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  1. Oh, uh, yea, patch is out guys. You should go get it: https://majitranslations.wordpress.com/2016/12/15/maji-de-watashi-ni-koi-shinasai-a-2-english-patch-released/
  2. The discord really killed this thread, eh?
  3. It's AAA-game length, or longer. Each A route is ~4-6 hours depending on how fast you read, and there are 14 routes last I counted.
  4. If you want to comb through every single line in the game, find every error, and send them by route, month, and day, we'll consider it. Or, as is more likely, you can just complain some more.
  5. Hi! I'm interested in translate Majikoi to Spanish, obviously i will give credits to your group. The question is: how i can decompress the files? Which programs? I don't find it on the Internet. Thanks and regards!

  6. Are u looking for any help at the moment?


  7. As far as I'm aware, skits > cookie > monshiro was the decided order.
  8. We have two per project, for every game we've worked on, ever since unlimited chat works got taken away by those rascally mods.
  9. That thread is the reason we have to have separate project and discussion threads. We had to remake them for the first game, then for S, and now for A. And that is exactly what I said.
  10. You do realize we worked on the other games before A-1, yea?
  11. I don't think you remember the original Maji koi thread.
  12. Anyone else find it amusing that we're the only project on fuwanovel that has to have two threads, because our proper project thread gets spammed too much?
  13. Hi, I'm new here and I know my English is bad.

    I have a problem with the downloadsite (mega). I can't connect to it.  NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

    So I wonder if it was possible to update it on another site or that you send it personaly to me.

    Thanks and I love what you gay's are doing.

  14. I don't think yandere or wairu used the royal we, but I could be wrong.