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  1. Hello Guys. I have a little problem with the Translation aggregator. For some reason JParser does not find any dictionaries. Does someone know how to fix it? https://imgur.com/NDI72PK
  2. Data extraction thread

    Heya Folks. I would like to etract from the following game. https://vndb.org/v14934 My problem is that they are packed in a .pak file. I have already tired KOGADO .pak and arc_unpacker. Both do not work. Does someone have any idea how to extract them? please do not mind it anymore. Got it to work. GARbro was the answear to my problem.
  3. Data extraction thread

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with a gyu file. The programm i use to extract is GARbro. Some image files of the game can be extracted, but some other have a unknow image encryption key. Does someone know how to bypass this? https://vndb.org/v11920 Ps: Yes i know Mangagamer works on the game. But i want to use the files to train myself in drawing.
  4. Can someone help me? I have the problem that i can not install kanjidic. I had the same problem with edict, and solved it by downloading the Edict folder from someone other. Could there be someone who would share his Kanjic folder with me? Nevermind. The problem was solved.
  5. Hello. I don't know if this theard is still active but i hope that someone is still active. I have two problems. Link to the Picture with the Problem: First. I do not know how to fix it that VNR shows the name of the characters doubled or trippled. I have tried everything that stood in this theard or anywere else. Second. I would like to have the translated text in the ingame text box. But i do not know how. On a few games it works on itself without me doing anything. But i want it to enable in every game.