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  1. Hey Steve it has been a looooong time. I hope you're doing well and that you'll visit us here again :D

  2. Well what should I say. Keep it up guys and don't give up. I hope we'll see some progress soon
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7GB8xfZlPA I play on this lvl so about this level. ^^
  4. I'm watching Seirei tsukani no blade dance right now ^^
  5. Yeah i like this map too it was a bit work t "S" rank all of them but it'S a good training map. And I should take a break from osu I see how bad I'm sucking now x.x Q_Q
  6. And btw Ceris I looked on your profile and I took some of your last played beatmaps I hope you're not angry >.<
  7. Double time don't mean that the song is on souble speed I found it out by the man "long stream practice map" I put the map with 170BPM on DT and I had 220BPM not 340BPM. Double time is just the name of the mode but it don't mean that everything is on double speed
  8. AR= Approach rate. Some approach cicrles appears slowly and some appears fast. The rate how fast they appear is the AR ^^
  9. Hello there, I'm alive and back at home (this forum) I still don't know how iften I can visit this forum because I have still plenty things to do and problems to reloslve. But I checked the status of my favourite VN <3. I wish the translation team plenty of luck and I hope we can enjoy soon (maybe in 2 years XD) this masterpiece with our goddess Mare ^^
  10. Hello guys, I'm alive and back to this forum (many thing are happened zero energy to explain) but I'm finally back with my first f*** up with this map XD I got a bit better but I still want to get better. I played this with full combo and an "S" but my osu crashed and now I can't play this map perfect xD
  11. Damn me such low acc with single taping Q_Q
  12. I made Saiya - remote control on insane but I often screw it up
  13. No I never buy games xDD The next person can speak 3 languages really good.
  14. Hoshizora no Memoria was the best VN that I've read up to now. I recommend it to everyone. The story is really beautoiful and full of feelings, and every route is really special. So it's worth to download it!
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