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  1. I really dont care about the point of the story. They made the answer to give some kind of closure to the cast but that doesnt include the many social link characters affected with his death, they get no closure so i want him back. Besides the series always talks about how humanity can improve, you can see that by demons coming back in P5 since humanity's conciousness improved which is why Shadows (The enemies not the ones representing a particular human) dissapeared or how the fog in the TV world (Part of humanity's conciousness) dissapeared, they can always use that to say that humanity's de
  2. Definitely happy endings. Im still waiting for that one Persona game that will free the Persona 3 MC from his death. Or the Persona 2 cast being able to remember each other (This is never happening or the Personaverse goes puff).
  3. I remember someone in the Huniedev twitter mentioning a VA scamming people. Anyways i think KS doesnt gives you refunds at all, i remember a project called Unsung Story having some drama and most of the KS posts are about users asking for refunds.
  4. I dont have fate in their surveys so i will pass (Plus i have already read it) but i guess this is your chance. Lune recently announced they will end their mobage server soon which probably means Lune will be a little more desperate for income which means open for localization, so maybe if you guys make enough noice (Like getting the game top 4 or something) maybe the localization can happen. Good luck.
  5. I only read visual novels who have either a nameable protagonist or unnamed one. VNs with that feature are really low compared to how many visual novels are out there so even though my selection is relatively short it at least leaves me with a very manageable catalog of games. Also helps that they are usually nukige so i usually skip the H while reading the rest of the novel (And sometimes that helps me apreciate a VN more, like i read Youkuso Sukebe Elf no Mori e, i was hyped for being a vanilla elf nukige but my favorite aspects of it are the non-H parts which has genuinely good character de
  6. Great news. Could you post a part of your translation like say one event? Curious to see the TL quality (Also asking for Surferdude's sake, the translator of GOLD's H-scenes).
  7. Good to see this. Anyways i talked to Surferdude and he says he has retaken translating the rest of the H-scenes so you can focus on the rest of the story/event script. To know what he is translating just go to the event gallery to see what he is working on (Since the patch doesnt translates the whole event, just what the event replay shows). Good luck with the project.
  8. Does anyone know what version of the engine Mako Hunter is? I tried the methods outlined here with no success so would love a more indepth explanation of the process regarding finding and editing the script and character names. Thanks.
  9. Most "normies" would rather watch Hentai or see normal porn. Sure there is the angle of being "forbidden" but thing is steam and console VNs still fares better than its PC uncensored counterparts because of its lack of sex content wich people play on its story and character values witouth specting being rewarded with porn.
  10. Well thats the very heart of the problem. Though i think if you recomend anything that doesnt revolves around the MC getting laid you will get close to closing the gap. So DR, 999, VLRs i think are the VNs you should recomend. Doesnt matter if its the focus. If your VN contains porn and it revolves around getting laid with girls then you will always get the same results. VNs that dont revolve around these two are the ones that get played by casuals and new to the medium. Again doesnt help people complaining about porn removal on VNs because you create the perception in people´s mi
  11. As i said its not relevant the reason for what you played but more what content you played. Now how many of those VNs were on consoles? Because the stigma of VN=Porn will come frequently when talking about PC tittles. Besides porn also most consider VNs for lonely otakus that play them for virtual GFs (Hence why many labels VNs as date sims) so there is really little you can do to change your usual circle of friends perception of the medium. Doesnt help either the many people being vocal about the non h versions being worthless because the porn gets removed.
  12. No. Eroges and Visual novels goes on hand. You can play them for diferent reasons but the heart of the matter that the medium is tied heavily with porn to the point that the general opinion is that VNs are porn wish fullfillment medium. Dont need to be ashamed to acknowledge the main aspect of the medium. For the record of the VNs you played how many of them had ero content?
  13. Good luck on it. I havent touched Tokimemo 1 but i did play and complete Tokimemo 4 and Mitsumete Knight (Tokimemo spiritual successor that kinda flopped) so i guess playing the game that started it all should be fun. Tokimemo 2 looks the most interesting though.
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