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What VN do you wish you could play for the first time again?

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I'm not sure... There are some VNs that I love to revisit - like Konosora or Princess Evangile - but as for the one that I'd like to "forget" to experience it in fresh again? Hmm...

Perhaps Mashiro Iro Symphony. It showed me how good a moege can get - it's one of the genre's pinnacles for me - and after experiencing that, my expectations become higher - perhaps too high for some titles ;)

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Hmm well, the idea of forgetting something to be able to experience it for the first time again is definitely tempting, though I don't know how wise it'd be to actually take that offer even if it was possible. After all, there's always new things to experience.

That being said, it's undeniable that first experiences are really powerful. I think that's the reason why as a child everything hits you so hard and you get so much enjoyment out of what you now as an adult would consider trivial or mediocre stuff.

As for what VN or VNs I'd choose to re-experience anew... hmm... probably those that rely on crazy twists and shock factor as main components of the trip. After all, I can revisit my favorite emotional VNs any time I want, and even though it's not the first time my experience won't be dampened too much; in fact, it might even be stronger since I have the full context for everything. Meanwhile getting the full experience out of titles like Umineko and Ever17 is harder once you know the truth of it all. So yeah, that'd be the subset of VNs that, if I were to accept the offer, I would pick.

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Umineko but paying more attention to the mystery. I think I missed too much the first time I read it because I was focused on the narrative only. The same applies to the Infinity series, but those I'd just like to not remember the truth behind the mysteries so I could appreciate the story more.

Clannad for the feels. I still want to rewatch the anime but I know the impact of the drama will be weaker. Planetarian too, but for a different reason: I didn't like it :< I wanted to not have this opinion about the game so I could really enjoy it.


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