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  1. This madboy already have Super Sayan Blue Skin I`m not surprised
  2. After Granblue`s 7th Anniversary, here I am again with another filler post It`s the same as always but enjoy nonetheless. Firstly, let me welcome my 6th Evoker: Aranaan-san. Ironically, as an Agni Main, I should have gotten him a loooong time ago. Still, I don`t have Summer Mimlemel soo... no meta bursting for now. Speaking of, I choose Holiday Lily with Anniversary Ticket. Totally not biased . Speaking of, I said this before: It was pretty obvious but... WHY? WHY EVOKERS` DOMAIN SKILLS HAVE SUCH GRINDWALL?? WHYYYYY?!? I dont even touched Replicard Sand
  3. Ok guys I`m here, ready to share useless tales . Pick a comfy Vee seat and lets go. 1) A Tale of Oracles: "Once upon December, when the snow falls into the blue sky of Nihon, we players are greeted with marvelous gifts from mothership Cygames. Many of them brings their own story. This one is about a precious gem, that acts as a window into the celestial heavens." So we got a free Evolite and I was there, with all the waifu Evokers done, wondering which one could be the next one: Between meta picks Aranaan or Caim, powerful niches Geisenborger, Katzelia and Lobelia, or th
  4. Happy another year guys. Stay safe and keep Fuwa alive
  5. Don`t fret I`m not worth I sound a bit overdramatic, but my ''issues'' aren`t as serious as it seems. I think. Even if it`s limiting, as long I`m the only one bothered by, It`s fine. It`s cool seeing how others plays the same GBF as me, their experience vastily different than mine. Would be smart learn from it. A shame I`m very inflexible when handling psychological matters. As you can already guess, my friend list will stay empty... But you gave me some food for thought/self-improviment, and for this I offer my thanks. Now that we ended this complicated matter, le
  6. Look at me, running away when life questions my choices. Pathetic Still, a bare minimum answer is due; and for that I`m here (better late than never? I`m not sure). Looking at Luci... no, forget it. From the very start of my GBF career, I`ve followed a simple ''rule'': If I can`t do something alone, I just push it aside. Of course it extends for my way of life IRL, but lets keep focus on GBF From Omega to Twin Elements HL and so on, even with the event raids; If I couldn`t beat, I would just ignore it. Not even host and call backup, my prideful (and social inept) self wouldn`t allo
  7. IMO, this topic is even lucky to have two players posting from time to time. My preparations are ready from 3 GWs ago: I`m ignoring it. Main reasons are 1) The increased U&F honors tiers make me depressed; 2) Because I`m a solo player, even reaching Tier C is now a chore; 3) It`s Dark time ; 4) A little burnout, mostly fine; 5) Genshin Impact Probably gonna do missions and that is it. Yeah I`m aware, believe me; but my 'awkwardness' about this raid (and in extend BubsHL) isn`t a rational one: I know I CAN be carried, CAN learn from failed atempts, C
  8. Once a impossible dream; now its just... a very expensive one... Not that I`m gonna buy it... no, haven`t even thought about Besides, I have others priorities like JUSTICE:
  9. A late arigathanks gosaimuch, I`m proud that I even completed all them. Looking back, It`s only because I`m a old player slacker that I got twenty bars without really grinding them. Half a month later... I`m still recovering from another sad spark Possibly(and arguable) the worst one of my GBF career until now. News #3 - The 13th, a summer spark. Why I even have hope for summer? New things: Robomi, Summer Brodia(sparked), Summer Kolulu, Summer Silva; Summons: Halluel & Malluel, S. Rosetta, S. Yggdrasil; Moons: Lucius, Petra, Summer Silva x2;
  10. Yahallo people; I'm not completely dead yet You know my gig so let's get started: News #1 - The 10th one, the last jutten, the annoying gremlin, the All-mighty Healer, joins the FLB Family: So... that means that I completed the Jutten bingo!! What an achiev... ... Well, feels like a second-world happiness Whatever: Now to dread the incoming 6* uncap. News #2 - A summer spark (12th and counting). I got to bed the moment I finished it: The good news: Grand Monika, Yukata Rosamia, Summer Anila(sparked), Summer Chloe; The Truth
  11. I've been slacking, REALLY SLACKIN, for this past three months. What a troublesome behavior U@F? Meh too bothersome (2 boxes done); Magnafest? Lazyness (Just daily omega raids); Strum&Drang event? Made 8 boxes because 200 raids trophy; Draconic battles? Didn't even touched; Free Akasha/Ubaha/etc hosts? Nah i'm fine (not really, but...); 9 pages of Fate Episodes. Seed of Redemption? Already have FLB Six, why bother? Even so, I've done some things: Arcarum tickets: 80 > 43; FLB Uno, but his Lv100 Fate still there; Added an em
  12. GW is over, bought an Evolite, Haase-san joined the crew. Four U&Fs for a single stone. Welp
  13. This, I'll let you judge yourself Ok, roulette is over and I'm here bragging about my results. But as non-gala numbers are boring, lets make a resume: Total free draws: 770 (400 during both 6% period); 47 SSRs from free draws, 14 on non-gala banners; 30 Gold Moons; Non-fest highlights: 3th Belial & Hector; Sad moment: a single xmas unit, Mary(Gold Moon). Pretty sure I'm in the lucky side of results, got 20 or 30 draw almost everyday with a free spark during gala. No room for complaints but a single nitpick: because of soo many rolls, I got only
  14. Haha... to be fair, I already had everything besides Evolite (even 40k Arcapoints stored, damn Cygames) done back at September. It was a loong wait. Such dedication, both for your grids and willingness to share your progress. I'm envious. Makes me wonder if I should do somenthing alike too. Probably not. My grid are "normal" ones. Except fire, fire got more love. Later I shall post my Fun Sparks Moments, but for now a single SALT spoiler:
  15. Got a combo of 2nd Evoker(Nia) + 8th Eternal(Siete). Thanks GrandFest.
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