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  1. Thanks you two! I didn't have much time to look around but I did get the impression that there isn't much going on Still, I'm looking forward to spending some more time on the forums
  2. Hey I hope you get to see this eventually!

    Checking back after 5 years, I saw your birthday wishes on my profile :D
    That was really good to see, I hope you're having an awesome time!

  3. Hey everybody, I spent some time on this forum like 5-6 years ago and I wanted to spend some free time here again so I'm making a very brief introduction. Because if I don't write even a little, I feel like i'm gonna wait another years before deciding to post something Back then I used Visual Novels to try and learn Japanese, I was also taking lessons at the time and managed pass the N4 exam, yay! I haven't read any VNs since 2017, where I stopped working on my Japanese to focus on other things and now I'm trying to get back into it. I'm 23, male and from Germany. My online times might vary from yours but feel free to send me a message to have a nice chat Nice to meet you all I hope the community has flourished and gained lots of new members over the last years!
  4. Happy Birthday! dannyboo-san .......... you maybe won't get to see this .... I still want wishing you have good life in this year :D

    1. dannyboo


      Wow looking at this 5 years from when you posted this.. That year was really crazy, thanks a lot for your wishes :D 

  5. I guess it's been a month already since you've decided to start learning Japanese and I'd like to hear your initial thoughts I've been studying Japanese for ~18 months now but I focus not only on reading but also speaking/writing and everything that's important for someone who wants to live another country. One question that's related to this topic arose in my mind and I'm asking the more experienced read-only Japanese learners here: Do you just learn the Kanji and their meanings or do you actually study how to read it if you had to read it out loud? It's something I've been asking myself over and over and I'd really like it answered
  6. The only MMO I've ever played and really (really) enjoyed was Runescape in 2010.. But I'd say, as long as you're playing with friends, any game can be enjoyable. I'd still recommend Runescape even though it has changed a lot over the last years. It's just that great lol ^^
  7. Sounds like a great thing I'm not particularly active on the forums but I'm glad for people who dedicate much time and effort to make Fuwanovel the place it is. They really deserve to be thanked and this way, their work will have an even greater effect on the development of these projects.
  8. Today is a special day for so many people you're all so lucky :3 Haappy birthday to Tief Blau Friendlyfire Stanleys KurotsukiX KynboundSoradragoon Cntroll JTeichelm phew. I'm glad I didn't have to sing that
  9. dannyboo


    Hey Segaco Fate/Stay is a great game I used to like cats but they're not good for my health so I decided to not like them anymore ;( Ducks are annoying when they're in your garden but other than that, they're cool welcome to fuwanovel _° Edit: Catgirls are okay though! Somehow I'm not allergic to them. :3
  10. I freaked out when I found out they were going to make a show. Then I looked the first episode and ragequitted lol.. The game was great but I don't know about the show. I haven't brought up the courage yet..
  11. I thought so.. Please read Grizaia no Kajitsu and reconsider your answer Hi Oveon-kun! I just came up with a nickname
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