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  1. This was already suggested by dulliian, but I think HAT is dead at this point since he didn´t update this page for quite a while now. He planned to implement OCR, and some other features if I remember correctly. At least some of the features like wrong character replacement are there. Last build is from 2015-08-15, nearly a year ago, but I really hope that this project will be updated in the future. Seems like he isn´t active in this forum since November 1, 2015.
  2. Dullian came to me and thought, how it´s possible to config EPWING dictionary´s in VNR? Because this information is on the VNR wiki, and I thought the answer is simple. After some trying I found out that you can´t add any dictionary you want that easily. I honestly was confused in the beginning, but the answer is really simple. Just add the desired EPWING dictionary in the VNR settings, even if it´s asking another dictionary. If you are happy with your current dictionary´s, this isn´t a tutorial for you. Used VNR version: 141220 1. Download WordNet (Jap-Eng Dictionary) http://wordnetepwing.osdn.jp/ You should dowload "wordnet-enjp-130629.zip". 2. Extract this. 3. Go to your VNR folder>Library>Dictionaries and paste it here. 4. Open VNR. Go to VNR>Settings>Locations> 5. Select path for Sanseido Daijirin (VNR>Settings>Locations>wordnet-enjp) http://imgur.com/a/pWlhZ 6. VNR>Translation Select Daijirin. http://imgur.com/a/I762B 7. You can use it now. Proof: http://imgur.com/a/nKbIx
  3. Nice, but I need to confirm, did you used the PSP Versions or did you tried others? Will add in the Google-Docs list afterwards. And to make it a bit more easy for me, can you list the tested games?
  4. No, I said that I did it on purpose. The thing I don´t told was, that I broke my registry really bad because I did certain stuff that normal people wouldn´t do and had the most dumb issues I could ever get. Things like recovery failed, Windows 8.1 deleted all of them, "not enough space". Like a randomly booting PC or suddenly a fully loaded computer, so everything lagged. Because of that I reinstalled everything from scratch. And I wanted to tell others what can happen if you do that, never found information to a topic like "VN´s without registry on Win10". I am aware of the fact that programms would be able to run sometimes more likely if I save everything (like Rewrite that is in that "working for Win10 list"), but don´t wanted to get cartain bugs like "explorer.exe is unable to open an folder", I wasn´t even able to get access to my harddvire after updates, or such stuff ported to Win10. Maybe some people don´t like Win10, but honestly, it´s smooth, can´t complain. I am aware of that, I am not like "yea lets upgrade because I really wanted to". I did it because of bunch of reasons and thought about it since months. But keep in mind that much Win-stuff Blocker are outside like Spybot Anti-Beacon. An alternative is, install a second Windows and use it for certain stuff. It´s not like someone can force me to use it if I don´t want to. Another alternative, delete or block all that stuff with the hosts file and cmd/registry, better than nothing. Honestly, I doubt someone will know that experience to get a randomly booted pc at night, fixed all my chaos with a clean wipe, only need to reinstall certain VN´s and go sure I will do that stuff like I said. One last thing, one of the main reasons to update on Windows 10 was stuff like DX12 and the compatibility to do certain stuff. Some older versions of Windows can be seen as a more trustable windows, but if I can´t get certain features or programms without DX12, it would be a bit sad. I still wanted to try to hack PS3 VN´s, and that is currently only possible with Win10 and DX12 for example. Everything has positive and negative aspects, see how you want to see it. I can understand why people don´t like to upgrade, it´s not like I am not aware of that opinion, but I did some research and then decided to do it because of my Registry and DX12. May DX12 is not VN related, but I wouldn´t say that I only play VN´s. :3 And yea, I like to write a bit more, hope not too much. :3
  5. I found this topic before I upgraded to Windows 10 and I wanted to share some information. My personal situation: I had Windows 8.1 without any updates till yesterday. Every game I installed was working. After I was doing updates and installing Windows "without loosing files" (yes, I deleted all my programms and registry on purpose) and finally configured it the last hours. All things on the C-Drive are gone but the Documents folder left untouched. However, I had some savegames that aren´t located there, are gone. Because I kept all my files till now I don´t installed something, so why I am writing this? Even if I don´t installed this stuff, it runs without problems (so nothing is in the registry. May will update if I install some stuff.). Many games are running currently like Clannad, 1/2 Summer, Little Busters EX! or Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- are working without trouble, but games that are supposed to work like Rewrite and Angel Beats 1st Beat aren´t working for myself anymore. I will try to reinstall it and see what happens. And no, I tried compatibility mode. My answer, maybe, some worked. Some stuff is currently working, but I don´t know now if a reinstall will solve that problem. Small Edit about the not installed stuff: Just translated an Angel Beats error message: "セットアップ情報が見つかりません。レジストリが壊れています。 ゲームを再セットアップすることでこの問題は解決する可能性があります。" I am forced to reinstall Angel Beats because of the Registry like I said, but I am not sure about Rewrite, it isn´t even starting at all currently. Seems like some VN´s are corrupted after upgrading.
