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First round of forum and front site maintenance is done. More coming as soon as I can talk to Nay. If you need or want to chat while I'm working,, I'll be on the Fuwa discord.

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  1. I don't know why I can't find the dlc.it just gives error i used this and hope I won't regret https://store.fakku.net/products/maitetsu-18-dlc?variant=8529943035940
  2. Data extraction thread

    Hello I want to do 1 thing, change the BGM from Sengoku Rance (eng version, manga gamer) It's the second world map song. The sad one that begins after a certain tragic incident. I want it to stay the first, so basically replacing the 2nd with the 1st I tried a few DLL programs but they either did not work or I didn't know how to use.
  3. Alice in Evenicle?

    I Wonder if it's that. As that gallery had all the CG but nothing about Gaiten. And I am disappointed that Mangagamer did not include Gaiten as a set as I'm sure they will never officially translate it like this-.-
  4. Alice in Evenicle?

    Hello https://vndb.org/v16640 After I did play the game (its really nice, and btw, if your in Europe like me and can afford it, you can send an email to Mangagamers CS to ask for points and pay with PayPal instead and not waste any money on commission and so on - sorry, I wanted to share this as they will have rance 7-10) I did check some online gallery and for my surprise, there was Alice's and her bird's spite and face icon. I'm sure I did explore and 100% the game. So I'm, how did I miss Alice? Does anyone have any idea why Alice's date is in the game? Like I did miss one single spot or it's from the JP Version?
  5. Grisaia Complete Box Pre-Order now open

    Yes, I mean the physical because like I said, it does say that they will send with EMS (like you said) and will cost $55 regardless of the country. So the whole order will cost more like $305 and I can't even imagen what international taxes there will be-.-
  6. How to get email when new reply? [SOLVED]

    Yes:D Thank you:)
  7. Grisaia Complete Box Pre-Order now open

    Hello I saw that the Grisaia Complete Box (English) is ready for preorder at $250. But shipping (All Countries) will be $55 extra, and I wanted to know if this game will ever be coming to Europe (UK in my case)? Since I find $55 for shipping a lot. And I'm sure I will lose a lot of money due to currency exchange. And who know what other federal taxes might pop up. And I'm a bit sad that the side story will be given only as code to be downloaded and none of the Phantom Trigger is included-.-
  8. Hello Short version: Basically, I'm new and don't know how to get email notification of new reply. While I did use this site for a long time for info and guide I did almost never join a topic. And when I did access this site, I had the surprised that there where notification of the new reply to a topic I'm following. I did check my email in setings, it is the right one, so what I want to know, is can I somehow get email notification of new reply of topics I'm following?
  9. Eien no Aselia Missing 1 CG

    Hello I have all CG except for 1 Kaori CG. I did play the Steam version btw. In the Gallery section, the missing CG is something like this ( O - I have, X - I don't) O O O O O X O I did try google only to find out the others had the same question but no answer-.-
  10. Grisaia Complete Box Pre-Order now open

    Thank you for your answer:) I can but hope that the vita will have a physical copy as I would love to have it:D Well, I will wait and see what will come. I can just wonder how much it will cost....BTW, I hope it will come to the EU as well?
  11. Grisaia Complete Box Pre-Order now open

    Hello I just want to know some things clearly - as an update since a lot of time did pass from most of the post Grisaia - Complete Box Was release on release on Jan 2017, still no plans on an ENG version? (sadly I don't know jap:((( ) will there be and ENG PSVita of this game? (I mean as a trilogy, and I guess it will be non-H version) if YES: Will it include all side stories?
  12. Eien no Aselia Eng +18?

    Well. for myself, I will read/play the steam one-.- I guess the good part (for me at least, sorry for others) is that I'm not into Loli H scenes. I wish to give me thanks for everyone for sharing their knowledge
  13. Eien no Aselia Eng +18?

    One day, if I ever manage to learn Jap, then I will. Right now, I wish to put my hands on the Eng (all age/+12) that is more full.
  14. Eien no Aselia Eng +18?

    So much for that... Well, that's that thenT-T I don't know why, but felt unfulfilled, incomplete if I know that a Eroge (as in +18 VN) is without H-scenes (I mean, I'm not even into loli, and I know this for sure after a few VN like Boob Wars 1-2 and others...) Does this mean you can read Jap-.- Yeah, this is what I wish to know, I don't wish to start the one from Eroge Download to find out later that there is another one with more story in it. I mean, from the start there will be no evil route-.- Does someone know for sure where I can find the one with most story?
  15. Eien no Aselia Eng +18?

    Hello, So for the ENG one, I see that there are 3 of them but no clue what has more. And from what I did understand there will be or is already a steam one with more story in it. Is the one from Eroge Downloads the one with more story in it? Or it is an old one with less. Leaving aside the Uncensored patch (that is not +18 just replace/removes some graphic censored), will there ever be a new Eng patch that will add the back the +18?