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  1. Happy Birthday, Jun!

  2. ああ… 多い日本語と読むの時目が痛いなぁ。構文が変ならすいません。日本語使いすぎったら頭が爆発気がする。
  3. Not a youtube video but I love this cover by びす of カゲロウデイス。
  4. Only with nukige when I'm about to take a break from it and check if the chain of H-scenes ended yet by skipping some text lol. (But read it later when I load the game) Otherwise, I'm pretty obsessed with making sure I read every line unless the VN simply bores me, on which I would just quit it. Ohh and I'm sure everyone does this but sometimes you need to like, reread a lot of text just so you can do another route but decide to just skip it.
  5. I haven't tried looking for the album though, you could also just download the video(s) and extract the audio file with some program. Not sure if you'd be satisfied with the quality but it generally does it for me if that's what it comes to. (Added Spoiler Tags for NSFW stuff *Ryoji*)
  6. Incoming spam hurr durr. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE (A lot of HUEHUEHUEHUE I put together from just one Skype call conversation of other people, though it is not necessarily the way it is supposed to be pronounced XD) https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23771954/Recordings%20%28mp3%29/HUEHUEHUEHUE%20BEAT%20REVISED.mp3 "pik pak ne ko long tik tong" (A phrase from this Chinese monkey who fights with a stick in Cantonese) derp hurr durr Ikr FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU I don't even... What is this shit. Yo. (Also used at the end of the sentence like the Japanese particle) こんにちは! wwwwww lol LOL XD DX
  7. お誕生日おめでとう!

  8. Playing Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo- http://vndb.org/v11071 So far pretty good!
  9. Twitter Tweeria Nico Nico Douga Nico Sound Youtube Google (Gmail, Google Reader, Google Documents (Drive)) Facebook Soundcloud Amazon Japan Tora no Ana
  10. Listening to this album now. (crossfade) Really glad I bought this, never been as impressed with a Vocaloid album before. Though like more than half of this are all instrumental tracks. (Which might actually be a good thing, because I like most Vocaloid composers for their compositions, not the vocaloid's voice lol) Regardless, these are really well tuned compared to some that sound just horrible. ^^'
  11. Tried to choose one I thought would leave more of an impact or that more people would like it.
  12. The first experience is always painful.. oh wait, it's not about that? XD (Coming from a 童貞) My first VN was Chaos;Head, I really liked it back then and was probably almost as delusional as the protagonist. This was.. holy shit at least 5 years ago. It all started when I was watching the anime, thought it was interesting and found the game somehow. (Though the anime got worse the more episodes were being released)
  13. I want to be forevernotalone.jpg and thx Ryoji! \o/
  14. Thx for all your giga pudding I mean birthday pudding.. no pudding wishes or I DON'T KNOW MAN.
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