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  1. Clothing Preferences in 2D Animation

    If i'd have to choose a favorite i'd go with hoodie with neko ears~
  2. Birthday thread

    Thanks all, and there sadly haven't been enough moe today. :>
  3. Guten Morgen~

    Welcome to the forums skyzzed :>
  4. Hello :)

    Welcome to the forums Ene :>
  5. Hi

    Welcome EZK : >
  6. New to VNs

    Welcome Devil :>
  7. Hajimemashite

    Welcome Eruku :>
  8. Looking War or Action VN

    Koihime Musou, I didn't really like it for anything else than the sheer amount of heroine and h-scenes but other people has said that they liked it so i'll still put it in here. (It's not a nukige despite what I said) Kamidori Alchemy Meister it's a dungeon crawling game, so unless you wanna spend alot of time on it than you shouldn't play it. It has wars towards latter part of the VN not the whole way through, it's a great game if you don't mind the dungeon crawling part.
  9. Hello~

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  10. Hello everyone!

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  11. True or False

    No, I can't see why I ever woul- damn ninja... I lov... Waite a minute you just ninjae'd me.... Edit: Rip I got ninjaed again... True, I have never played Megaman -.-' I wonder how many lines I'm gonna have to write. The next person likes 58008.
  12. Greetings from the Rift.

    Welcome to the forums Tejina :>
  13. True or False

    I'd rather touch a cock than a cockroach, but id' prefer to touch neither unless it's mine or a futanari. So true I guess. The next person is a creature of the night.
  14. Finding VNs to go through

    In the past whenever I got bored i'd browse through VNDB by tags I felt like reading or just every VN with the score 6 and higher that has english translation, I gathered a huge backlog doing that so I just go to my backlog when I need something new to read. And there is usually hype about the new translations here and there so I rarely have to keep tab on new english translated VNs.