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  1. Recent #SCOTUS ruling is like #CitizensUnited's evil twin. Fight back against big money in our elections: http://t.co/tY6dq7U6Iz @LCVoters

  2. Sorry about the late response. I've been busy with college visits, creative writing, and other school stuff. But now I'm here, and I'll give another update. I've been playing a bunch of Ren'Py games, and they're pretty good. Guess I just needed a little inspiration before I return to this project. Now, to be honest, my biggest problem with this game is getting the text out of the game so I can machine translate it and proofread it. So, I'm going to go to a Rom Hacking website and ask how I can do that. If I can find a way to get the text out of the game and onto paper, I'll be making major progress; I just don't know how to do that yet. Thank you. I really appreciate the support. And rest assured, I'm not giving up that easily. 1. Oh, it's very long. There are about 12 different girls, 3 years, and TONS of activities. It'll take a while, to be sure. 2. One of the links translated about...one fourth to one third of the game, I think, and the other translated all of the endings, which is helpful. Again, they didn't translate too much, but it's definitely something. I'll be sure to let you know. PMing is fine and dandy, but it would be preferable if you add me on Skype, as it's the easiest and most effective way to contact me. That's very true, but it's visual novel-esque and it's extremely popular in Japan, so I feel like this project has a place on this forum. Completely understandable. I appreciate all of the help you've given me up until now, and I respect your opinion. And hey, I might give those games a try sooner or later.
  3. Sorry it's been so long, but I've been busy. Still, I finally got around to reading this, and it looks very interesting. I downloaded 010 editor, but it doesn't seem to read Japanese very well. My computer has been in Japanese mode for a long time though. In Hex Editor (the program that was recommended by the source I provided), the script of the SNES version of the game looks much better, but there are mostly just dots and random numbers everywhere. It's also not too long, surprisingly, considering that Tokimeki Memorial is a long game. So, unfortunately, I still have made little to no progress. Sorry.
  4. Hey, everyone. Just thought I'd give an update on what I've been doing. I've been trying to run the Windows Virtual Machine, but it hasn't gone so well, primarily because my Windows 95 CD doesn't seem to want to work on Windows 7. I think this is due to the fact that I have a 64-bit system. I'll see if I can find another Windows 95 CD that does work for this version of Windows, but I'm unfortunately not too hopeful about it. The thing is, the SNES version of Tokimeki Memorial is actually extremely easy to get, and it works on an zSNES emulator flawlessly. In addition, I've heard that the ITH program requires H-codes for the program to be attachable, and I doubt that a game as old as this one has an H-code. So, maybe continuing down the SNES path, especially with two additional, partial patches, would be the best way to get this game translated. I have started working with Hex systems, but unfortunately, I can't find any Japanese characters in the Sprite Editor, so I haven't made a lot of progress. By the way, I've been using this guide: http://www.emulationzone.org/sections/wakdhacks/docs/snes.html I've already installed most of the required programs, or ones similar to the ones mentioned, and have tinkered around with the editor a little, but unfortunately, I haven't made any progress yet. I'll keep on trying, but if anyone knows more about Hex editors or where I could find people that know about Hex editors, I'd be very grateful. I'm not giving up this easily, believe me.
  5. You're right, I'm sorry. When I actually get a Windows 95 CD (which unfortunately, will be in about a week or so), I'll see if I can run the game. I'm not sure if the ITH will work in Windows 95, but I'll give it a shot. If it doesn't, the SNES version would be the best one to translate, since I already have that version downloaded on my computer. Thank you for all of your help. EDIT: According to the tutorial, I need a physical copy of a Windows 95 CD, which I just ordered. That's why I said it would take about a week to arrive, just to clarify. Also, the reason why I feel like a PC version of Tokimemo would be the best method is because of the ITH programs, since they don't work on emulators. So, thank you everyone for the help. If there's anything else I can do in the interim, please let me know. I'll try anything. In addition, the posts in this forum are meant to be progress updates. I apologize if my tone makes it seem like I've given up too quickly, because I know these things take time. I just want to keep everyone else in the loop, and I'll do my best to choose my words carefully so it doesn't seem like I've given up. Finally, I'm just kind of inexperienced with computers, so I really appreciate the introduction to torrents and Virtual Machines. Maybe I need to get involved in other projects before I continue this one, so I'll see if I can become more active here. Believe me, I want visual novels to get popular in the west too, and I truly feel like a translated patch of this old but popular Japanese game would help with that goal.
  6. Thank you, but I'm afraid that the link for the boot Windows 95 CD image doesn't work anymore, so I don't think I can run Windows 95. Besides, I already changed the properties of the game to make it run on Windows 95. Thank you for the link though.
  7. I'll update this thread as to what I've been doing for the past few days. Unfortunately, as much as I tried, I cannot get the PC version of Tokimeki Memorial. The PC version was for Windows 95, and since I have Windows 7, it will not run, even after I tried for a few days. I'll keep on trying, but I highly doubt it will work. As I said, I feel like the best version of the game to translate would be the SNES version, but in order to do that, I need a hacker/translator or two, considering that I can proofread. And no, the SNES version does not have any extra scenes, but it's the easiest non-PC version to translate. If someone can manage to get the PC version of Tokimeki Memorial, that would be ideal due to ITH and stuff, but they'd probably need an old computer for that to happen. As I said, this project is very important to me, and I'm sure many others would be very grateful if this awesome game had an English patch after 18 years of nothing happening. So please, if anyone has even the slightest bit of interest in joining this project, please let me know in this thread or on Skype with my user name: darkshockbro.
  8. Japanese Help Thread