  6. Well, never knew that Hollow Fragment included everything from Infinity Moment. In what way? But no spoilers please. And I just started it some time ago with this, and didn´t do much in the past, so I wasn´t certain after all.
  7. Some time ago I found some translation scripts and was sad about it that no patch could be found, even if a translation of the story is existing. After that I decided to transcribe it like other people are doing it on Youtube so other people can enjoy it. I liked the VN style of this game, so I thought to bring this topic here. Time passed, and I don´t know if it is just unknown what I did or people are not really interested in it. Till now are 2 parts done, roughly just the beginning of the game, but I don´t really know if I should continue after all, or if it is worth the afford to do it further. I planned to do a bit, but after all it takes some time because I am not really motivated to spend much time on it. If there will be further interest on it, I will continue. I wasn´t sure where to post this kind of topic, so I did it here in this section. Some mins later I got the feeling I should post this in Fan Translation Discussion, but I don´t translate anything, the script is done, only subbed the videos... Got confused.
  8. After my testing, I will write my results to the current build. Edit: You improved it really since the last version I tested, I had v.0.4 after all for that time. Random suggestions, thoughts, and other stuff: - First thing I noticed for a while now, is it possible to made a new .exe thread that isn´t named java.exe? I don´t know if it is possible, but after starting JPCSP there are 2 threads, one of them is HAT, it confuses. I know, that it will be highly impossible to change java.exe, I mean that code, that is nearby, you could display it in the main HAT windows, so I don´t need to redo my working twice to go sure, that I don´t hooked HAT. http://imgur.com/N6iCcge - I found out that some games text is stored like this ingame, and isn´t just one game here, that are several games that work like this. May not exacly the same, but I mean that there is a script in the ram after all. I would begging of one feature to use this ingame scripts somehow so HAT can make these games compatible, but even if the isn´t a changing thread I mean. I know, there is sometimes garbage in these ripped scripts, and I don´t tested it much, but it seems after all it´s really a clear script you can get from the ram. (not sure if it will change after a while, but it shouldn´t be a problem to hook it again.) You could increase the list of hookable games much more after that, and it would be correct, instead of the OCR. I think you should work on OCR if you don´t have stuff to do anymore, I assume it can be really hard and demands much time to make it good, because it can vary very much on the final results. I can´t imagine that it will work flawlessly and should be used if there isn´t any single method able to do it correctly, or just for the first steps. http://imgur.com/yKgSrmX (This is AnoHana PSP for example, no changing threads can be found, there are more games like that, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai or some other games, I think if you want I can screen some other scripts, so you can look on them, how they will look like. Don´t know if they vary much, but they shouldn´t, but can´t remember that good. Maybe I should check how accurate this dumps actually are so I can help you with this, because it can happen that some games have small erorrs in the dumped text from the ram.) Other things are really well made. you even fixed Oreimo PSP completely for example (don´t know if you did it on purpose), but congrats. I really appreciate it. But wasn´t able to test much. May will tell you some things later, or simply update this post. And could you notify about your stuff/revisions in here too (the main post)? I mean, write the newest build ver. there too, I can´t really check stuff everywhere, so I will miss it sometimes. It took some time until I found out there are several new versions on your page. After all, big thanks for everything. And one last thing, I don´t know if you noted it, but the developing of some new emulators are really nice. Currently everything is in a really developing state, but there are some working videos on Youtube. I hope I can make this compatible with them. Soon or later there will be a WIIU (Cemu), XBOX (Xenia/XQEMU), 3DS (Cirtra) and PS3 (RPCS3) emulator. A bright future for untranslated games might come. (I mean legit, not fake. So that someone won´t say, you wan´t just