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    The chuu chuu train (´・ω・`) (or Portugal if you prefer)
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    Visual Novels, Mangas and Manhwas, and Japanese language and Culture, not much else unfortunately.

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About Me

Greetings fellow Fuwan, welcome to my profile.


I'm but a simple member of this pleasant forum, if you wish to speak to me do feel free to do so. Just do note that I'm a pretty big weeb as I pretend to reach the limits of my weebness and live in Japan.


I'm currently learning(at baby steps because I'm person of big motivational slumps) it alone, but I will have the opportunity to learn it with a teacher in uni, since I'm enrolling on a language course(electrical engineering wasn't my thing after all).


I also may or may not like to talk about sexuality and fetishes alongside dank memes. (earlicking is awesome btw :makina:)


Anyway, this is all for now Fuwan. (´・ω・`)



 Credits to elias Kiriririri for doing this image. Thanks 萌犬


My first VN: Fate/Stay Night.
Favorite VN : Fate/Stay Night with Saya no Uta as an honorable mention.

Currently Playing: Demonbane and some other stalled stuff on the side.
Favorite Character Archetype(s): Imouto or Onee-chan of any type, the full deredere's and somewhat pushy types(Ex. Amane from Grisaia series). I recently found love for yanderes and other kinds of more extreme love.
Likes: VNs, Video Games, Computer Hardware, Japanese language and Culture.
Dislikes: Studying in general, crowds and most social interactions.

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