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    lucio moreira bonfim filho, ( i use an image of tatsuya the protagonist of mahouka)
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    In the moment, its clear all neptune rebirth games .
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  1. Fortune Arterial Translation project

    I have completed this game...but i really wanted the full translation too.
  2. Hello Senpais~!

    Welcome to the fuwa, i hope you have good times there.
  3. Lol nice idea, If i have time...
  4. Help regarding anime production process

    If has seiyuu i would recommend girlish number and sore ga seiyuu, but more than shirobako in anime production.....really hard.
  5. Birthday thread

    good birthday me XD. No one will remmember me so i need to cheer up myself ;-;
  6. 500th YAY

    Humm you get more fast than me...need to be more active here ;-;
  7. Help with Teaching Feeling porfavor.

    "por favor" interessante.....
  8. Hajimeeee

    Welcome to fuwa, i hope you enjoy the forums.
  9. Hi everyone!

    Oh welcome to the fuwa enjoy your stay
  10. So you're gone for a couple years

    What to say....lol
  11. A VN with a villan type protagonist

  12. I'ts some strange i guess But at the same time interesting.
  13. Hey there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I' am so dead here, but welcome to the fuwa enjoy yor stay
  14. good luck, i really wanted to play this VN.