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VNs are too wordy! Recommend me some that don't feel 'wordy' even if they are

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Recommend me something that can get you hooked pretty early on and maintain appropriate pacing later on and lacks meandering verbosity overall.

I'm fine with untranslated VNs being recommended(expect for Light's Kamiges and such which would prove too much for poor friend machine translation).



I'm starting to notice a lot of VNs releasing nowadays indulge in intensive wordy narratives though I suspect this kind of stuff was always around from the beginning and I didn't bothered to notice them before. I was energetic and patient back when I first got into visual novels and everything in this niche market felt fresh and new to me. But now things feel pale and dull to me in this mean of entertainment saturated with it's own established conventions and cliches. And I lost my energy and am no longer as patient as I was before. Dropping novels halfway, putting on hold forever, taking six months to complete a VN. Furthermore these symptoms are worsened by excessive verbosity in the story. Makes me wonder if the concept of brevity even exist in VN literature.

To counter these problems I just resort to shamelessly skipping texts with Ctrl and later claiming to have 'read' the VN. I mostly skip uninteresting conversations between characters and overly extended narrations and bad obligatory H-scenes. This was the case with Da Capo III where I found myself skipping over most of the content just to find some 'important' or 'meaningful' sections scattered over the narrative and skipped the all of H-scenes. To be fair moege is not my cup of tea so I just can't blame the game entirely for bad writing in general.

Anyways, I need recommendation.

Also long 'wordy' VNs are fine as long as there are less meaningless uninteresting sentences to not give me enough incentive to shamelessly skip text again.


I'm so sorry, I should have clarified that it's not only moeges but almost every genres I come across in VN format that I feel are bad at getting to the point with few words and doesn't do much to serve the core plot.

Book novels tend to romanticise and exaggerate what could have been simple sentences to tricky and rather long ones to keep each paragraph fresh and interesting thus engaging the audience also they keep it kinda sort and relevant whereas in visual novels I think this kind of writing feels a little bit unnecessary since you have Visuals, Audios and whatever limited Interactability present to keep the audience engaged thus making the ever present verbosity in the narrative unjustifiable. This is by no means an attack on Japanese literature since I have very little understanding in that field, I just think there are many story tellers that don't know how to construct their narrative for the VN format in particular.

I have no idea what I'm talking about:  It might just be that the writing feels totally fine when reading in Japanese but feels a wordy mess when translated and reinterpreted in english due to the basic structure of the two languages being very different.


I have this problem with all genres not just only moeges. Also narratives going off on a tangent I can bear but going off often like it's their golden week every time is too much.

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30 minutes ago, KainLegacy535 said:

Try another genre.

I would say just not to read moeges if he doesn't like it.

My suggestion is for you to take some time away from VNs, since you are not enjoying them. Try different games, maybe some RPGs/hybrids, and when you feel like reading, you can come back and enjoy VNs.

Now, if you don't feel like it, I'd recommend some short ones: Enigma is a good one to begin with - it is very short and good all through it. Try also Planetarian, by Key.

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Having recently finished it, I can attest that Saya no Uta is not shy about doing verbose description of things, but that it doesn't waste lines or scenes, which is a lot more than I can say for most VNs. So, it's very likely what you're looking for, in that sense.

A lot of ADV-style VNs, especially, have a tendency to dedicate entire lines to shit like (completely made up example), "Having said that, she looked at me and tilted her head. I shrugged," which, while not a lot of words, is a totally wasted line and is obnoxious when you just want to get to what happens next. Similarly, said games will then dedicate lengthy scenes (or arcs) to relatively minor things which, in the grand scheme of things, I don't give a shit about. Sometimes I'm okay with that, but most of the time I want nothing more than to get through it so I can see the real meat of the story.

Saya no Uta, at least, certainly doesn't suffer from that problem. Looking through VNs I've played for other things which don't have that problem... maybe the Steampunk series? Despite being pretty long games, I think they do a good job of making each arc self-contained and interesting on its own merits. Maybe try Gahkthun? Sekien no Inganock is certainly a better story, but dat fan TL...

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3 minutes ago, fun2novel said:

You probably need a break from vns for now.

Unfortunately, I think so too.

Will wait and see while I try some of the short ones recommended here. If I don't feel so lethargic after that, I might go for the long ones.

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Late to the party here, but let me to join here nonetheless. As for the recommendations, I think Phenomeno would be good for you because it was very short, because I think short VN would less likely less time with word and go straight to the point. Another recommendation from mine here would be True Remembrance if you interested with more short VN, and I also think it's going to be less wordy than usual VNs. Hope those'll be help.

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Read Saya no Uta and enjoyed it immensely! Just felt that I should report that here. And I decided to continue reading VNs since I don't feel so lethargic anymore. Will read the ones recommended here. I'm grateful for all your help guys!

I should finally be able to finish Shikkoku no Sharnoth soon which I've been putting on hold for months now.

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