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Kimomen demo Harem Guild Translation Project - 50% done, partial patch released

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Project Info

This is a translation project by Dekiru Translations (me) for the visual novel Kimomen demo Harem Guild: https://vndb.org/v12589

(Not safe for work, it's porn bros) https://dekirutranslations.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/kimomen-demo-harem-guild-story-partial-patch-release/

Game Info

Kimomen demo Harem Guild is a nukige about a dude with a huge dick fucking busty women who scorned him prior to knowing of his sexual prowess. It's pretty hot.


Translation: Me
Editing: Me and ABC-san from email. He read through and edited the whole game, all out of good will. I'm very grateful.


Translation: FINISHED

Editing:  FINISHED



Other information

My website is as linked above, my email is there if you want to ask or notify me of anything. 

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Oh, another new member found here. Welcome to Fuwanovel, even though this is not introduction thread though. About your request, you might as well PM @Decay here since he was the one who made VNTS page, so your project could be added to VNTS. Even though this VN might not my taste, good luck nonetheless for your project here.

PS - In regard of your request, I'll try to help as well.

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Update on the status of the translation:

Welp, now the Maou is taken down and corrupted, after a brief rimjob scene we pass the halfway point of the game. Now, every heroine has been mindbroken and had their second scene. What follows is 1 harem scene (fucking all five girls at once), 5 bonus scenes with each girl, and then 1 harem scene to top it off, with a Alicia + Sonia doubleteam paizuri thrown in the mix. That’s 9 scenes remaining. The sad part is that from now on the story content plummets, which means I’ve got no support from my partial patch. The most fearsome obstacle is the upcoming harem scene, no doubt. Due to having 6 different paths (sara or tina -> alicia or sonia or maou) and five girls speaking, the length of this scene is roughly five times the size of any other one (excluding the final harem scene). I likely won’t update for a week as I pace myself through it. Once it’s done, though, we’ll be in the final QUARTER of the game. Definitely conquerable (compared to five months ago when having only 17.5% done made me die inside). Well, anyway, that’s that. There’s a possibility that I skirt around it and just go ahead and do the 5 bonus scenes + titjob first (navigating the choices is a bit of a pain) but who knows.

By the way, if you’re wondering why it’s changed from x/16 to x/15, it’s because there are 20 CG sets in the game and each represents a unique scene… but then I remembered the upcoming harem scene actually uses 2 different cgs, so it’s only 15 scenes that were left. Not that it really matters in terms of finishing faster considering it’s five times the size of a normal scene, but yeah.


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Translation: 100% finished, not a scrap of untranslated text left.  All that's left to do before release is editing the text. A 100% patch WILL come out no matter what (unless I die), it's just a matter of time... I'm also waiting until the chaos from Taimanin Yukikaze and Liru's release dies down so my patch doesn't go unnoticed, ahaha. I am taking editing recommendations from emails, which slows me down (since I can't do as I did today and TL for 12 hours almost straight to finish), but it'll definitely come out sometime from June 15th to June 30th. Assuming no unexpected bugs occur. Thanks for all the support dudes. 

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So, even before the release of the final patch, I would like to congratulate you, and express my thanks. You showed dedication, and it's (sadly) not the case of many who engage in VN translation. But I have a question: now that this project is done, and after getting a well deserved break, are you planning on doing something else? If yes, is it already decided, or do you take suggestion?

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Well, the reason I'm asking, is that I have a VN that would love te see it been translated, but I lack the ressources or the finacials means to comission it, and I don't know a translation group that takes requests, or is free to do it.

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