to spam fake stuff, here, some proof:) RPCS3 was even able to emulate some PS3 exclusive Visual Novel. https://github.com/Bigpet/rpcs3 Don´t found Visual Novel related stuff with the other emulators till now. Edit: I hope to get a reply soon, I waited so long now... :3 Edit 2: I just added in my original Text hooking post, the text extracting in RPCS3 is working, but haven´t tested it much. So that idea of hooking current gen games is actually possible. Edit 3: I think there are problems with HAT and my Windows 10.. Windows 8.1 worked smooth, but Windows 10 gives me this: "Error in native thread called Unnamed::...es (x86)\Cheat Engine 6.5\autorun\selectionConverter.lua:205: attempt to call a nil value (field 'gfind')" And I think HAT need another feature too, some games have lines in different places in the ram. So one is in one place and the second line in another. To get the full text you would need both. So a feature to get both hex sources would be nice, so you could translate them properly. http://imgur.com/VkKKRAC Edit 4: Citra hooked. http://imgur.com/NNwQmkL Edit 5: Tested HAT v.0.7/0.6/0.4, everytime that strange error that I named above. I just tested with jre-8u72-windows-x64, not sure why this still isn´t working anymore for myself. Edit 6: Well, you should add that HAT won´t work with 6.5 and 6.4 is recommended. Still waiting for a reply. Edit 7: Now a half year passed, it´s like this project is dead here.
  9. If you still search for information about this topic, I summarized all here in this thread: http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/11329-how-to-translate-and-play-untranslated-visual-novel-on-emulators-psppsxps2dsgamecubewii/ It is possible to hook text from emulators, in several ways.
  10. I try to improve hooking of text in emulators and several platforms. And I am still searching for Hackers who could explain how they extract text from ingame files.

  11. @MX-Futhark, some other things I noticed while testing: Quote by CryingWestern (Fuwanovel Data extraction thread): "%N" will pop up in the scripts. The "%N" is a breakline(or Next-line) code." Well, I noticed it for myself such things some time again for myself (e.g. "%N" in Ore no Imouto Maker EX: Imouto to Koi shiyo! Portable or "#n" Toaru Kagaku no Railgun), maybe a replacement script would be nice to avoid addiditional garbage like that? Garbage at the end like a "/K" in the end can happen too. (e.g. in Sora no Otoshimono: DokiDoki Summer Vacation or another example in Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling it was "%K%P") And that isn´t only for PSP Games, for PS2 Games like Fate Stay Night - Realta Nua PS2 – had the same problems. Additional unnecessary garbage. Well, I am still testing, but thats currently it with my results of irregular things... And one thing, you don´t need "MEM_MAPPED" in JPCSP and PCSX, only in PPSSPP (Currently I only tesetd them). Seems that it depends on the emulator. @dullian, just got something mindblown, your idea worked. Ok, I still failed at a game that failed at hooking completely to get some kind of text, but I got some luck after all. With the idea you gave me, I was able to get scripts from PSP Games! Currently only tested with Sora no Otoshimono: DokiDoki Summer Vacation. Got so excited, I wanted to share it as fast as possible. After some attempts in JPCSP I did the stuff I said and converted the garbage that doesn´t change. After some attempts the result was a clean script, without garbage with the help of HAT, that was really nice.. Currently I only wanted to say that this idea works, but I don´t tried it much out since I just discovered it. If there will be more, I write again. Why it is success? Because not only that you can dump the text like that, but you could profit in several ways. Currently there are games with script in the ram, and no active thead at all. With that way you could get the text anyway without hacking the ingame files. (e.g. for a game like Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Portable.) Currently only tesetd JPCSP.
  12. @bolverk, I just had the same thing, but thats really strange. Never had something like that before. I need to test a bit, I will write about results. Currently I only had this in PPSSPP. EDIT: Ok, my results after re-testing all my games again: PPSSPP changes the line where the text is displayed everytime you restart the emulator. (Deleted all useless codes from list. Now thats something the user must do.) JPCSP don´t change the line where the text is displayed everytime you restart the emulator. Seems that this factor depends on the emulator.
