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[not] the first thread after death

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Let's see. I did more posting on another forum and tried their shoutbox, finished Everlasting Summer, and add some Mangagamer announcement at VNDB. Oh, and checked Fuwanovel site and Twitter as well.

PS - I also tried some Yugioh Duel Link, and it was quite nice time waster although the grinding could be boring though.

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Coached at a summer camp for 3 weeks, then came back. Current plans? Finishing Persona 5 at a sleepover (I don't have a PS4 of my own) with friends. Besides that, all my plans for the rest of this summer are:

-Finish Dark Souls 2

-Finish Metal Gear Solid 3

-Write a resume


9 hours ago, Fiddle said:

I've been masturbating.

I'll now be masturbating slightly less.


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