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  1. proooobably gonna check Kikan Bakumatsu then. Thanks Clephas~
  2. To be honest, I really can't stand the boatload of history stuff in this story. So most of the time I just skip it But for me, the one thing I REALLY have an issue with is the Protagonist. Though maybe that's because a heavy bias on my part and I compare him too much with Suguha while Ken is only a regular human (bar the power) that didn't know the future. Hijikata 2 Ending Spoiler I do have to say though, after all the stuff that's going on in the VN, The Hijikata Ending 2 is realllly satisfying And Spoiler again for Hiji Ending 2
  3. Christmas 2017 when tho
  4. Oh god new event is team effort Everyone will know how bad am i at this game
  5. And she appear again, and again, and again and again Go away and give Birb instead
  6. i watch my rank go from 8000 ish to 20000 3 hours before the SM end
  7. I hate MMR Thanks for giving me -1k even though i frickin fc the song
  8. 400 Loveca 4 same SSR, 4 UR with 2 of em being the same one This is more than fine
  9. Currently on somewhere without good connection but hopefully i can T3 it then. Also, i'm not wrong to see that Eclipsed get new UR everytime i open the game then
  10. Hanayo Token event, probably won't bother to T2 then
  11. Don't worry, i actually need to suffer through 4 R ticket scouting before getting this one
  12. For SM, i probably wouldn't give a damn if it not Kotori or something Also, random not best girl luck train continue
  13. Nozomi powah! Also holy hell Eclipsed that row of UR. And now that i think about it, that jokes of me getting an UR smile team first than a new SR/UR Kotori might come true after all
  14. You still have moar qp than me flutz
  15. Oh My God Kotori may be ignoring me but Nozomi sure do love me
  16. Soooo......the first song abruptly end in the middle and the rest of notes kinda just frozen there throughout the next 2 song Da hell Klab
  17. Nope, That's Meltlilith Suzuka is the 4* Saber JK
  18. Leveling BB is the easiest mission yet Though i still need to max level both Passion and Melt already
  19. With this, CCC Event...........DONE!
  20. >197 I can't even stand 70 turn
  21. Lol i guess that's true But yeah just kinda vexing seeing it, probably should just ignore MRM and do it like usual SM
  22. Yeah i read that. I know that it will eventually worked up but getting a Full Combo and get -700 or so point is kinda depressing
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