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Best Tsundere from Vn's?


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6 hours ago, DarkZedge said:

Welcome aboard the Tsundere love train! Not that i wanted to get along or anything...don't get the wrong idea! :yumiko:

@Dergonu Is also a Tsun lover....Or so he claims

Anyways, don't be so shocked :


I-It's not that I like them or anything ... I just happen to play games with tsundere in them, that's all!

Don't get the wrong idea!

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30 minutes ago, Zidan209 said:

I m more a yandere fan but when there s a yandere doing something to a tsundere, then i hate yandere for that. Even after that, i never learn that yanderes aren t actually the ones i should like. Tsunderes are always better

Yanderes aren't bad but my problem is that there aren't those many good ones around, i'm sure examples can be found but sometimes the character that goes yandere happens to be one that i despise like in 11 Eyes if anyone knows who i mean.

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