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  1. Kazami Kazuki from the Grisaia trilogy fits the bill I would say. Two other girls I can think of, both from KEY VNs funnily enough, are Kurugaya from Little Busters and Akane from Rewrite. I think, however, that the reason it sounds like an unusual combination is not exactly the combination itself as much as there just not being too many dominant type heroines. But once you get one, chances are she will be kind. Gotta make her likable after all.
  2. Well, let's see, that really shouldn't be hard to come by, as many of the most popular VNs out there have strong heroines. F/SN, Muv Luv, Baldr Sky, Rewrite... All of them are exactly what you describe. Honestly, any action oriented VN will do the trick so long as there are romance oriented heroine routes.
  3. So, I finished Kin'iro Loveriche or Kinkoi for short. I am not the biggest moege player as I struggle to keep my motivation when the stakes in a story are too low and there are no particularly engaging conflicts to speak of. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the cute characters, the SoL and the comedy, but I have to pace myself and be careful to not get oversaturated or chances are I'm not gonna finish the game. I picked up Kinkoi as per recommendation of a friend of mine who knows what I tend to enjoy very well, and he told me that I would most likely come to love the true route... and
  4. I recently read 'Kotonoha Amrilato'. The premise is as simple as it is intriguing: Rin, a regular japanese high-schooler, suddenly finds herself in a bizarre version of her own world after buying taiyaki at a stall on the street. This world is, for the most part, almost identical to her world, but a couple of remarkable aspects stand out: the sky appears to have a pink hue no matter the time of the day (yes, even at night), and all the signs and posters on the street are written in a weird language, whose writing system sort of resembles the roman alphabet albeit with noticeab
  5. Found some time to make a chart, albeit smaller than yours! Feel free to call me out for shit taste. Oh, also, I imposed myself a "one VN one waifu policy", i.e, no more than one character from the same VN allowed. I also limited it to girls only, cause I feel a bro chart would be a completely different thing and I don't feel like mixing them.
  6. I feel like there should be a rule not to include 2 characters from the same VN to make it more interesting~ Other than that, good list. I'd say we are about 60-70% compatible
  7. Feel free to skip this if you are not interested in the history. I won't be offended lol. There's a sequence of sound changes that made the "c" character sound like an /s/ in the word Narcissus and other Latin borrowed words. The gist of it is that before a front vowel, namely /e/ and /i/, the /k/ became palatalized into a /t͡ʃ/ (sounding like the "ch" in church), which later became simply /ʃ/ (sounding like the "sh" in sharp) and then lost its palatalization again to become /s/. Since this didn't happen with all vowels but front vowels only, we get that weird alternation where sometimes
  8. I believe pronouncing it like it's supposed to be pronounced in English is a safe bet. So, /nɑɹˈsɪsəs/. I'm not sure where the japanese pronunciation might come from, but if I had to take a guess, it's either from Latin, where the "c" is /k/, or from the original Greek "νάρκισσος" /ˈnar.kis.sos/. Taking the guess a bit further, it might be the case that they took the Latin nominative "narcissus" and removed the final -s, thinking that would get rid of the plural even if the plural of the second declension doesn't end in -s but in -ī, narcissī. It seems like a plausible misunderstan
  9. Baldr Sky is exactly what you are looking for. MC will progressively not only regain more memories of his past, but also retain some memories from previous routes, until the final route where he remembers everything.
  10. I never thought I would be the one to ever say this, but go outside and get some air. Seriously.
  11. If I buy a VN it's usually because I really want to read it. In fact, I simply just don't read stuff I'm not particularly hyped about. This is to say, if I really wanna read a VN, I will pay the price. The factor that not only could, but most definitely will prevent me from buying it is any form of censorship. I don't care whose fault it is, I want to have the intended experience the developers had in mind. I don't care if it's just "some pointless sex scenes" or "just a couple droplets of blood". I will never consent to having someone else decide what is or is not appropiate for me
  12. My thoughts on Dies Irae exactly. I dropped it during Marie's route and never looked back. I was bored out of my mind. DI made me realize chuuniges are just not for me.
  13. Hmm well, the idea of forgetting something to be able to experience it for the first time again is definitely tempting, though I don't know how wise it'd be to actually take that offer even if it was possible. After all, there's always new things to experience. That being said, it's undeniable that first experiences are really powerful. I think that's the reason why as a child everything hits you so hard and you get so much enjoyment out of what you now as an adult would consider trivial or mediocre stuff. As for what VN or VNs I'd choose to re-experience anew... hmm... probably thos
  14. Even more than the artstyle itself, I personally just don't consider the characters in Narcissu too moe. Quite low on the moe scale, for a VN, that is Anyway I completely forgot about another one I think you really should check out: Seven Days. Extremely wholesome. Be ready to cry 7 times.
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