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    lucio moreira bonfim filho, ( i use an image of tatsuya the protagonist of mahouka)
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    In the moment, its clear all neptune rebirth games .
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  1. What Anime are you watching now?

    Rewatching FMAB too, its just so much perfect to see only one time XD.
  2. Im dead

    Welp, atleast is not excel.
  3. Fortune Arterial Translation project

    I have completed this game...but i really wanted the full translation too.
  4. Hello Senpais~!

    Welcome to the fuwa, i hope you have good times there.
  5. Lol nice idea, If i have time...
  6. Help regarding anime production process

    If has seiyuu i would recommend girlish number and sore ga seiyuu, but more than shirobako in anime production.....really hard.
  7. Birthday thread

    good birthday me XD. No one will remmember me so i need to cheer up myself ;-;
  8. 500th YAY

    Humm you get more fast than me...need to be more active here ;-;
  9. Help with Teaching Feeling porfavor.

    "por favor" interessante.....
  10. Hajimeeee

    Welcome to fuwa, i hope you enjoy the forums.
  11. Hi everyone!

    Oh welcome to the fuwa enjoy your stay
  12. So you're gone for a couple years

    What to say....lol
  13. A VN with a villan type protagonist

  14. I'ts some strange i guess But at the same time interesting.
  15. Hey there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I' am so dead here, but welcome to the fuwa enjoy yor stay