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  1. I watched Spy x Family far for now. Really recommend anime.
  2. 1. Anime DVD "The anthem of the heart" 2. PSP Games "Shining Blade" 3. Love Live Figure "Maki Nishikino" 4. Manga "Takane to Hana" All the item are shipping from Japan. I would like to buy again if my NFT got sold out or I have to wait again.
  3. If you want to operate fan translation project by team work or solo like me. My advice is "to stand up" no matter what. Actually that quote from Miles Spiderman.
  4. You're right, I already learn from that experience. Better work solo rather hoping for someone to lend you a hand.
  5. Message me. Maybe I can help you because I through similar issues before and I manage to solved it.
  6. Yup no doubt. Trial kind of demo to promoted the VN. And of course some scene are not available. Example like girl character route story and full CG event. It's more like introduction the story before the journey begin.
  7. I have Glass Heart Princess scripts. But to convert the text into English..... Just see it by yourself at the link I give it bellow. https://mega.nz/#F!NptSRZaA!GCDtTxSayucdbzzDdXbxXw
  8. Can't blame the team because everyone has the own problem and don't give full cooperate from each staft, just what happen to me right now... Now I struggle alone to finish my abandoned project....
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