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  1. That on January 6th! Although i am pretty sure that is only a thing in my country x)
  2. If you run out of requests i would be very grateful if you could draw a cute fanart of Kyou Fujibayashi
  3. In case you still need help, it is "Koutetsu no Majo Annerose"
  4. I am not too much into action but i'll give some of them a try, already read Majikoi and Dracu-Riot, looking forward to the full Daitoshokan translation and will probably start with To Heart 2. I also noticed i didn't give an example of what i wanted but i was thinking of Yurirei when i made this thread Thanks for all the suggestions
  5. Hi! I am feeling like reading something very lighthearted with no drama, preferably just fluffy romance with comedy. Oh, and it has to be translated, do you have any recommendations? Edit: If no drama is impossible just make it very little drama
  6. Pretty much what you said, learning stuff is never retarded no matter the reason. I would definitely prefer to learn Japanese than to use Machine Translations, i am not doing any of them just because i have enough already translated VNs to read and i am already learning three other languages at the moment (i study languages)
  7. Hey, some of us have different preferences.
  8. Just finished the first route in Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-, apparently i did the routes in the wrong order and
  9. No sure if trolling... Meeh, according to vndb it is "Very Short" may try it as well. Edit: Probably not trolling, i should learn to read the OP before the recommendations.
  10. Wanko to Kurasou. And i am assuming those 4 VNs are a different question because they are not similar to Nekopara at all, out of those 4 i would recommend Tokyo Babel, Steins;Gate is also really good but you can just watch the anime if you are not sure about buying the VN.
  11. Key, everything they make is perfection. ClockUp is also pretty good.
  12. I really liked Euphoria, you should read it eventually even if it doesn't win.
  13. ... I have to say that i did think about it that way in one of my rewatches. But no, she definitely didn't mean that x)
  14. So far i have watched: - Mayoiga: Interesting first episode, gonna keep watching it but it is not the type of anime i usually watch. - Pan de Peace: Yuri bread, kinda fun but i don't think i'd watch it if it wasn't just 3 minutes long. - Kuma Miko: Very fun and cute, the ED is awesome, really liking this one. Looking forward to: - Flying Witch: Looks like a relaxing and fun SoL, my mot hyped anime of the season. - Bakuon: Don't know why i am even looking forward to this one x) - Sakamoto desu ga?: Looks very interesting but i have no idea what to expect from
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