  13. @dullian, just tested nearly all my PSP games (guess need to download more) and different versions of PPSSPP (v.0.9.8/v.0.9.9/v.1.0.1). (You can view the results in the list if you want.) My final conclusion: You are right. For the Hex method it doesn´t matter what you take, only VNR/ITHVNR are choosy in the version. And JPCSP and PPSSPP do have differences. They are maybe not that epic, but it isn´t exactly the same result every time. But these differences are in a small area. What I try to say: - JPCSP or PPSSPP will work or won´t work in the fact that you can hook the text. - JPCSP or PPSSPP don´t have similar results if they fail. (I skipped nearly all details, but I don´t wrote all my results there to keep the list clear.) And could you upload a PPSSPP savestate where the character are actually talking? I want to test Idolm@ster+VNR. I don´t want to spoiler myself by playing it, but I want to test it. Normally you view some sort of text from the beginning from a game, but got confused with the menu and the tutorial. To spare time and afford I will make it in that way. @bolverk, I still wait for your reply. Do both text threads you showed work or not? (I am aware that there can be multiple right hooks, and that´s why I ask here.)
  14. I found something that you could improve. I noticed that the dialog in some games stopps after a "00", but directly after them there is garbage. (Current games I know about this specific thing: Ao no Exorcist Genkoku no Labyrinth and Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment) What I have from your tool: "まずは、燐の視点で物語をはじめましょう。▼ ---------- イムチャート』で行います。▼ ---------- ス》』は、 奥村燐と奥村雪男の二つの視点から、 物語を並行して読み進めていくゲームです。▼ ---------- 解除、医療を司る『¶医工騎士《ドクター》』。▼" What actually was: "まずは、燐の視点で物語をはじめましょう。▼" Original (around it was only a bunch of "00"): "82 DC 82 B8 82 CD 81 41 97 D3 82 CC 8E 8B 93 5F 82 C5 95 A8 8C EA 82 F0 82 CD 82 B6 82 DF 82 DC 82 B5 82 E5 82 A4 81 42 81 A5 00 83 43 83 80 83 60 83 83 81 5B 83 67 81 78 82 C5 8D 73 82 A2 82 DC 82 B7 81 42 81 A5 00 A2 81 42 81 A5 00 83 58 81 74 81 78 82 CD 81 41 0A 89 9C 91 BA 97 D3 82 C6 89 9C 91 BA 90 E1 92 6A 82 CC 93 F1 82 C2 82 CC 8E 8B 93 5F 82 A9 82 E7 81 41 0A 95 A8 8C EA 82 F0 95 C0 8D 73 82 B5 82 C4 93 C7 82 DD 90 69 82 DF 82 C4 82 A2 82 AD 83 51 81 5B 83 80 82 C5 82 B7 81 42 81 A5 00 CC 89 F0 8F 9C 81 41 88 E3 97 C3 82 F0 8E 69 82 E9 81 77 81 F7 88 E3 8D 48 8B 52 8E 6D 81 73 83 68 83 4E 83 5E 81 5B 81 74 81 78 81 42 81 A5" And I know that not all games are like that and use "00" as enter. I think the best thing would be a feature for advanced users to configure after what amount of "00" the text should be cut to avoid garbage like that. But currently I don´t tested enough games to tell you how many would profit from that. (I thought it was worth telling you that something like that exists.) You should know that the text thread in PPSSPP is unstable, it changes the place where the text is every time you restart the emulator. I guess that would destroy my idea for PPSSPP H-Codes. But JPCSP is stable. (After testing myself around 11 games a couple hours ago, correct me if you got other results.)
  15. @Bolverk, Thanks for testing. It is already confirmed that you shouldn´t close the cmd.exe because it is somehow currently a workaround that HAT will finally work. Could you say the encode and the right adress? I can´t differ since you show 2. (Or are both working?) And I never knew something called "MEM_MAPPED" since I never looked in the settings of Cheat Engine. And I viewed it, the box wasn´t checked. Re-testing my games. Finally, I don´t know, I thought it is useful information. It depends on the person how he will use it and what games he will play after all. EDIT: @Bolverk Big thanks, since several months I don´t figured out what my problem was. :3 This simple small box was at fault. Now I am able to do it. PPSSPP/Hex is working. The first question I have and should answer, if it will show the same result like JPCSP/Hex or not. After 3 games it seems like it. Finally I got it working. My idea is for not working games with VNR to make an H-Code, since I am able to see the adress. but maybe that far fetched. I need to test my stuff more.
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