    I fiddled around with my computer again and got this message. Could someone please help me translate it? Thank you very much. By the way, yes, I'm trying to get my computer to boot up an old visual novel.
  9. Japanese Help Thread

    Could someone please translate what this error message says? Thank you.
  10. I actually found JJewel's Youtube page. Unfortunately, she seems very busy, so I'd rather not trouble her. Besides, she's working on a lot of otome games anyway. As for Phoenix Goddess, her team doesn't accept translations, so I don't think that's a good idea either. From what I can tell, the Super Famicom is the easiest version to translate, although it doesn't have the quality of the PC Engine or the Playstation version. Yes, the PS1 version is voiced, but SNES hacking seems to be way easier. Both of the patches I linked are for the SNES version anyway. Thank you for the information. Still, I think if one of the games were to be translated, it should be the first one. It's the original, the most popular, and the one that helped spawn the genre of dating sims. Again, I'd love to help with and inspire interest for this project, because it really is a gem that is sadly beginning to be buried. Believe me, I've tried everything I could to get this project started, but nothing has worked, so I'm afraid I need to ask for help here. I don't think that the Playstation version and the Windows version are different. However, I can't find the Windows version anywhere. If it was that simple, I would have just purchased it and used the Windows translation programs instead of asking for help here. If anyone could provide me with a link to the Windows version, however, I'd be extremely grateful. It would make this process much easier, and I could release a stream of edited dialogue for Tokimemo online.
  11. Hello, everyone. I'm a big fan of romantic, heartwarming stories. So, when I was introduced to this lighthearted, romantic game known as Tokimeki Memorial, I really wanted to play it. Unfortunately, I don't know Japanese, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to truly take in the emotional depth of this game unless I could read what was going on in my native language. Even more unfortunate, the translation of this game is a cursed project, and there's been no sufficient process in 18 years since this game was released on the SNES. The two primary attempts to translate this game have already died, and I'll link them both here. http://www.freewebs.com/kiminosobani/ https://sites.google.com/site/tokihacki/Home Tokimeki Memorial is available on many different consoles, but the easiest one to translate is probably the SNES one. After all, the two translation projects worked on the SNES version too. Also, the Playstation version of the game has voices so that might make translation easier. I'd love to be involved in a translation project for this game, as it is the game that spawned the popularity of dating sims, and it is very popular in Japan. As such, I feel like it deserves to be translated, so that all English-speaking gamers can enjoy the heartwarming dialogue and atmosphere that this game has to offer. I can be a proofreader and turn the Engrish text into legible English, but I'm afraid I need a team to help me if this game is to be translated. SNES games use Hexes to put text into the game, and I believe the sites I linked have a few 'tutorials' as to how they imported text into their patches. Also, this project definitely needs a few translators and hackers for it to see the light of day. Honestly, at this point, I feel like the only thing that's preventing this awesome game from being translated is interest. It's been 18 years since this game has been released. Let us banish this 'cursed' project once and for all! If anyone is interested in helping me, my Skype name is darkshockbro. This is the easiest way to contact me, and you can send me dialogue from the game for me to proofread using the Instant Messenger. I'll to best I can to contribute!
  12. What is your most hated VN character?

    I completely agree. Now, I'm not denying that Makoto is still basically a horny high school kid in the visual novel, but at least he had a conscience and regretted hurting the girls to a degree. Plus, he had Itaru, his little sister. One of the things I really liked about the visual novel was the way they played Itaru's role as Makoto's little sister completely straight, with no intimate attraction between the two. Trust me, Makoto looks a lot better when Itaru is around, because he's actually a good big brother to her. They handle the relationship between the two very well. Also, in some of the good endings, like And To Kotonoha and Earnest Feelings Requited, Makoto actually seems like a decent guy. No, if we're getting to characters that I really don't like, I'd have to go with Taisuke Sawanaga from School Days. Good god, is he a jerk. He has absolutely no respect for women, and he tries to hide that behind his Bromantic Foil role. But, on it's own, that wouldn't get me to hate him. I'd be annoyed, certainly, but I really try my best to avoid actually hating characters unless they truly deserve it.
  13. How's it going?

    Hello, everyone! It's great to be here! I'm a 17 year old male American creative writer who's slowly but surely starting to get into more anime and visual novels. I look forward to talking with more of you, and perhaps even getting into some translation projects. My Japanese sucks, but my creative writing skills would make me an excellent proofreader. Plus, I can turn Engrish into English. I might even be good at extracting text if I could figure out how Hexes work. Anyway, I look forward to talking with you guys some more! I'll do my best to be a helpful, contributing member to this awesome site!
  14. Good day, my fellow web surfers. I am ShockBro, and you have reached my Twitter account. I hope you enjoy the descriptions that I have.