga scene is pretty big, with quite a few conventions and stuff, but when it comes to VNs I know like a handful of people that also read them (and none of them in real life). That it's like this everywhere just goes to show how young VNs still are as a medium, I guess. I did find this blog the other day though, and it's pretty good from what little I've seen of it.
  8. wow way to give me the worst font man But eh, this was actually before I came back to the forums and got to know people a little better, so disregard the "I don't know you" part, Ryoji :E
  9. Daiteikoku (???) Dangan Ronpa Fate/hollow ataraxia Mahoyo Majikoi/S All of the Rance stuff Everything that JAST USA hijacked ever Pretty much. Some of these are dead though (Daiteikoku/JAST USA things), which is rather annoying.
  10. UPDATE: RTK1 (4th ed.) - 1010/2042 (+50) I ended up missing two days, but well, past the 1k mark yaaaay! It's time to PARTY
  11. Oh yeah, definitely, but... those are the people that like shit like Nero or Mordred, or just Arthuria Syndrome (aka genderswapping things for no good reason) in general... :| I like Saber, but I really think that we could do without a clone of her in every single Fate work. I think that the thing with F/z is that it changes the premise from "what would happen if heroes from history met each other?" to "what would happen if people with incompatible world views met each other?", while still being in the context of the Holy Grail War (and well yeah also because it doesn't have Shirou lol). The only thing I didn't like about it was the end, since it's just so inconclusive if you haven't read F/sn (and it's disappointing even if you have). How did you think Urobuchi went too far, though?
  12. Oh, so am I alone in liking Saber? I knew that people didn't like her, but damn. Favorite route is easily Heaven's Feel, because like someone already said before, it has the most plot developments. To be honest it it really felt like the romance and heroines in F/sn were just tacked on... Saber's the only one of the three that I really do like. I think that ideally for me F/sn would've kept some of the old stuff from Prototype (Ayaka as the protagonist, non-genderswapped Arthur as Saber, Perseus as Rider [even though I like Medusa], Misaya's design for Rin), while changing... well, pretty much everything else that changed. And removing the h-stuff/romance. Favorite character... I guess either Saber, Rider or Ilya. There actually aren't a lot of interesting characters to be honest :| F/sn's strength lies in its premise and plot, and the Holy Grail War is easily one of my favorite concepts ever. So much that in another forum that I go to we frequently make Fate RPs and come up with our own Servants... heh, it's fun. I'd like to reread F/sn once the Realta Nua translation is completed, though, since right now I'm seeing Fate/zero as infinitely better and I want to know if that's not just because it's the more recent Fate thing I've seen.
  13. Well, the first VN/game that comes to mind is Eiyuu Senki, which is actually where your loli Beethoven comes from. It features characters from all over history and the world (except that they're all women), so let's see... let's start with the Knights of the Round Table, then. In alphabetical order: King Arthur, who I don't think needs an introduction Balin, the Knight with the Two Swords Bedivere, who returned the Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake upon Arthur's death (and has a robot arm in here for some reason) Bors, one of the knights to achieve the Holy Grail Galahad, another one of the knights to achieve the Holy Grail, and (originally) Lancelot's son Gawain, one of the most famous of the Knights and (originally) Arthur's nephew Kay, (originally) Arthur's foster brother (and the one with the least stupid design in here) Lancelot, the greatest of the Knights and a frequent major character in Arthurian legend Mordred, (originally) Arthur's illegitimate son, who kills him in the Battle of Camlann Palamedes, a notably non-english knight Percival, the last of the three knights to achieve the Holy Grail (and who's a bunny girl in here??? I have no idea what the hell) Tristan, known for his amazingly tragic story Ywain, who is RIDING A GODDAMN LION HOLY SHIT. Oh, and let's not forget Merlin, the legendary wizard who... uh... yeah. Of course, there still are characters from the rest of Asia, the ancient Middle-East, Europe, Oceania, Africa and even the Americas, so the whole game might be worth looking into. Maybe it's not exactly what you're looking for but oh well.
  14. Maybe something like "Off-Topic Discussion" or similar.
  15. It's always nice to have more people on board. Good luck!
  16. Hey there! Welcome to the forum. I don't think that there's anything particularily bad about getting a bad end - they're technically as much part of the story as the good end, and sometimes may even provide more insight on the characters or the setting, so don't beat yourself over it too much. Also... like some people already said, they are visual novels, not games. Very rarely is a protagonist a stand-in for the player, if at all. Thus, you are not the protagonist; the choices that you'd make are not the choices the protagonist would make; and the latter are the ones necessary for progressing the story, even if they make no logical sense. Mephisto mentioned Fate/stay night, and that's a good example of this (notably Sakura's route). Anyway, for your second question... I find that what distinguishes them from manga and such are not plot elements or character tropes, but rather the narrative. Visual novels are unique in their method of combining literature, pictures and sounds, a practice which probably first arose from technical limitations, yet still manages to create such an amazing atmosphere. In addition, their nature as a digital medium allows them to be far longer than what an anime, manga, or even a novel would usually be, which in turn allows for greater development of pretty much everything in the story. Also I like anime-style art too :E
  17. VN Name: Suiheisen made Nan Mile? Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings / Samuiru Cubic! / Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete TL Project?: Nope. Hack/No Hack: Don't care. Reason for TL: Look at that art. Now look at it again. Yes, that's right. That's the best art you've ever seen in your entire life. That alone is enough. Other: DAT AAAAART. ...my original idea for the "VNs you want translated" thread was just to have people post which ones they'd like to see translated. No poll or anything.
  18. VN Name: Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo - Michael no Otome-tachi TL Project?: Nope. Hack/No Hack: Yes. Reason for TL: The only Sonohana that we're still not sure if it'll be translated or not. Please make it come true, Yurin Yurin! Other: Goes for Atelier no Koibito-tachi as well.
  19. VN Name: Robotics;Notes TL Project?: Nope. Hack/No Hack: Don't care, though I'd prefer a hack if possible. Reason for TL: Why wouldn't I want a translation, really? Other: PC VERSION FUCKING WHERE 5PB
  20. VN Name: Okujou no Yurirei-san TL Project?: Yes. Doesn't look like they've done much progress since I last checked, though. Hack/No Hack: Don't care. Reason for TL: Pretty much same as Shirokoi, really. Also, I love this artist's style. Other: It's apparently bad??? Please don't let this be true!
  21. VN Name: Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete TL Project?: Nope. Hack/No Hack: Don't care. Reason for TL: To be honest I don't know much about this one, but Aaeru putting pictures of it everywhere just got me wanting to try it out. Also, adorable art style and lower-than-eye-level moe. Also, the art style. Seriously, holy shit.
  22. VN Name: Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun TL Project?: There was talk of starting a project on /u/, but that apparently didn't go anywhere. Hack/No Hack: Don't care. Reason for TL: Yuri VNs are kind of hard to come across and this one looks seriously amazing. Didn't know that there was a PC version though, so now I know what I'll be reading once I advance my japanese studies further lol Other: DAT ART.
  23. Oh whoops, sorry about that. I kind of skimmed over the first post really. Can we seriously expect that to happen, though?
  24. VN Name: Caucasus / Kara no Shoujo 2 / PP Pianissimo TL Project?: Nope. Hack/No Hack: Don't care. Though Caucasus and KnS2 seem to/probably have that notebook system, so a hack might be better. Dunno about PPP. Reason for TL: Because it's goddamn Innocent Grey. I haven't finished KnS yet but it's so great and I really want to read all of their things! Fuck them for C&Ding the Cartagra TL, though.
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDBghpJPlMU Can't hold all these Touhou remixes.
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