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    In the moment, just complete my college
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  1. The latest yuzusoft VN, café Stella, its yuzusoft so i automatically like it.
  2. OH YESS. I already know that this would happen but i'm still so happy about this news.
  3. Really if you want a good VN in story don't go in nukiges. Its still have some but the majority as the name implies is for pure lust.
  4. Waiting here too. I played this VN when only the first route was translated, and already loved (even without understanding almost all hahaha) so i will wait.
  5. Well i don't know japanese so....if this include Vns that the translation have been released this year, maybe i can make an top 5.
  6. This remminds me that i have to play sanoba witch when i have time. But what a nice mention you have there...i always hoped that some VN characters needed to exist in real life, its sad when i think about this.
  7. Well.....just assume that you are a weeb otaku, maybe she understand you.
  8. Just to you know the "quality" that i am talking about.
  9. Well...its sakura gamer that we are talking about, i expect a suck machine translation...really sad.
  10. Well here have some girls but its not so much.
  11. Rewatching FMAB too, its just so much perfect to see only one time XD.
  12. I have completed this game...but i really wanted the full translation too.
  13. Welcome to the fuwa, i hope you have good times there.
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