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  1. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Burned my 2nd spark into Valentine's Bait Gacha, which had some... rather disappointing results... With a unimpressive total of 8 SSR, I got (in order): Zephyrus (Why no Agni again?) Gold Moon (Albert) Yuel (Water, very happy) Orchid (She was my spark target) Amira (Good demon girl) Another Moon (Heles) Lennah (Noto Mamiko worth) Baotorda (A man of culture) As for my spark, I choose her, the Totally Not Broken Zooey.
  2. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Uncapped my second 5* Juuten, Nio-chan: I... I just wanna brag somewhere...
  3. Why are we still here

    Inertia, most likely.
  4. Happy New Year!

    Here comes another wish of a New Year from a Fuwalunker. Have a good year, minna.
  5. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Uncapped 5*Esser \ /
  6. FuwApocalypse is Over

    /me holds a sign "Thank for you hard work" Now waiting for Fuwachat's return
  7. [not] the first thread after death

    Checked Fuwanovel.net everyday, instead of every Saturday.
  8. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Sparked Mahira. Finally. Still crying inside Isn't she too cute? And this is my great draw results (Warning: contain salt):
  9. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Crap, seems like I've stepped on a landmine. Sorry
  10. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Knowing Cygames, we will get her... before Water GW At least, she could come with Summer Legfest Please no Cygames. I don't wanna wait two months(but I will nevertheless)
  11. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    A few months later... I've had a dream Illya Mahira was in Legfest pool It was just a dream Again, the year of Rooster haven't come This time I couldn't endure it I broke into depression Desperately tried to heal myself with rolls Of course wasn't a good idea But what I could do? I'm a simple guy wishing for more waifus Wasted 58 pulls into almost void Vampy-chan saved my day But was to late for my heart Still hurts And now I have less tickets for Summer At least the 300 needed are untouched What a sad day Still depressed [TotallyCrushed.Vyrn]
  12. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    A long journey is almost over, because... I CAN SPARK!!! YEAHHHH!!! For future reference, my actual SSR pool: http://i.imgur.com/cMIhmkp.jpg
  13. What Did you buy in the Steam Sales?

    Bought - fault milestone one & two for me - Don't Starve Together for my brother
  14. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Better go to Reddit / Discord.