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Which character(s) would you say most fit "your type" and why?


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This can be from whatever angle you want: Physical Traits, Body Type, Personality, etc. Just whatever just the character(s) that specifically appeal to your personal tastes and why.

There are a lot of characters I like but if I had to narrow it down to my type I'd say Kotori from Rewrite, Naruko from Bokuten, and Rina from Fureraba.


Some traits between the three I like are:

* All are generally energetic carefree characters and know how to give and take jokes pretty well.
* At the same time, they're clearly are smarter/down to earth than they seem and know when to be serious when needed. (Many energetic characters end up being too immature, dumb, or loony)
* All 3 are childhood friends or some kind of childhood friend equivalent. While Himari was the true childhood friend of Fureraba, Rina eventually took her place and knew the MC well before the story started. In all 3 cases, I liked the bond the characters were able to create and show before the story starts. Kotori and Naruko in particular have very deep relationships that are more interesting the more you learn about it.
* I like their casual clothes/general fashion sense is fairly simple but still looks pretty/cute.
* Outside Kotori and Naruko being brunettes none of the 3 are that similar in terms of physical traits. One of the main reasons I liked Kotori a lot from the start cuz... basically all her physical traits are stuff I really like. Naruko and Rina still look nice but Naruko is maybe a bit too smol and Rina a little too thicc.

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Kazami Yuuji is the best.  He's employed.  He's not a picky eater.  He's experienced with sex.  He gets rid of problems without being asked (sometimes before you even learn the problem exists).  And he has the most important trait, a penis the ability to leave you alone when you need space.  As a bonus, he's also socially inept so it's not like he'd be able to find someone to replace me... *long pause* ... uh oh... If you'll excuse me, there's some uh... "accidents" I need to go make happen...

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2 hours ago, Fiddle said:

Hyun-ae is the best VN character, because she isn't a one-dimensional trope turned into a person.

Dead waifu, best waifu. ^^

EDIT: I guess I should contribute in a meaningful way too. :P This thread made me think a bit and I still came to the realization that I less have favourite types as much as I have those that don't work for me, like most airheaded heroines for example. Also, maybe it's my perspective being warped by yuri, but I usually see romance through pairings more than just heroines. A good romance arc and chemistry with the protagonist will be crucial on whether I care about the girl in the end.

Although, if I had to pinpoint something, I'd say that my favourites are more mature/reliable heroines and those that are cold/hostile at first but show decent depth and warmth further down the line. Using the reliable template of Fruit of Grisaia, Amane and Yumiko are my types way more than all the other heroines in the series.

If we go into visuals, I guess my main hooks would be dark hair, glasses and slim figure. Thus, probably the heroine everyone but myself hates, Flowers' Rikka Hanabishi, would be as close to my "ideal" as I can think of right now. I also adore the pairing itself, but once more, I'm probably the only one. :P


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