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Looking for a Wholesome Romance...


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Hello, I was wondering if anybody could give me some solid recommendations for wholesome romance VNs. I've played through many already such as:

If My Heart Had Wings,



Princess Evangile (and its fandisc)


Hoshizora no Memoria,

Katawa Shoujo,

Majikoi (and its fandisc),


Hatsukoi 1/1

Noble Works  

Saku Saku


Yeah I know a few of said VNs aren't really "wholesome" but they do the romance part generally well. Or they fulfill the Romantic comedy part fairly well. (Oh and I do have the Grisaia no Kajitsu series completed)


Thanks in advance!

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17 minutes ago, Ranzo said:

You should check out My Sweetest Monster or Crimson Gray, nothing but wholesome fun as far as the eye can see.

You underestimate me, I recently watched a playthrough of Crimson Gray and have seen enough of my sweetest monster to just say no. Lol, I think this has gotten out of hand.

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36 minutes ago, Corrupted said:

I'm no VN expert, but I really felt the purity and wholesomeness from Nagisa in CLANNAD and associated followups. Awesome happy family vibes, made me miss dating a girl with good parents.

Yeah I agree it was wholesome but I watched the anime and its after story and I never felt so broken on the inside, mainly because of the after story....

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I think you could count Fureraba here, it's a comedy, but generally a fun and lighthearted romance. How I missed that already being listed? Anyways, I guess I can recommend some yuri? Kindred Spirits, Lonely Yuri and Highway Blossoms are all very wholesome, romantic games, but obviously quite different from a typical moege. 

If you don't mind EVNs, Ace Academy and Crystalline (warning - only one love interest) are extremely wholesome.

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Ugh. It's a little difficult to recommend stuff when TC has already read most of the stuff I would have recommended (I only tend to recommend stuff I've actually read)...

Also, define "wholesome".

DS Dal Segno . Has some light fantasy elements.

ef - a fairy tale of the two . Various kinds of relationship drama (with comedy here and there). Packs some major emotional punch later on too...

Symphonic Rain . Maybe not quite what you're looking for. But has some well written characters, with some twists thrown in.

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9 hours ago, r0xm2n said:

Also, define "wholesome".

By wholesome I mean a romance love story that generally doesn't have terrible routes and each route feels very lighthearted(Maybe that's the word I should have used). I also appreciate when a VN has a decent epilogue ( AKA Hoshizora no memoria). Overall it's basically a way of saying I am looking for a romance that doesn't feel entirely forced, flows well, and would make a reader feel warm inside at certain parts(Once again Hoshimemo epilogue). For a better description of what I mean, you could check out Clephas' post above. 


Oh and thanks for the suggestions, currently buying D.S. Dal Segno!

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