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  1. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    I've been slacking, REALLY SLACKIN, for this past three months. What a troublesome behavior U@F? Meh too bothersome (2 boxes done); Magnafest? Lazyness (Just daily omega raids); Strum&Drang event? Made 8 boxes because 200 raids trophy; Draconic battles? Didn't even touched; Free Akasha/Ubaha/etc hosts? Nah i'm fine (not really, but...); 9 pages of Fate Episodes. Seed of Redemption? Already have FLB Six, why bother? Even so, I've done some things: Arcarum tickets: 80 > 43; FLB Uno, but his Lv100 Fate still there; Added an emblem on John Doe (6 CCW left without); 3/5 Hollowsky weapons; Cosmos Sword&Katana FLB; 10th and 11th sparks (21 SSRs each). Here goes my usual sparks notes, bother at your own will. First spark: Halluel & Malluel; New charas: Grimnir, Ilsa(Light), Mugen, Petra, Shiva, Teena(Summer), Yodarha(Wind), Wulf&Renie; Summons: Nyarlathotep, Rose Queen, Titan; 10 Gold Moons. Second spark: Andira; New charas: Medusa, Pholia, Rei, Zahlhamelina; Summons: Apollo, Grani, Hades, Nehza, Sariel, Satyr, Yggdrasil(Summer); 10 Gold Moons. I think it's a good resume (coming from this lazy lunker). Stay safe people and don't follow my steps.
  2. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    GW is over, bought an Evolite, Haase-san joined the crew. Four U&Fs for a single stone. Welp
  3. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    This, I'll let you judge yourself Ok, roulette is over and I'm here bragging about my results. But as non-gala numbers are boring, lets make a resume: Total free draws: 770 (400 during both 6% period); 47 SSRs from free draws, 14 on non-gala banners; 30 Gold Moons; Non-fest highlights: 3th Belial & Hector; Sad moment: a single xmas unit, Mary(Gold Moon). Pretty sure I'm in the lucky side of results, got 20 or 30 draw almost everyday with a free spark during gala. No room for complaints but a single nitpick: because of soo many rolls, I got only one Gachapin frenzy, no Mukku. Now into the gala info: Started Flashfest with ~500 draws, got 140 from roulette and completed with my funds. Sparked Alexiel; SSR Charas: Amira(Moon), Beatrix(Moon), Dante(Moon), Drang, Europa(Moon), Jeanne d'Arc (Dark/Moon), Ladiva, Lancelot(Wind), Lancelot&Vane, 2x Lucio(Moon), 2x Silva(Light/Moon), Vira(Light/Moon), Yuisis(Wind/Moon); Summons: Ca Ong, 2x Elil, Grand Order, Halluel and Malluel, Rafael, Setekh, Surtr; Sadly didn't roll Shalem or my spark target but with 23 SSRs, 5 Grand weapons, 3 unsparkable summons and Ca Ong, It's a valid tradeoff. Heck I could even go light primal now with 4x Eden, 2x Certificus, 3x Gambanteinn and Zeus. Down to ~360 draws into Legfest and got... 260 free rolls!! I-I don't even know if I landed on 200 or won 100 + Jan-ken-po (skipped animation every day). Sparked Vikala; SSR Charas: Anthuria(Moon), Arulumaya, Athena(Moon), Freiheit(Moon), Ghandagoza(Moon), Hallessena(Moon), 3x Lucius(2x Moon), Macula Marius, 2 Noa, Rosetta(Moon), Sarunan(Dark/Moon), Tiamat(Moon), Veight(Moon), Yngwie(Moon), Yodarha(Moon), Yuisis(Fire), Zeta(Dark/Moon); Summons: **AGNI**, 2x Belial, Gilgamesh, Oceanus, Thor; MY OWN AGNI AT LAST. Considering only him it's already a worthful spark, adding everything else turn into pure blessed. Except Belial, I could live without him(or three, for instance). As I wasn't expecting such luck, I 'wasted' 20 rolls during last day, which netted another Ichigo. In the end, I still have an entire spark fund ready. Maybe for valentine or anniversary, let's see what this year holds. Blessings for all us this year too.
  4. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Haha... to be fair, I already had everything besides Evolite (even 40k Arcapoints stored, damn Cygames) done back at September. It was a loong wait. Such dedication, both for your grids and willingness to share your progress. I'm envious. Makes me wonder if I should do somenthing alike too. Probably not. My grid are "normal" ones. Except fire, fire got more love. Later I shall post my Fun Sparks Moments, but for now a single SALT spoiler:
  5. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Got a combo of 2nd Evoker(Nia) + 8th Eternal(Siete). Thanks GrandFest.
  6. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    And then ULB Opus needs gold bars/hollow keys... yep, lets just forget about it. *hides behind his ringed girls*
  7. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    MFW ULB Opus is a impossible dream for me I want to spark on legfest. I want my fluff Pholia! And Monika-san!! And ANCHIRA!!!
  8. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Welp, I'm dealing ~450k on Rose Queen... I think i'm doing something wrong . Ixaba are one of the most powerful weapon, but it matter less if I'm unable to use them properly . Changing the topic to other news, I've done my 7th spark chasing bikinis; Luckly I got some ones, sadly I didn't got what I wanted nor expected. Total: 13 SSR = 4,3% rate Characters: 2x Cagliostro(Summer), Eugen, Ilsa(Summer), 2x Jessica(Yukata), Korwa(Gold Moon), Kumbhira(Gold Moon), Tsubasa, Therese(Gold Moon) Summons: Garula, 2x Satyr(Summer) Choosing a spark in summer is always a painful moment. This time I stared my screen for ~50min before going for my original target: Grand Ferry. I must say that I'm half prideful, half disheartned with my choice.
  9. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    What? GW? Is this edible? I'm a C-tier slacker . Thanks Flashfest for Ixaba Rate-up: Spark target: Ixaba SSRs: Beatrix(Dark), Eden(Lucio), Hallessena x2, Ixaba(Sturm), Izmir(Summer), Jeanne d'Arc(Light), Juliet, Lily x2, Metera(Fire), Rosetta(Summer), Vira(Light), Yuel(Summer) x2 SSummons: Marduk, Sethlans, Rose Queen(Summer), Tsukuyomi Total Gold Moons: 13
  10. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Ohh, you're still playing. Good, good. Well, I think this means I'm a M then . My poor 2-Ixaba Demi Agni was doing about 350k autos. Better, but not by much. But... I've sparked more Ixabas last Flashfest(results will come later), and now it's 4-Katanas(still Demi Agni though) Grid.
  11. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    It's just my gut feeling saying: nope. While my heart screams: GET OUT, NOW!!
  12. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    ^ This one is waaay above my league. I'll see myself out.
  13. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    That feeling of recruiting your first Juutenshu all again, but with the Arcarum Oracle instead: Additionally, Okto gets his 5* uncap. Now it's seven done. Well... I'm out of Gold Bars.
  14. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    (Insert Seox jokes about number Six)th FLB Jutten done.
  15. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Another day, another spark. This one I've done on New Year's free rolls. -SSR Characters: Altair(Moon), Baotorda(Moon), Beatrix(Dark)(Moon), Clarisse (Light), Kumbhira, Lady Grey(Moon), Lilele, Rackam(Moon), Rosetta, Sarunan(Dark)(Moon), Scathacha(Moon), Silva(Water), Vane(Moon); -SSR Summons: Bahamut, Cybele, Gabriel, Morrigna, Prometheus, Tsukuyomi, Vortex Dragon; -Spark target: Anila. In other news, I got one of my favorite erune: Korwa. Pretty amusing, considering her release was a bit after the English release.