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What are you listening to right now?

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Listening to this album now.


Really glad I bought this, never been as impressed with a Vocaloid album before. Though like more than half of this are all instrumental tracks. (Which might actually be a good thing, because I like most Vocaloid composers for their compositions, not the vocaloid's voice lol) Regardless, these are really well tuned compared to some that sound just horrible. ^^'

Feels like I am listening to some tribal movie tongue.gif

I'm listening to my own voice >:] and a duet with my sister. Herp derp.

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having this on repeater~~~

Fucks sake, not you. R.I.P Prince you musical genius  

fuck dude    

Been listening to the Xenosaga III ost. Brings back some awesome memories.

Gah I miss playing this game for the first time and being blown away by the music and story.

Ah yes... Xenosaga III easily has the best music in the three games. Yuki Kaijura never disappoints.

Anyway, here's some Syrufit.

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Cross Channel!! Taichi, feel his pain!!

Your a monster as well Snowpoke!!


Cross channel doesn't remind me of anything tongue.gif

Below are not videos~

School Days is more brutal >:]

I hope you're not a Fal hater


btw, feel free to remove the videos as fuwa has a media limit, well if you need to.

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Here is what im listening to. Its an AWESOME accoustic cover for AKB48. From the anime AKB0048.

This guy has amazing skills.

oh that one, ED1

(though I prefer the original)



hmm need to dl the mp3 for this. Yawn.

didn't play the game or watch the anime, random song from osu that was a bit entertaining to listen to at least :lol:

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